Review : Ponds Clear Balance Oil Control Facial Foam

20141113_232638(forgive me with this low quality picture =.=” )

Ponds is one of drugstore skincare brand which can be find anywhere in here, not to mention supermarket or convenience store, but even small store also sell it.

I was run out of my Etude house cleanser and just grabbed ponds instead as substitute product for cleanser foam. I should very careful when choosing my cleanser foam because some ingredient might break my skin. I was having terrible oily face that time, so I just took ponds oil control.

Product Description:
Pond’s introduces its advanced Skin Mattifying Facial Foam, powered by unique Mineral Clay.
Unearthed in its pure form, mineral clay is known to be highly absorbent. New Pond’s Oil Control effectively sponges up excess oil and removes dirt and make-up without over drying skin. Skin feels instantly clean, refreshed and balanced, with that long lasting matte looking finish you dream of.

The texture of this cleanser/facial foam is gray creamy with micro beads inside. The micro beads may use as exfoliating or scrub. since this product contain kaolin it really works well for absorbing the exceeded oil in face. I like the scent not too strong and the matte finish after using it.

It give fresh sensation and calm the skin. I have positive review for this product since it not make my skin break or others skin problems but the product won’t make pores smaller. it really control oil just as it state.

This product is very suitable for those who has super oily face and it works as it said, oil shine free.

Price is so affordable, I purchased it during discount so the price was cheaper. it about IDR 12,000/pcs.



2 thoughts on “Review : Ponds Clear Balance Oil Control Facial Foam

  1. I used to use Pond’s products before during my teenage years. I always had combination (dry & oily) skin. But as I get older, it’s not that effective to me anymore.. I often get breakouts.

    I’ve changed to Neutrogena facial foam. Have you ever tried one of its products? Most of them are pricey tho. (-_-‘)

    1. I agree with you. ponds product is not really effective for long term. I remembered my first time used Pond anti acne the green color tube, I was satisfied first time I used it but when I continue the second tube, I experienced breakout and super itchy. that’s why I switch my cleanser with Korean brand such as Etude House, TFS, Laneige, etc.
      As I mentioned for substitute product pond not really bad since the “effectiveness” not last long LOLs

      I did try neutrogena and it extremely pricey in here.

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