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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 36

In this chapter, we could feel how deep and close the relationship between Long Mo Er and Long Wan Er. As big sister, Long Wan Er is someone nice, soft, gentle and responsible.

Chapter 36 It’s Okay It’s Love

It seems, Long Mo Er really has good life after married into Ye’s household, there is nothing she not used to, she also doesn’t have any constrain or become strange.

But, why she only talks about all the Ye’s members goodness, and she tries to avoid talking about Ye Third Young Master? Do their relationship not in good term? Again, Long Wan Er feels bit worry.

“So, how about Third Young Master to you, is he good?”

Long Mo Er smile suddenly stiffen, Long Wan Er caught Long Mo Er expression changed. She ensured herself something is wrong, and then asked: “What happen? Mo Er, could it be there is a problem between both of you?”

“Nothing, nothing, it just not as you think.” Seeing how big sister worried about her, Long Mo Er panic trying to explain, she tries hard to shake her head, hoping her sister won’t make a wrong guess.

“Ye Che and I, from the start we have normal interaction, but, afterwards…” she thought days ago when they were in garden, Ye Che shiny and bright eyes, Ye Che kissed, Long Mo Er face getting hotter, her voice is getting softer.

She by herself does not understand, time has passed for some time but every time she thought about that thing, her face still blushing, she really doesn’t understand herself.

Long Wan Er seeing Long Mo Er blushing face, she bold makes a guess: “Have you do the consummate night?”

After Long Mo Er heard her sister question, her face turn become redder.

Before she married into this family, her mother had talked about something like consummate marriage stuffs, but she didn’t care and listen, that’s why she has many things that she doesn’t understand regarding consummate in marriage life, but she seems to hear about things alike the relationship between wife and husband, this kind of stuffs.

Her sister might have wrong opinion, she tried to raise her head, being panic, she widen her hands and swing it in front of her sister, she hurried to turn back her body, but once she moves, Long Wan Er has already pulled her hair by hand, spontaneous, she screaming “hurt”.

Hearing Long Mo Er screamed, Long Wan Er released her hand from her hair, looking Long Mo Er whether she really hurt or not, gently massage place where she felt hurt: “Why are you become frizz? Is it hurt or not?”

Even though her mouth is blaming Long Mo Er, but Long Wan Er really worried and care about her sister.

“Not hurt la!” Long Mo Er fortitude said.

Her hair being pulled is really hurt, but all is her fault for being careless, her sister love is exposed by showing how caring she towards her, if she still says hurt, her sister may blaming herself.

“Big sister, Ye Che and I haven’t done our consummate night!”

She afraid her sister makes wrong guessing, Long Mo Er doesn’t care her sheepish, she said all the things regarding herself and Ye Che to Long Wan Er.

Time just flowing in such way; the sun is climbing to the roof.

Blue sky, the wind lightly brushing away.

Long Wan Er is seriously listen, her expression shows nervous but she also smile and laugh. Her expression changed as Long Mo Er keep on speaking, she follows the flow of the story.

She never thought that even Long Mo Er has married into Ye’s family, her guts still that bold, she even dared secretly going out from the residence and also bringing Lu Qun with her, moreover she even dared to do many unimaginable things.

She even dared to beg Third Young Master to bring her with him, only Long Mo Er who could do such crazy things.

“Big sister, I still don’t understand why I felt such pain after hearing Zhang Nian Liang words? I felt as if my neck is strangled, even for breathing it difficult. Am I sick?” Long Mo Er’s tear just dripping down.

“Foolish girl, you are not sick, you just falling in love with Third Young Master.” Long Wan Er puts her hands on Long Mo Er’s body, letting her to face her directly; she takes out her handkerchief, wiping Long Mo Er tears.

“You are falling love with him.” Long Wan Er smiled and her eyes exposure happy radiance.

Her stupid little sister finally growing up, she understands to fall in love, really making she feels so happy!

For these time, never seen Ye Third Young Master’s appearance, but hearing from what people describe of him, Third Young Master seems to be someone good and nice, if Long Mo Er could love him, it is so normal.

If not only Long Mo Er loves him but he also have same feeling for Long Mo Er, on that way, Long Mo Er really find her real own happiness, while she could genuinely and feel relieved to living and spend her life with Leng Jing Chen.

But Long Mo Er identity is Long Wan Er now, what will be happen if Ye Third Young Master find out later on in the future?

Should Mo Er using her identity as Long Wan Er to live here forever?


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 36

  1. Thanks for yr latest update. 😉 Keeo up with the good work Azzurro.

    It is so good to know both sisters have so much love and respect for one another.

    When did Ye Che find out Lan Mo Er is not Lan Wan Er?

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Julie 🙂
      there still long chapters to go.
      before Ye che knows she is not Long Wan Er, both of them have fallen too deep as if one can’t live without another.

  2. I so hope that for both of them otherwise, I feel really sorry for Long Mo Er because she is the one who sacrificed the most for her older sister. Also if she and Ye Che does not get along well, she suffer again.

    I am glad to know that they fall in love with one another so much…Can’t wait for the next chapter… 🙂

  3. Oh! Ye Che only needs to show up now for this story to become lively again—

    with conflicts between Ye Che and Long Mo Er. Hahaha.

    Will Long Wan Er and Ye Che meet on the next chapter?

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