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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 37

Chapter 37 Perplexed

“Love?” Long Mo Er heart is shaking with this fresh and uncommon word.

“Yes, you are already in love with him.” Long Wan Er surely said.

“It’s just similar like Leng Jing Chen and I, that kind of love.”

“I… do I fall in love with him?” Long Mo Er still uncertainly asking.

“If it isn’t love, based on your character, how could you stay in Ye’s residence for such long time and become very quiet? If you aren’t falling in love with him, why every time talking about him, you are blushing and pondering? Let’s say if you are not fall in love with him, the cheerful and happy of you how could turn to be sad and pain without any reason whenever heard about the Bai Hua Lane’s Fei Yan who is someone special to Third Young Master and also his confidante? All this matters, one by one of it, don’t you feel this is proved that you are already falling for him, do you?”

“Is it count as Love?” Long Mo Er perplexed. She tries to deny but she isn’t sure after listen to Long Wan Er explanation, slowly she gets convinced by her sister.

This word of “Love”, she never thought about it before, she even think that she will never have chance to experience it. But, after listened to her big sister, in describing that strong feeling, she really doesn’t have any good reason to refute.

She feels she isn’t doing things like she used to do for these past days.

Didn’t she have decided to be match maker for Ye Che and Fei Yan? Since when she has forgot all these things?

Why should be now? Whenever she heard they are together, her heart feels so much pain?

Where her strong will for rushing back to her house suddenly dim? And how could she forget of her purpose, wanting to get back home soon? And now, she just doesn’t want to leave Ye’s residence.

Why she keeps on thinking of Ye Che, no matter what time it is? Why whenever she looked Ye Che being troubled of business matter, she just can’t resist herself to help him? Does she really forget herself that she needs to find a way for leaving the residence?

Why there are lots of matters for filling my head in these short of time?

How could I change as if I’m not as myself?

Long Mo Er really not understands what she should say, only word, she not able to say out.

She is not realizing that she has lost herself, her heart has been occupied, so that the reason why she acted strangely these time, all because Ye Che.

At least she comes to understand little bit. She actually cares about Ye Che, moreover she comes to liking Ye Che, but is this kind of like also called love?

Is it true as what her big sister describe, that kind of thing called love? More she thinks of it more she become not understand.

So what should she do right now?

If she really falls in love with Ye Che and all what she did and acted were called as love, what Ye Che would think about her?

Will he loves her?

Will he loves her as his loves to Fei Yan? Fei Yan is such beautiful lady, then how about her? Will Ye Che likes her, this kind of her? Long Mo Er uncertain.

Seeing how her little sister seems not to understand her own feeling, confusing with herself, Long Wan Er understands, today she has said too many things, Long Mo Er might not able to understand all the things in short time, she needs time, thinking about everything, then, she might able to receive all the matters one by one.

“Saying these much, you should let yourself to think about it, carefully. Big sister understand that saying these much of things in one day, it will affect your mood, perhaps scared you. But still, I hope you can see yourself clearly, I wish for your happiness.”

“I understand, I understand. What you did all for my own goodness, so I could let myself to see clearer about the matter in front.” Long Mo Er understands, her big sister isn’t mean to scare her, her big sister is wishing her to get her own happiness. If the current she isn’t get her own happiness, her big sis might never feel at ease and relieve. She forces herself to give a smile for her big sister.

“Big Sister, you don’t need to worry about me. I will really think seriously about it.”


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 37

      1. Oh, Fei Yan let him go already! LOL. Or better yet Mo Er with Wan Er and Lu Qun should rush to Fei Yan’s place and sweep Ye Che off his feet. Hahahah. Good thing, I’m not the author. LOL.

        Oh well, I’ll patiently wait. Thanks, Azurro!

  1. I second all the other readers comment. Hiya!!! This suspense of wanting to know Ye Che’s reaction to his wife who she was not who should be…:P

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