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C-drama : Grow Up (长大)

grow up

When others watching Lady and The Liar, Grow Up (长大) is catch my attention.
The story tells about a group of passionate students who having internship in Ren Hua Hospital, one of the biggest and famous hospital in China. The relationship between the teachers and the students, the love story, friendship, profession, and about the hospital environment, responsible and grow up as they are in learning process…
Grow up is cast Lu Yi (陆毅), Bai Bai He (白百何), Jiang Shu Yin (江疏影), etc.

Synopsis :
Ren Hua hospital is third biggest hospital in Jing city. A girl named Ye Chun Meng who comes from small town is passed with high score, entered Ren Hua as internship, she dreams to become great doctor and meet “poisonous tongue” mentor called Zhou Ming who gives the students hardship while training them as doctors.

The competition is so high and brutal for those new internship students. beside the competition, the students are also facing Love test, friendship and the persistence of their dream as doctor.

Ye Chun Meng is best score internship who place first when entering Ren Hua. Her purposed when choosing stay in Jing City and study medical in Ren Hua for her boyfriend but later on she found out her boyfriend is two timer her with another girl (and the girl is pregnant). Ye Chun Meng almost gave up her dream but she later on meet Chen Xi and Xie Nan Xiang.

Chen Xi is come from wealthy family. she likes to follow Xie Nan Xiang  because she likes him, she always do whatever he asked for, included helping Ye Chun Meng to find place to sleep when Chun Meng nowhere to go.

Xie Nan Xiang is someone easy going, come from wealthy family and sweet talker with every nurse or female doctors in Ren Hua. He likes Ye Chun Meng but got rejected because Chun Meng know Chen Xi likes him and she doesn’t has any feeling for him except as friend, not more.

Bai Shao Qing, a very arrogant character who come from super wealthy family, gave up her chance to study overseas and choose Ren Hua instead. She is rival of Ye Chun Meng and place second.

Liu Zhi Guang is come from small town and entered Ren Hua because he make a promise to himself that he will be doctor alike his benefactor who was doctor. he entered Ren Hua after three times test.

Zhou Ming is the poisonous tongue mentor who teaching surgery and also surgeon in Ren Hua hospital. He is one of the famous doctor for his skill in surgery.

The drama is currently airing daily.


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