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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) Special 39-42 ^_^

It’s not alike my habit to shorten the translation or doing chapters summary.

The story is so dragging and I don’t understand why the writer wrote so long about Long Mo Er complicated feeling and also the misunderstand between Long Mo Er and Ye Che because of Zhang Nian Liang.
So, I tried to summarize “The dragging” chapters.
Don’t worry about the full translation, I will still make the full translation for each chapters (chap 39-42). This summary for those feel boring with the dragging full translation.

Chapter 39 Long Mo Er’s Fear

The gossip has spread within the City, Everyone came to know Ye’s Third Young Madam scandal. Long Mo Er as the subject of topic didn’t know that she has been hot topic for a day already. Without knowing what was going on outside the residence, Long Mo Er who was in Ye’s residence with Long Wan Er, talking about her life in Ye’s household, her days, and private life such as her marriage life with Ye Che.

Suddenly Lu Qun just bragging into Long Mo Er’s room. She looks so hurried and rushing when Long Mo Er saw her coming into the room. Right before Lu Qun intending to open her mouth, she realized there is other person and the person is Long Wan Er, she was there, standing near Long Mo Er. Excited to meet her Big Miss, Lu Qun almost forgot her first purpose coming into Long Mo Er’s room.

Long Mo Er asked Lu Qun why she being so hurried and she said nothing when she arrived, then she showed very exultant expression when seeing Long Wan Er .
“Lu Qun, why you are shouting?” Asked Long Mo Er because Lu Qun voice is coming first before the person, herself.

Suddenly Lu Qun remembered her purpose after Long Mo Er asked her, then she said : “Little Miss, something happen, a problem. It about… when we visiting the Tea House yesterday, it not only the Ye’s have knew it but all the people had known it. Just now, when Wang Da Niang came back from market buying vegetable, she said everyone in Jing City (Beijing) had already known it. Everyone was discussing about this topic.”

Long Mo Er shocked, her fears come to be true.
She never thought her meeting with Zhang Nian Liang turned to be hot topic. People are talking and discussing about her personality and attitude, They are also disdain her being shameless wife and also daughter in law of Ye’s household.
At this moment, she is thinking about how her father, mother, the Ye’s thought of her and the most important, Is Ye Che know the gossip?

Chapter 40 The Gossip

There is no slightest surprised on Long Wan Er’s face when she heard Lu Qun reported to Long Mo Er about gossip spreading for the whole day in the city.

Actually the gossip has been spread since yesterday afternoon after Long Mo Er leaving the Tea House and it became bigger on the next day.
Long’s family had known it, before the gossip become hot topic in the city today. The true reason why Long Wan Er came to visit Long Mo Er was because she has heard the news since yesterday afternoon when she was at home, not only Long Wan Er but their father, mother and also Leng Jing Chen (Long Wan Er’s lover) knew it.

The Long’s were panic and also worried about Long Mo Er’s scandal. Her father extremely angry while her mother worried so much. Long Lao Ye (Long Mo Er’s father) wasn’t blaming Long Mo Er because he knows his daughter very well, his daughter (Long Mo Er) might careless and young but she is someone has morale, understand what to do and not to do so he didn’t believe on the gossip. that’s why he angry with those who spreading the irresponsible gossip about his beloved daughter.

Long Wan Er even thought to visit Ye’s residence immediately yesterday but she was stopped by Leng Jing Chen. She being reminded that they are “educated” family so it was so impolite to visit someone residence in late night. that’s why she only could wait when the sun rise, coming very early to visit Long Mo Er and checks her little sister situation.

When everyone is worried about Long Mo Er, the person, herself is perplexed with her feeling and right after she heard what Lu Qun told her, her first question is, “Did Ye Che know the gossip?”

Chapter 41 Understand, I Love Him.

Long Mo Er worried about Ye Che, she couldn’t find Ye Che so she asked Lu Qun about her husband, Ye Che.

Lu Qun is not muddle head maid, she couldn’t say where her Third Young Master because she senses something different with Long Mo Er, at least now she can feel, Long Mo Er might have feeling for Ye Che. She can’t be so foolish or so straight like before when Long Mo Er asked her where Ye Che on the next day after their wedding night and she could so easy to say he was in Bai Hua Lane with another beautiful lady named Fei Yan.

Long Mo Er also not stupid, she knew Lu Qun was hiding something and she also knew Lu Qun lied when she asked about Ye Che and Lu Qun replied she didn’t know where Third Young Master was. Her stubbornness finally opened Lu Qun’s mouth and made Lu Qun bursting out where Ye Che was.

“Third Young Master went to Bai Hua Lane.”
this words enough to break her heart and pain her. Her body suddenly stiffen and her face suddenly wet of tears.

Chapter 42 If Love, Put a Courage to Pursue

Big sister, Long Wan Er still there and she could see how Long Mo Er expression changed.

“Bai Hua Lane” Long Mo Er cried after repeated three words of ‘Bai Hua Lane’.

Lu Qun shocked seeing her Little Miss crying. Her Little Miss is someone strong, cheerful, smart and active. She is not someone easy to cry even when she hurt because of falling down or stumble.

Long Wan Er as her elder sister understands Long Mo Er very well.
Love is alike two sides weapon, someone could be so happy of the sweetness but also could pain someone till death in other side.
Either Long Wan Er or Lu Qun helplessly to stop Long Mo Er tears, so Long Wan Er only gave advice and trying her best to make Long Mo Er feels better by saying many positive things.

Long Mo Er not really understand why she crying whenever heard Ye Che and Fei Yan together, with her big sister help, Long Mo Er aware of her own feeling and admitting, She loves Ye Che and she couldn’t give him to Fei Yan.

“If Love, Put a Courage to Pursue.” Said Long Wan Er to Long Mo Er, reminding her the words she ever told her, when Long Wan Er was deciding to gave up Leng Jing Chen, and also when Ye’s palanquin was in front of their residence door.

Long Wan Er has put her courage, pursuing her happiness with Leng Jing Chen and she hopes Long Mo Er could be braver pursuing her own happiness by facing her feeling and Ye Che.

“You need to clear the misunderstanding and tell him you Love him, Mo Er”

Starting from chapter 43, Ye Che leaving Bai Hua Lane and come back to Ye’s residence. when he arrived, the first person he saw was Long Mo Er…


10 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) Special 39-42 ^_^

  1. Thanks for summarizing that part. I hate it when the OTP misunderstand each other over lack of communication. If they talked, it would have saved a lot of unnecessary heartache. Hopefully, we’ll start seeing the OTP’s feelings further develop. Thanks for your frequent translations! Much appreciated!

  2. Where’s the chapter 38? Or is it just me???

    It’s a good thing you summarized these chapters. So we could get to Ye Che fast. Hahahaha! No pressure, actually we don’t mind if you don’t post the full translation for these chapters. Jia you, Azurro!

  3. Thanks for the summaries! 🙂 Sigh. The people in the city must be super bored to gossip like that — making a mountain out of a molehill.

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