Tang Yan’s Time

tang yan

From last year till this year, I think Tang Yan AKA Tiffany Tang is being so productive. So, I am not too exaggerate to say, Tang Yan’s time.

I tried to recall first time watching Tang Yan. I think it was when I watching My daughter (夏家三千金) but during that time, Tang Yan acting just so so (not impressive) at least for me. Since I was really focus with Qi Wei’s acting.

Though I still like Tang Yan and she is so eye candy for me. Later on, I followed bunches of her dramas even I felt sad for her scandal with Roy Qiu.

After sometimes, Tang Yan finally back with another vibe as actress. Perfect couple (金玉良缘) was one of drama which I could feel Tang Yan acting improved. Then the currently ended drama My Sunshine (何以笙箫默). When watching My sunshine, My eyes was set on Wallace Chung (I am fan LOL ) but Tang Yan was not bad. At least she better than the previous and I like she played as Mo Sheng.

Talking a little bit about best friend (Yang Mi and Tang Yan) who played same character in Gu Man novel, silent separation. Even the movie hasn’t released, I personally like the drama compare to movie. Huang Xiao Ming as He Yi Chen, aiyaaaa I want to cry ah~

Huang Xiao Ming is good actor but personally I think he not suit He Yi Chen character since Huang Xiao Ming has so strong aura and compare to play such character alike He Yi Chen, he suit to play something alike bad-boy, gangster, something like that (well, it still based on my judging yaa)

My Sunshine (何以笙箫默)
One of the best sweet novel I ever read. When I read the novel, Tang Yan never come to my mind to play Mo Sheng character but well, she did good job. I like the drama especially Wallace as He Yi Chen.

my sunshineOH MG! who can guess Tang Yan in thirties while Wallace already in forty. They are still look so young as is time stop for them, aiyaaaa, envious ah~

I like Tang Tang smiles so much, so sweet 🙂

Second Drama of Tang Tang currently airing is Lady and The Liar.

Well, Tang Tang is played with her best friend hubby, Hawick Lau. This drama awesome cool. If silent separation is bitter sweet story, Lady and The Liar much darker and bitter. I like all the cast and speak honestly Yang Rong still daebak playing as thief and antagonist.

ladyTang Yan and Hawick lau, both of them give another atmosphere for this drama. Time also paused for Hawick, he looks so young.

Another rookies drama, The legend of fragrance (活色生香)

Li Yi Feng and Tang Yang are so sweet. Since I just start this one, I can’t say much but Li Yi Feng is so funny and also Tang Yang so active and lively.


One thought on “Tang Yan’s Time

  1. I didn’t like tang tang in perfect couple so i decided to stop watching then i addicted to Hawick lau as Mo Shao Qian so it made me watch Lady and the liar so couldn’t help but be a fan of Tang Tang and when i searced for her profile i had just realized that she’s is Perfect Couple heroine so i started to watch perfect coup again and it was not only i became a big fan of wallace huo > Wallace jung from silent separates too > also Li yi feng from the legend of fragrance.

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