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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 43

It took me long to decide posting this chapter (chap 43) or continue the fully translate Chapter 38-42. Trying to put myself in perspective as reader, I think you guys might looking forward the following chapter rather than reading the dragging chapters which had summarized.

Chapter 43 Waiting Him for Coming Home

The initially bright big hall, now it became dark.

The delicate small person is sitting on chair quietly, not moving even a shadow, her eyes piercing, looking at the main door without wink, she afraid once she wink her eyes, the person she wait will pass.

Her shows sleepy eyes, but she can’t sleep: her neck feels stiff little bit, but she can’t leave, her hand which support her chin is little numb but she can’t let go…

Long Mo Er continuously reminding herself that she can’t leave, she can’t give up.

Her big sister said was right, she shouldn’t overly think and blind guessing, she wanting to tell the person she likes, that she loves him and letting him to know. She wants to clear up the gossip which had spread. She doesn’t want Ye Che mistaken her.

She must wait him till he come back.

“Little Miss, you have been waiting for some hours, no one knows when Third Young Master will come home, let’s back to your room! When Third Young Master comes home, I will let the guard who guarding the main door to inform you, will it okay?” Lu Qun walked out to the front from Long Mo Er, seeing Long Mo Er persistent and still waiting, not even moving from her place, she walked to her side and persuade her.

“No, I will wait till he comes back and tell him clearly.” Long Mo Er who sat on the chair stubbornly said.

“Little Miss, how about bringing the food to here. At least you should eat!” dealing with Long Mo Er stubbornness, Lu Qun doesn’t have any idea, she can only do as what her Little Miss wants and please.

“No! if you feel tired, then you go back first, I am fine.” Said Long Mo Er.

“I am not tired, Little Miss, I will company you to wait in here!” her Little Miss allowed her to take her leave, she really wants! But her Little Miss is waiting in here almost for whole day, she even not eat anything, how can she at ease leaving her and takes her rest? She only can beg, Third Young Master to come back faster! Please don’t bully her Miss anymore.

Long Mo Er said nothing while Lu Qun accompanied her in silent.

Time is getting late and sky is getting darker, inside the big hall the lantern is lilted, the flame swaying little bit because of wind.

Lu Qun is trying her best not to fall asleep while sitting in another chair with the dim light.

Finally the front door have pushed, Long Mo Er could see Ye Che’s shadow from the poor quality light of the flame in lantern, slowly he is walking inside the big hall.

She hurried stand up from her chair, initially there is no sweet smile of happiness that exposure. But at the moment when she saw him comes home, he finally comes home, he is not thinking to keep on staying in Fei Yan’s place, it really too good.

Ye Che walking inside from the main door, he sees a delicate shadow of someone. After about two minutes, finally he sure who is the person of that shadow. Initially his mood agitated, when seeing her, he doesn’t know why he feeling boiled.

Why hasn’t she taken a rest?

Why she’s in here? What is she doing?

Is she waiting for someone?

Is she waiting him? Ye Che is guessing.

Should he and she meeting? Or should he directly turn to study room?

After all the spreading gossip, what she intend to do?

Not to wait till Ye Che could response, his footsteps have brought him to the big hall direction.

He could see her sweet smile, because of his appearance, he could see she looking at him with her bright eyes, able to see her walking closer to him.

Why she such so happy?

How could she act such way after doing many things at his back, and still able to exposure her sweet smile?

Did she think everything that done was nothing?


11 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 43

  1. haiz…ye che..dont make stupid mistake ok..anddd..i agreee..haahaaa…the draggggging part is ok already..thanks for this..

    1. I agree
      He should asking her before leaving but Ye Che just unique case. since he not sure Long Mo Er has same feeling and when he heard the news, he just burning. Moreover the man was Zhang Nian Liang, the man he hates so much. XD XD XD

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