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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 44 – 45

Chinese New Year is coming and I will be so busy. The translation will be slower and I hope you guys understand.

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Chapter 44 Long Mo Er’s Confession

“You are back!”

Doesn’t know when, but Long Mo Er already stand in front of Ye Che, She even giving a gentle smile.

“I have been waiting for you, I have something to tell you.”

Ye Che didn’t give any response, but he also didn’t intended to stop her speaking, only by looking her face, he waiting her to finish her words.

Actually, he shouldn’t walk toward her, shouldn’t hear what she said, furthermore he shouldn’t give her a chance to get closer to him…

Why he couldn’t control himself every time he sees her? His response and his thought always slower, in order to avoid him gets control, he even tried to cooperate with her.

Shouldn’t act in this way!

She had lied to him, she betrayed him, but how he still can be so interested on her?

Should remember she had lied and betray his feeling!

First time to come understand about his own feeling, but what he got was being lied, his heart ache, how could he forgive her?

In the meantime, Long Mo Er is considered how to explain, while Ye Che’s eyes shown slightly bitter expression, his beautiful face starting to frown, his body radiating coldness aura which make her afraid.

Ye Che didn’t want to see Long Mo Er who is lower her head, have thinking for something, he preparing to turn back and leaving.

She could sense Ye che will turn his back, Long Mo Er naturally pulling him using her hand, her pair of hand is grabbing his arm, hugging his arm tightly.

“You can’t go, I haven’t told you anything.”

She couldn’t let him walk away in this way, no matter what will happen, she still need to make him understand. She had waited for the entire afternoon, she doesn’t want to lose the only chance and opportunity to give an explanation to him.

Ye Che cold expression, his cold and frozen eyes are piercing into Long Mo Er panic face. When he didn’t see any intentional of Long Mo Er to loosen her hands, coldly Ye Che said: “You let go.”

His face expression is cold which makes others scared of him, but even Long Mo Er being afraid, she even can’t let him off. In order to reach their peaceful days, Long Mo Er gritting her teeth and look outside stubbornly.

“I won’t let you go. I know once I loosen up, you will leave me. Before I finish with my words, I won’t let you go.”

“So what do you want to tell me?” Ye Che still with his frozen expression, stay still.

“Well, I said! Before I finish, you are not allowed to get angry, you also should hear till the end or else you can’t leave.” She even grab his arm tightly and stronger.

Based on her character and nature, Ye Che knows that if he doesn’t hear her till end, she won’t give up. She wants Ye Che listen to hers, but she is still talking about the conditions, whether leaving or not, that is his decision, so what can she do?

“Yesterday, I was secretly went out from residence.” Realizing Ye Che’s expression even colder, Long Mo Er hurried apologizing. She showed pity face and said: “I am sorry, I knew without having your permission I was secretly went out from the residence, really was my mistake, I hope you to forgive me.”

“So, these all you want say to me? I have heard it, could you let my hand off?” he doesn’t have any interest to listen on what she done yesterday.

“No, I haven’t started yet, you can’t go.” She not being scared with Ye Che’s cold voice, Long Mo Er even showed her stubbornness.

Chapter 45 Long Mo Er’s Confession (2)

“After I secretly out from residence, incidentally in the street I met your friend, that person whom we met last time, Young Master Zhang

She could feel Ye Che’s hand stiffen, Long Mo Er fasten her words: “I thought you and him are best friend! He even said he close with you, I thought he said the truth. He inviting me to have tea in Tea House, so I followed him.”

Said till here, Long Mo Er felt she would be really in troubled. She wanted to hear something more about Ye Che from Zhang Nian Liang, that why she took his invitation to Tea House. She never thought that, those she wanted to know, none of it she could get the information from Zhang Nian Liang, on the contrary, she only given an information about how important Fei Yan in Ye Che’s heart, a special person. Letting her being hurt, so that was the truth!

She put all the blame on him because he never said anything clear about Zhang Nian Liang, letting her to believe that both of them (Ye che and Zhang Nian liang) are best friend. If not because of him, she won’t do such stupid thing. Well, it had happen, everyone said she is kind of playgirl, she even being misunderstood by everyone, furthermore she even afraid that he will ignore her so she keep on apologizing. Didn’t she pity?

Inside her heart, she continued to complain, but these words she not even dared to speak. She thought Ye Che could hear her complain words, the chances for getting opportunity to give an explanation, he might not give.

“After that, when I was in Tea House, I met big brother and Fourth brother, so I followed them went home. Young Master Zhang and I didn’t have anything, all the gossip are not true, you don’t believe la!”

After Long Mo Er finished, she stemmed and looked Ye Che.

She has told him the whole story from beginning till the end, clearly. He should understand, shouldn’t he? He won’t angry, will he?

“Are you finished? Loosen my hand!” there nothing like Long Mo Er thought happen, Ye Che even irritable.

“You seem to be angrier? Why?” Long Mo Er mumbling.

Being frightened Long Mo Er released his hands, making Ye Che to free his hand. He turned back, without any hesitation, he leaving.

How could be like this?

Why he still that angry?

Ye Che’s back seem to be blur and blur in Long Mo Er’s eyes.

She was waiting for him, because she wants to give an explanation for him. Her words, wasn’t he believe, was he?

Why his mood could be affected by her, controlled by her?

How could she mistakenly see him and Zhang Nian Liang that bastard as his friend? How could she that foolish?

Did big brother and Ye Ding who brought her back? So everyone has already known. Then, he was the last person who knew what a good things his wife had done outside. Ye Che showed his bitter smile.

Suddenly, pairs of hand hold onto his waist. He become stiffens, holding his breath, can’t move.

“I am sorry, I am sorry. You forgive me, will you? I don’t want to see you angry, if you angry then you ignore me, I will feel so sad. I promise to you, later on in the future, I would not do this kind of thing anymore, if I want to go out, I will tell you honestly, won’t do this kind of thing again, secretly going out from residence. I will be very good, staying at Ye’s residence. You don’t angry ah~, I beg you, don’t angry anymore.”


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  1. Waaahh!! It’s a pic of Usui and Misaki!! That’s the best pic of them together especially since Misaki looks so cute with her hair like that.

    Long Mo Er should’ve told him that she wanted to help his family business too. But that hug… will it be enough to break down his wall? XD

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