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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 46

A confession chapter.
Long Mo Er finally confessed her feeling to Ye Che. She too panic when seeing Ye Che ignoring her and all the words just flowing such way.

Ye Che confused, perplexed, doubt. He questioned many things before he could confirm that Long Mo Er really make confession to him. He burst to ecstatic mood when she hugged his back and said: “I Love You…”

Chapter 46 Say, I love you

Long Mo Er doesn’t want to think too much anymore.

If Ye Che keeps on misunderstanding her, how could she be happy in the future? In her words, she tries begging for his forgiveness, her pair of hands strongly hugging onto his waist, her face even sink into Ye Che’s back.

A slightly warm, slowly by slowly spreading and get into Ye Che’s back, Ye Che shows very complicated expression in his eyes.

He understood and knew his back’s robe was wet because of her tears.

The burning hot tears mixed with murmured voice, strongly burning into his heart, letting him to loosen in guarding for his heart. He tries hard to protect his last “self-control”, so he could hold himself not to feel any sorry for her, he not immediately turned his back for hugging her.

What is she doing?

What she mean by saying such things? How can his heart thumping after heard such words from her? Didn’t she know that such word she said would mislead him? Didn’t she know that whatever she says and do, all of them would make him to think she is caring about him?

“Later on I won’t be rude and impetuous. Don’t be angry, I like you, I love you ah! In my heart there is only you! I didn’t do anything with Young Master Zhang, Beg you not to believe with all those gossips!” in order to give an explanation, Long Mo Er didn’t realize what she has said. At the moment, she only wanting Ye che not to mistaken her.

I like you? I love you? Only you who are in my heart? Didn’t he heard wrong, did he?

After heard her very soft voice, Ye Che’s body become even stiffen.

It has been for some seconds, after hearing what she said, all the resentment, his anger, and all the negative atmosphere, all just vanish, disappeared. Suddenly there is warmness heat up, a benevolent and gentle feeling filled his heart.

At that moment he really happy, feeling as if he born into new world as the most happiest person in the world.

“Ng… Don’t angry ah!” Again a soft voice got into Ye Che’s ears. Interrupt Ye Che excitement. He almost forget to say that he has forgive her already, he deserve to death letting her that sad during the time.

He hurried pulling a pair of hand which hugged his waist, turn his back and gently embrace her in his bosom, tighten up his hand said: “Stop crying, don’t you know whenever you cry, my heart feel as if it torn into pieces!”

Long Mo Er really doesn’t know what is going on, waiting for her to give a response; she even didn’t know when a pair of sturdy hand has encircling onto her neck, letting she forgetting to cry.

Ye Che deep voice passing from her head to her ears. At this moment she just realized she has been in Ye Che’s bosom, he has very masculine scent, embracing her tightly.

She doesn’t sure to lift up her head, but at the moment she thought about it, her head has been already lifting up by Ye che, letting her face come close to his embrace.

“Don’t move, don’t cry, I don’t have any anger to angry anymore. Just be quiet and let me to hug you only for moment.” Ye Che tried to suppress his stirring emotion, trying to be composure when said to her. For these past two days, he had enough for those messed up feeling of his, and now her words succeed to peace all those messed up feeling he had, only by hugging her, he has satisfied and nothing to say.

Long Mo Er heard what he said, to move, she even not dare to move, letting him to hug her in quiet, listen to his thumping heart beat “thump thump”. While she is also losing to control her heart beat which crazily thumping.


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  1. Thank you for translating latest update. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family. Hopefully this 2015 brings lots of blessings to you and yours..:D

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