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Healthy Tips : Lose Weight = Exercise and Calorie Control

Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese people like to say, “Being able to eat is bless.”
So on Chinese New Year Eve my family always having many food for dinner before the next day of Chinese New Year celebration.
So as I guessed, I gained weight since there is no restrict or limitation for eating during CNY XD XD XD

Weight oh weight…
I have bring this topic like forever, an endless posting about Losing Weight, Exercise, Foods, Healthy Life Style, etc.

I should mention => I’m not dietician, Professional or Nutritionist.
I am only an ordinary girl who experiences roller coaster of gaining and losing weight for years and trying to maintaining ideal weight for healthier body by trying many types of exercise (Yoga, Aerobic, Treadmill, Jogging, etc), Eat Healthy – Clean eating, balancing the diet and changes some life style (habit eating pattern), avoiding junkies and unhealthy snacks.

As I mention, this is not the first time I am bringing this topic but I was taking my friend challenging for lose some Kgs. I gaining and losing weight, for me it’s alike something so natural because whenever I eat lots junkies, cut my exercise time and being lazy then my weight gain like crazy (could be more than 20kgs) and it also applied whenever I decided to balance my diet, doing routine exercise and being active then I could cut my weight about 4-5kg within a month or if I turned super crazy it could reach 10kgs.

I am so old-fashion about shredding my fats. I never believe with medicine or supplement to lose weight, perhaps due to my character influence, since I am type of person who think, “There is no such instant things, no pain and no gain, work hard and the result wouldn’t disappointing at the end”

Get interested with fast losing weight
I should admit there was time I thought to lose weight faster. You might think same as me when you are living in “Judging the book from the cover” environment. People making friends or close to you only from the appearance you have. Being ignore as Fat girl during my teens, I ever hatred.
My friend even offered me to have medicine or something like supplement. She said consume supplement X might cut my weight to 10-15kgs without restrict calorie intake (eat everything I want because the fat won’t absorb) and she added so many information about how good the supplement and bla bla bla…

I ever thought for it when I almost gave up to my first diet program. I was so suffered with my doctor plans but hard work and strong will really gave me a result.

My doctor told me, I couldn’t take any slimming medicine or supplement since my body condition so weak. Doctor also said even I don’t have problem with critical health issue, he never suggests me to take those stuffs because more or less it will give effect to body.

I am still doing old-fashion diet balance to cut fats
Lose Weight EQUAL TO Exercise PLUS Calorie Control


  • The most important because I want to have healthy body, not a sickness who should take vitamin to build stronger immune.
  • I want to have healthy skin tone not white pale Zombie “Look”
  • Having ideal weight and propositional body but still in “healthy context”
  • I love doing exercise because I can feel slightest happiness and healthy body + happy soul

My Exercise tips
You may find this tips similar with others blog or web about exercising and losing fats. My exercise plan always changes as my mood. I like to combine every movement or exercise from many gurus on youtube or instructor in gym. As long as I like and happy then I will do it.

Currently :
I have simple daily exercise instead 3 or 4 times a week. My reason is so simple by doing this routine, I can make my body used to with all exercise which I try and also built stronger body.
I try many kind of Exercise but my favorite still treadmill, Yoga, Jogging, walking and rope jumping.
New exercise in 2015 : Zumba and free style dancing with many movement which makes me sweat lots and sore.
Cassey Ho exercise monthly plan is also one of my favorite. I print it monthly and she gives it free only by subscribe her or download her app and paid less than 2$/month.

Balancing diet by controlling the Calorie Intake
My diet isn’t about cutting all the food and suffer myself to the starvation mode but more to control the intake calorie. I like eat so either starving or stop eating not an option for me (Most of time skipping meal because I am too busy and forget).

My menu plan is so simple only limited to boil, fry and raw. Since I am half-vegan, meat isn’t in my menu plan but occasionally I eat seafood. Salads is one of the best menu for me because it has low calorie, easy to make and it makes me full longer so I seldom craving.

Example of my menu:

IMG-20140501-01131I can have simple sandwich + mineral water/infuse water for breakfast
(Whole wheat bread +tomato/cucumber slices + egg + etc)
Depend on what I have in my refrigerator

IMG_20150108_091417I can have salad for lunch
(mixed with everything I like)
Plus simple weird dessert I made by myself (currently avoid mayonnaise and yogurt)


IMG_20150117_043703simple soup
(depend on mood)

for dinner, I rare to have heavy meal except when I go for dine with friends or events or parties. Most of time I only have an apple (200-300grams) or two oranges or one pieces Banana.

Beside those foods, I drink lots of mineral water, infuse water (mixed fruit store in bottle), sometimes smoothie and green tea.

I am not sure how many calorie I have for a day but it always above 800 or less than 1200cals. I just like being active so I burn more, sweat lots but never really doing non-stop exercise such as exercising for 4 hours straightly in despite of doing so, I like to separate my exercise time such as having an hour and half morning exercise, thirty minutes in the afternoon and an hour for night exercise. others than “routine” exercise, I like to take stairs rather than lift or walking rather than having ride.

Note :
I can’t guarantee my tips will work 100% for you but it sure works for me and I am so satisfied with the result I have with this kind of exercise or diet. Vegan is not must but it’s life option.
You can eat whatever you want since you know about limitation (too MUCH is not Good).
The length of exercise and calorie intake and menu plan are depend on every individual, you aren’t need to do as I did but just taking my experience as consideration for the better and best YOU.

I hope this information may useful for you.
Good Luck 🙂


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