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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 47

Happy Chinese New Year once again!


Finally I have time to do the translation. I was so busy on the first day till the seventh day of Chinese New Year. This is still one of the best Year I have. I was gathering with all my big family from mommy’s side and daddy’s side. even my uncle from Jakarta was coming here.

My sisters and I were going to many places, visiting our relatives and friends, of course we did it for red pocket too (红包) ^_^

Well, last time we were in confession part and this chapter is about Long Mo Er who forgot about the confession she has made to Ye Che which cause him to forgive whatever Long Mo Er did last time.

Luckily, Ye Che doesn’t mind because he feel as long as she loves him, everything will do.

Chapter 47 Rethink, The Forgetting Confession

What was happen, exactly? What happen to him? Did he say not angry anymore? Is it true? Long Mo Er felt little bit unbelievable out of surprised.

Didn’t he ignore hers? Even he made her so sad, but why at this moment he hugged her so tightly? What was going on with him?

Even being hugged by Ye Che so warm, feeling really so comfortable, giving her a sense of securer feeling. But, his changed was really quick for every moment, from the beginning till end, his attitude toward her extremely different which caused her feel even more insecure. She didn’t want being foolish, hugging by him without knowing the reason, if tomorrow morning he suddenly changing into 180 degree, changing became another different person, what should she do? So she needs to ask clearly!

Thinking until here, Long Mo Er is trying hard to lift her head up, asking: “Are you really not angry anymore?”

Long Mo Er restiveness while Ye Che helplessly to free his hand, letting her to stand more comfort. But still by embracing her, he won’t let her to leave his inner range. He is looking at Long Mo Er’s naïve and innocent eyes. Ye Che heart’s warm, letting him to think and keep on embracing her, forever.

Only like this, both of them throwing glances, looking each others, after for some time, finally Ye Che said: “You rest assured. I am not angry anymore.”

“Is it true?” Long Mo Er so happy till brows, initially she has bright eyes but after heard what Ye Che said, her eyes as if twinkling.

“But, why?” at this moment, Long Mo Er doubted and she in confused mode.

Ye Che likes Long Mo Er sparkling pair of eyes, it seems alike twinkling stars in the sky, shinning and dazzling, making those who see that pair of eyes reluctant to leave, that sort of her is forever filled with lively power, he likes that kind of her. But, who’s know at this moment her pair of eyes is hiding panic expression, Ye che smiled and make frown.

“Why aren’t you angry anymore?” Long Mo Er asked once again. Ye Che is frowning, Long Mo Er starting to worry again, she thought she might say something wrong which provoke him to pissed off.

“Do you really want to know?” Ye Che asked her back, set a glance into her eyes.

“Ng.” Long Mo Er made a soft movement, nodding her head.

It seems as if Ye Che didn’t see any other things than her face, he is looking at that small and delicate small face of Long Mo Er.

Long Mo Er didn’t know why his glance such strong, under his glance, Long Mo Er feels as if she is transparent, he could she through her, as seems all of hers is being seen by him, she hard to breath.

“You… You.. Why aren’t you say something?” under Ye Che strong glance, Long Mo Er stammering.

“If you want to know, you recited once again what you have told me before.”

“What I have said?” Long Mo Er tried to remember.

“This is under your request, ‘I didn’t do anything with Young Master Zhang, and please not to believe all the gossips! Forgive me, don’t be angry, I will be good’ those words?”

Ye Che shaking his head: “Not that ones, the others. Did you remember what have you told me before?”

Say what? Why she couldn’t recall it? What have she said before? She really forgot. Aiya, her own brain! What had she said?



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      1. Well I’ve started skipping around in 失意新娘 to try to get the gist. I did that with 身体新娘 toward the end and then went back to read the detail.

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