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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 48

Chapter 48 Two persons solely happiness

Long Mo Er shows worries expression, Ye Che is extremely happy, as if he never been this happy before.

Even he worries little bit she forgot of what she just said, but still, that words “I love You” was so naturally burst out from her mouth, absolutely he won’t be wrong. Actually, if she forgot about it also good, based on her shy character, making she recalled, her face might change beet red, not to mention the probability she might turning back and running away.

“Alright, if you can’t remember, then no need to remember.” Couldn’t hear that three words once again from her mouth, kind of regret, but in order not to make her becomes awkward, Ye Che didn’t force her.


“There is no but, as long as you remember I don’t angry with you anymore, it fine.” Ye Che stopped her to continue saying things, and then he tried to change the topic: “Have you been waiting for me in here all the entire day?”

Long Mo Er nodded.

“Stupid girl. Have you eaten your dinner?” Looking at Long Mo Er expression, Ye Che already knew the answer, with probing look, he said: “How about the lunch?”

Long Mo Er shook her head.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t had your meal today?” her face shown admitting expression, Ye Che didn’t know how to say her.

Didn’t take her meals because of waiting him entire day only to give him an explanation, he wondered what is inside her small head. Loosen her from his embrace, Ye Che held her hand and walking.

“Tomorrow, I will find another good maid for you, that Lu Qun really doesn’t know how to take care of you, does she? You haven’t had your meal for a day, she even let you being alone, didn’t she look after you? Only by this, she let you to do as whatever you want, I hard to imagine what will be happen in the future.”

“You don’t need to find new maid for me, having Lu Qun with me more than enough, Lu Qun had reminded me for many times, all my fault because I didn’t hear her, stubborn forcing her to do many things that shouldn’t be done by us. Please, you don’t blame her, she is so devoted, if you need someone to be blame, blame me. All was my fault.” Long Mo Er never expecting Ye Che would be unhappy when he knew she didn’t have her meals, she even made Lu Qun to be scapegoat. Didn’t want Lu Qun be wronged, Long Mo Er panicking explained on behalf of Lu Qun.

Long Mo Er voice which more and more closer is alerting Lu Qun who in dreamland (she falls asleep), Lu Qun awake. Standing and gently rubbing her eyes, her misty sleepy eyes looking at her Little Miss and Third Young Master, Third Young Master even holding her Little Miss’s hand.

At the time Lu Qun really full awake, She is apologizing to Long Mo Er: “Miss, really sorry, I was intending to company you, waiting for Third Young Master, but I was felt asleep.” After she said, she used her hand to pat her head.

“Seeing she has that good intend, I will take back what I said.” Said Ye Che who saw Long Mo Er.

“But, if there is another time, I will really change her.”

“Alright, I will be good.” Said Long Mo Er happily.

Lu Qun didn’t understand with their conversation so Lu Qun just stands aside. Seeing her Little Miss happy expression, Lu Qun knows her little Miss might reconcile with Third Young Master. On this way, she doesn’t need to worry about her Little Miss, (sighed of relieve).

“Lu Qun, you cook something to eat, I want to company Long Mo Er to have dinner.” Ye Che instructed.

“Yes, I am immediately going to prepare.” Only to make Little Miss to have her meal, Lu Qun seeks but fail to get2] (she helpless to make Mo Er eats). She doesn’t want to see her Little Miss be hungry.

Seeing Lu Qun takes her leave, there is slightly laden with grief on Long Mo Er’s face.


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