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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 49

Chapter 49 Call Me Long Mo Er


“Are you okay? Tired?” Ye Che could sense something wrong with Long Mo Er.

“Could you promise me something?” Long Mo Er not really sure, doubt and asked.

“A request? You say first, let me to hear it.” Ye Che is so curious of her request.

“Later on, if there is no one, only both of us, could you call me Mo Er? Long Mo Er? Don’t call me Wan Er!” Asked Long Mo Er tried to take courage, looking at Ye Che.

Hearing how Ye Che called Wan Er, name which isn’t belong to hers, she feels burdensome. That name, alike something that reminded her as someone who is using fake identity to love Ye Che which give a sense of losing herself. Every time when he called her Wan Er, she is trembling with fear, being afraid without reason. She doesn’t want to hear him to calling her by her elder sister name, she doesn’t want because of this name, she being reminded that she is fake Long Wan Er. She doesn’t want to be reminded the warm hand that held her isn’t belonging to her.

She not really cares whether Ye Che will know or not one day about her real identity, only for this moment, she who has fallen for him, she wants to ignore and forget it. She uses all her heart only to cherish this love of her, whole-heartly.

“Long Mo Er? Why? This request is so weird!”

“Did you remember the first time we met?” Long Mo Er asked him.

“That time, I wasn’t obedient and secretly went out from the residence, I even created troublesome matter being caught by people, at the most critical moment, you appeared, made me safe and sound.”

Long Mo Er immersed on the most beautiful moment. Ye Che seem to be brought by her word to the first time they met on morning that day.

“That time I was introduced myself as Long Mo Er. So that, inside Long Mo Er’s name I have beautiful memory, the most perfect one. Long Mo Er compare to Long Wan Er, I feel “Long Mo Er”, this names is so close to me and also makes me feel more familiar. Moreover, there are lots meaning for me, later on, could you call me Long Mo Er?”

Ye Che is touched by her, thinking she has really in love with him. The first meeting, even engraved such deep memory, moreover that kind of “things” even become one of her most beautiful memory and the most perfect first time.

Mo Er, Mo Er, Mo Er… secretly in his heart, he chant that name, Ye Che realized Mo Er is more suitable compare to Wan Er, he worth over to think of.

“Could you call me Mo Er?” Long Mo Er asked once again, Ye Che not response, it makes Long Mo Er understand how weird her request, but still, she is expecting he can call her with her real name not her sister name.

“As I remember, your little sister is called Long Mo Er, if I call you this way, won’t she mind? Don’t you think it kind of improper?”

“She won’t mind at all. I have told you, both of us, like to play changing name when we were little kids, only because of name, she won’t mind at all because our relationship is so close and very good.” Hearing Ye Che hesitated but asking, Long Mo Er stills could hope for it.

“Mo Er, I will call you Mo Er in the future.”

Finally her wish come to be fulfilled, after hearing her name being called by Ye Che, Long Mo Er eyes twinkling. So this is how it feel when her own name being called by the person she cares most, a happy feeling, very touching till the tears fall.

“Mo Er, are you okay?” Long Mo Er eyes has tears, Ye Che absolutely nervous.

“Nothing, I fine. I just feel so happy.” Long Mo Er lifted her corner of mouth, she smiles.

“Foolish, you scared me to death! I thought you feel uncomfortable.” Ye Che pulled Long Mo Er closer to him, using his hand encircle, hugging her.

Below the light of lantern, their shadows reflecting how close they are together.


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