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Introduction C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) – 千草

Hello fellow reader 🙂
Introducing one of Qian Cao’s novel. This is modern novel and one of the shortest novel I ever read. it only consist ten chapters plus one prologue and one epilogue.

This is one of simple novel without complicated plot. it simply about man who deeply in love with female lead but his love is much like love sickness. he madly in love with her, he can’t love any other than her. she alike fresh air for him.

He so protective and easily to get jealous.


She fool enough, stupid enough, idiot enough. Whatever it takes, it makes him want to possess and capture attention “the music”. To the extent of the proses he couldn’t ignore her anymore as if she is air. wanting to get closer to her, wanting to take all of hers, but damn, she is afraid and trembling of him. he doesn’t want to wait anymore “for the lyric”, at her side he felt so restless. but this absent-minded girl, unexpectedly being so foolish asked him–why I am so special?


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