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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 1.1

This Novel really have few chapters but it has many words in each and every chapters so I decided to divide into few parts.

Well, officially I’m starting my third translation project and I hope you guys will like it.

I would like to remind again, Neither Chinese nor English is my native language so pardon me if there will be some grammatical error. but, I really try my best to provide you good translation,

So, Let’s start Part one of the Chapter One ^_^

Chapter 1

(Part One)

An empty room, a pitch dark room, thick curtains were blocking the rays of outside sun. There was no slightest light, but it has a stream-clear voice overflowing from the entire room.

“Gently touching your cheeks, my tears, when I raised my head, looked at you, it only your cold iced smile, give me a kiss, it is the first but also the last…”

(Song Lyric)

The song was a like droplets water of dripping lake, thrown the slightest ripple. To appear alike pearl in the jade plate, in the mildest of collision letting people sigh for sweet-sounding.

There was a hint of someone’s figure who was sitting quietly on the sofa, the eyes have similarity alike common wild beast, luminous staring at the occurrence of the song—- high technology of silver ash color audio, as if wanting to steal this simple music through the sound.

“Ring (mobile phone sound)!” The ring tone of mobile phone suddenly ringing.

The man casually flashing a glance on the side of small table with unstoppable fluorescent light twinkling of mobile phone, he not picked it up, but kept on continuing listen to that song music.

But other party seemed didn’t want to give up too, the ring tones nonstop kept on ringing.

The long slender fingers impatience moving, he was pressing on the received button, “Speak.” Basically with this kind of action, he has been already feeling so unnecessary.

“Hey! Han, don’t tell me you are being alone in your warm nest? Today is the music award night, if you are interested, I could prepare a suit for you.” Ended the phone called, saying lots of bla bla bla.

“……” the man not answered, but his slender finger prepared to press on ended button….

“Wait, don’t turn off, at least I have good intention of concerning about you!” As if already knew what would be the next expected action, the other party hurried said.


“You are listening to that song again.” Asked Sai, the music that heard from the other side of phone, he has perfectly familiar with.

“Mm.” The man appeared lazy to answer.

“I really don’t understand, this song at least you have listened more than thousand times, is it really that good?” A new song that being uploaded to internet, the lyric, the music, the composer of the song was nobody, moreover the person who sang the song even the surname wasn’t clear.

“Very good.”

“If you really think this song really that good…”

“The lyric extremely bad.” The man was frowning.


“What I want is the voice of this kind of sound. Her voice, could make people to picturesque the scenery’s song.” His eyes showed a hungry desire, types of eyes sight owned by beast that looking for its prey.

From the way of his best friend spoke, Sai has understood and certain of one thing, “Have you fallen for the voice?”

“You are right, I’ve fallen for it, in addition, I have totally madly fallen for it.” He spoke bluntly without euphemism. He lips and tongue warm up, he has become to be so excited for the performances.

Sai helplessly not to give a shuddering, usually the things that makes Han get attracted would not have any good ending, this time really didn’t know what has been going on, “So what will you do for the next?”

“This song, it hard to find the specific source, only can be checked that it was a rounded—H city.” His slender finger stroking his own lips.

“So then?”

“Finding her, Finding this voice, finding till I got tired.”

Amen! Inside his heart, Sai chanting, “Are you thinking to cultivate the person who sang this song until she become popular singer?” After all, this was the first time for Sai to see how Han being attracted so deeply only for someone voice.

“A singer?” That man exposed mocking laugh, “How could you have an idea that I will cultivate this person and makes her become singer?”

“Don’t say you….”

“Sai Ye, I am type of selfish person.” In the faint voice, it surely has hidden an implicit meaning. “So that, the thing I like, as long as it belongs to me, having it solely will do.”

That voice, he wanted to solely heard by himself!

Invigorating breeze.

On Sunday morning, the St. Mary’s orphanage exceptionally so lively, there was no relation with him, the only reason was one of the music company has been holding a charity activity, in order to increase the company’s image.

Of course, this so called Rainbow record company is only second rank music company in showbiz circle, a few small stars to endorse, but never have any popular star in limelight.

A rare of petite figure was busying in crowded orphanage, she was running here and there, looked so extremely busy.

Delicate and pretty face, because of running here and there, that face of hers has turned into rosy, rounded face, matched with big rounded eyes, and black pony tail hair, it would make people somehow to think of particular kind of animal.

Tired! Feng Xiao Ling spreading wide her hand, wiping the sweat in her forehead, even though it said, today what strangely so call by the glorified name of making little drop of contribution welfare. But, she has been so busy for more than half day already, finally she understood, today’s children are harder to handle than what she has thought before.

Inside St. Maria Orphanage, Feng Xiao Ling was running here and there, so tired she even has no time to breathing.

“Xiao Ling, at the moment there will be Media coming here, you are responsible to take care of it.” Said Boss Ou Li Ka (Eurika /欧离凯).

“Alright.” She answered. Ou Li Ka turned and leaving, at this moment, Feng Xiao Ling has been surrounding by a group of little boys.

“Big sister, let’s we play baseball!”

“Baseball? I can’t play it.” As the basic, she has poor knowledge of sport, she only knew to distinguish the difference between baseball and tennis ball only.

“Don’t be worry, Big sister only needs to pretend, to serve as a stopgap for few people, it will do fine.”

“O, that’s it ah, then… I only can play for a while, Big sister still need to do something later on.”

Therefore, Feng Xiao Ling began her short duration of baseball player career.

It really one short moment, not to mention anything, she even never touched the ball, being dumbfounded looking straight on the sinking baseball flew into sky and then flew down to the white villa which has been at the other side of the orphanage.

“OMG, how can the ball hit and get into there?”

“It doomed, we will be scolded till death!”

“Ah, my ball has signed personally by the baseball player and also written names.” The owner who losing the ball is covered the face with tears, as if living like a death, the great human tragedy once again be repeated.

“Big sister… what… what to do?” all the children said to her with ‘extremely miserable’ look.

How could that ball flying such far? “Will it do if we only need to pick it back?” she smiled while giving a solution.

All the little boys, they were giving her strange look.

“How it will do!”

“The head of orphanage said we cannot go there.”

“As it said the owner of that villa is someone so scary!”

After Feng Xiao Ling heard it, she stared blankly.

“Hiks… hiks…” The owner of the ball was still crying.

“Don’t cry… don’t cry, I will help you to find the ball back.”

“Really?” at the moment the boy’s eyes was shinning.

“… really.” She murmured. Blame of her soft-hearted, especially those children whose using misty puppy eyes looked her, at sudden she losing her rationality as if thrown into dust bin.

“Big sister, you should surely to take back that ball.”


Being Loved Exclusively By You is posted and translated only for  Do not make a copy of the translations in pdf or any other distributable format! All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or reposting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been taken without permission of the translator.


15 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 1.1

  1. I like it better than subtitute bride. Looking forward for more. Can you focus on this novel first? Sorry sb fans. ~>_<~

  2. Another book I am starting today. I hope it is fun. I love how easy going your work is to read. Some translated works gives me headache, but yours i could follow and my eyes don’t hurt.

  3. Thank you for bringing this novel to my monitor. I like the way it begins. Xio Ling has a big heart. I hope she is prepared for what is coming next when she goes to retrieve the baseball.

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