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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱)


I have an innocent mom and also an innocent daddy.

My mom is so gentle, she can cook many delicious dishes, she would like to rub my forehead, she even hugging while sleeping with me. But during this kind of moment, my daddy would always walk in and pick me up from my mom embraces, straight forwardly throwing me out to courtyard.

Daddy said my face looks so alike him, that’s why he dislikes it.

Cih! I do also dislike daddy, because he always occupied mommy.

My mom is similar to the red hood little girl in the fairy-tale, foolish, muddle-headed, while daddy is that grey ash big wolf.

Well, teacher ever said, boy should be stronger. So that’s why I should be that bravery hunter, helping mommy out from daddy.

But… teacher, if I become the hunter, can I not come to school? Never heard the hunter still need to go to school moreover I am grade three now!

Prologue isn’t give much information about the story moreover it tells from child view. what we could guess, his mommy might someone kind, little foolish, muddle-headed but adorable alike little red hood while his daddy is the grey ash big wolf.


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