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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 50

Chapter 50 Happy to see each other

“Miss, does Third Young Master already know the truth? Both of you are reconciled. From what could be seen from last night when Third Young Master companied you for having your dinner, it seems both of you, your relationship have develop one more step! I know for Miss, this is something worth to cherish, you don’t need to lose your thought in here since early in the morning!” Lu Qun really doesn’t understand to see Long Mo Er who dumbfounded in front her.

“Ah! Nothing la!” said Long Mo Er absent minded.

“How could I never realize if the morning scene in this court yard is so beautiful and mesmerizing? The flower color is bright when blooming, the tree leaf is so verdant, the air is so fresh. It really can make people happy!”

After Long Mo Er finished her words, she takes deep breath to inhale the fresh air.

“Miss, I could see you have good mood, seeing everything is all good.” Lu Qun said while sweeping.

“Probably!” Long Mo Er admitted.

She stands up and walking to the middle of court yard. Pure and fresh air makes her can’t resist to stretch her body.

“So comfortable! If later on in the future I could do it every day, it must be nice.” Long Mo Er showed her sweet smiling face.

“You are wake up so early!” hearing Ye Che voice, Long Mo Er turned her back. Long Mo Er seems to get electric shock, turned her back, directly looking at Ye Che who has gentle expression on his face.

Seeing Ye che, she feels embarrassed to tell him that because yesterday matter, her mood is so good, she even couldn’t sleep at night, that’s why she woke up early in the morning. Kind of embarrassing words, how could expect her to say out!

“Nothing.” Long Mo Er just can say this all. To have second thought about him who is wake up this early and stand in front her, really unimaginable.

Is he not having proper sleep just alike her, so that he could appear in here such early?

“Why you also wake up this early?” she asked.

“The problems of the business hasn’t solve, today I still need to see the situation. I just passing by and see you on the way to go out so I stopped.”

No wonder he wakes up this early, so he wants to go out. It seems only she the person who isn’t getting proper sleep because of thinking of his gentle, caring and embraces. So, she really thinks too much.

“So you are going out now?” once he goes out, he will come back late of night, on this way, she might not get to see him of the whole day again. Hence, Long Mo Er asked him: “Can I tag you along?”

“You still want to go out?” her words just give sense of Dejavu, he still remembered last time she also begging him to bring her out too.

Once talk about going out, why she always wanting to follow? Does she really love going out?

“Again?” this word “again” said by Ye che, letting Long Mo Er to flash back for moment, she immediately react faster and said: “Last time when we were going out you tell nothing to me, to say, your words were less and pathetic. While I didn’t understand the circumstances, that’s why I couldn’t help. But this time, you bring me along with you, I will docile tagging beside you, and keep on telling myself that I follow you because I want to help you, will it be alright? Bring me along!”

“You better stay in residence! That kind of business is so boring and nothing so interesting about.” It not alike Ye Che disagree but if the business matters are not handle well, then he also can’t look after her, he just afraid she might feel boring.

“I want to follow you, staying close to you, I won’t be boring. Bring me along, please? I will be docile.” Long Mo Er stubborn wanting to follow Ye Che, she even not realized her way speaking is too childish and coquettishly.

Since yesterday when Ye Che found out her feeling toward him, Ye Che gets to understand her friendly way of speaking, she is entreat piteously begging him, Ye Che helplessly can’t refuse her. He doesn’t want to see her disappointed expression, so he nodding his head.

Long Mo Er is so happy as if want to jump, gently she hugs Ye Che’s back before running inside her room, while running she said: “ wait for me, I want to change my clothes, only for while. So wait for me!”

She is so fast even Ye Che does not have chance to react, she just afraid he will renege.

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