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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 1.2

Chapter 1

Part (Two)

A moment “Rustling wind easily trembling the water, once the warrior has gone it forever1].” With miserable eyes, Feng Xiao Ling pressing the villa’s bell.

For moment, no one answer, the second times, still no sound… until she is pressing N times, finally she certain the bell is broken.

“Is there anyone? Please open the door!” She tries her best to raise her voice louder.

No one reply from inside the Villa.

Fine, as matters stand, what she can do is—-climb up, climb, climb!

Feng Xiao Ling looks to bear an extremely awkward style, get into the wall.

The villa has astonished garden of flowers, it seems there is someone who taking care of it regularly.

White, pink, purple…countless of color filled her eyes, under the blazing sun shines, these flowers as if dressed with veil, cast glowing, wonderful, bright and colorful as if the gorgeous rainbow is floating down from sky.

The refreshing aroma is penetrating deeply into person heart, very intoxicating.

Beautiful…so beautiful! At the moment it feels as if getting into fairy tale flower garden.

Feng Xiao Ling stared blankly with wide open mouth, until suddenly she shook her head! She comes here only to find the baseball Ball, and certainly not coming to see any flowers.

Climb down, she starting to look for the ball, very careful.

“Hey, what are you doing inside my villa? A girl.” Low deep husky voice, suddenly sounded from her back.

“Ah!” Feng Xiao Ling shocked, hurried turning her head, “I am sorry, I thought there is no one inside the Villa, I come to find…”

Her vision line is block with someone shadow: white baggy knitting sweater cover slim body, broad-wide shoulders, virtually giving a feeling of being oppress, backward the light, the black hair fell on the wheat colored neck, lips compressed into thin line shows impatience.

Suddenly, her eyes look into a pair of narrow eyes.

This pair of eyes is familiar, an angel, or…

Impossible! The person who is standing in front her unexpectedly is—-Han Yue Yi?!

Han Yue Yi, is a name that no one doesn’t know in Showbiz (entertainment industry), currently he is the hottest Chinese Composer. Even he never want to comply with market rules, free in creating his music, all of his music is popular and famous. Because of this reason, there lots of the singer who are fighting for asking him to make music for them, but he perfectly doesn’t care and very picky in composing song for particular singer.

That’s why, he is being known and respect as the music bishop (master), completely arbitrary, unpredictable.

Of course, the additional for he become even more famous is because the MV shooting him, using himself as the male lead in the MV.

While this MV named as—-<Hong Se Yu Wang/ Red Desire>

It true, only one MV, it surely causing many people comes not to believe, absolutely berserk. After all, who would have ever thought, the man who has look like an angel is played a cruel wicked devil in the MV.

Absolutely Devil!

And now, the devil pair of hand is folding front of his chest, his eyes vision looking lower to her.

A single sound suddenly shocking Feng Xiao Ling and opened her mouth: “You…You… You are the wicked devil…. Woahhhhhh!”

“Devil?” the originally feeling lazy eyes suddenly narrowed.

Oh heaven! Oh land!

What she is speaking, unexpectedly she called him as devil!

“I am so sorry, I… I said I am wrong, Mr. Han, I, I, I…” her foot slipped and she is the person falling into the middle of many flowers.

His stance unchanging, there is no slightest gesture from him to help her out. People know him, he never feels strange, but the weird is for the first time he is being called as devil and also for the first time meeting there is someone so afraid of him.

So… so terrifying!

His chiseled face, tightly pursed his lips, and also his cold gaze, all of that makes her feel afraid.

“So sorry! Disturbing… disturbing you!” Feng Xiao Ling stumbled to stand up from the flowers, she turned, run and coming near to the wall and climbing up to the wall.

Han Yue Yi—- silently looking at the panic-stricken girl.

People afraid of him, nothing is strange of it, but this still the first time for him to encounter this kind of girl, only by looking at him, she has even scared to this level.

Living as if— she sees ghost!

Feng Xiao Ling tried her hardest to run.

Bam! Once her feet weaken, she falls down.

Continuing climb up, then keep on running.

Bam! For once again she stumbled!

Then she continued to climb up…

“……….” What is this stupid girl doing? Han Yue Yi frowning, he looked at other party constantly in front of him performing stumble, fall and climb.

Then suddenly, that petite body no longer running forward, as if she is reminded of something, taking a deep breath, then she turned to run toward his direction.

“That… have you seen a ball, white baseball ball?” with her white pale face, teeth gritting, she asked him.

His brow raised and showed disgust, inexplicably, he did not like she is being afraid of him.

“The Baseball ball surface, it has signature of the famous baseball player, because… carelessly the ball flew inside here, so I must, really must, must…”

“Must what?”

His sharp eyes, making her whole body as if being opposed to ‘freeze’, “Must…Must find it.” So tiring, at least she finished her words. Feng Xiao Ling entertained herself.

“If it lost then let it lost.” Such a ball, he can easily get a bucket of it.

“How could be like it, if it lost, Xiao Liang will be so sad, it is Xiao Liang’s treasure.”

“On that way, just letting him be sad then it will be done.” Sickening, why should this girl said something so silly to him?

“Xiao Liang will be crying.”

“So, is it matter with me?” he showed icy glance.

My God, Oh Jesus, Maria! This man absolutely wicked devil!

Feng Xiao Ling suddenly felt strong secretion of her throat. She wants to escape, but because of the orphanage children, she still gathering her courage till ends, “If… if you want to help, Xiao Liang will be very happy.”

He couldn’t stand anymore, how can there is such nonsense girl? His eyes stared straight at her.

“Looking for the ball won’t take much of your time, moreover…”

“There is no such thing I have to deal with; even there will be causing someone dies because can’t find the ball, that also not my problem!”


“Don’t tell me that you really won’t have heart to help out?”


1] 风潇潇兮易水寒,壮士一去兮不复返 (Feng Xiao Xiao Xi Yi Shui han, Zhuang Shi yi Qu Xi Bu Fu Fan)
This is poem from “Historical Assassins” when Prince Yan sent his quest including Ci Qin Wang at the edge of lake, worn a white robe and white hat.


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