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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 1.3

Chapter 1
Part 3 (Three)

“But…but… but…”

“If you don’t want be reported to police, quickly get lost.” Han Yue Yi expression showed merciless and drives her out.

Feng Xiao Ling totally speechless, in this world, there is actually type of person who doesn’t have compassion-loving heart.

Then, suddenly her mobile phone ringing, she busy to press received button in her mobile phone.

“Told you to handle the Media, where are you going? Don’t you know how busy we are?”—- Even the sound that came out from her mobile phone, Feng Xiao Ling sweating lots. How could she forget that she responsible to handle the Media?

“Lao Da, just now because… It’s…” she hurried want to give explanation.

“I summon you to show up within five minutes in front of me!” Ou Li Ka ordered, and then he cut off the call.

“Five… Five minutes?” it impossible for her to show up with that less time! Feng Xiao Ling hurried and busy to stand up, she facing Han Yue Yi and said, “Today… really, I am so sorry, without your permission, barging into your villa and made chaos, but still if you able, I still hope you can help me to find out that ball, I… I need to go now, Bye bye!”

Hence, she scared to see how his reaction, she just escaping by climbed up the wall, and then in very awkward  climbing position on the wall then turn over toward the other side of wall.


A sound of heavy things fallen on the other side of wall, then girl crying sound: “Hurt! Hiks… it seems her buttock might have bruising…hiks…”

Sickening! This girl really idiots! Han Yue Yi eyes glanced to the left side which is not far from where he stands is the door. Didn’t she could see this left side was the door? Still climbing up the wall to go out!

But… she did so many things, was it really only for seeking the ball? Really sickening!

Beep! Beep!

Outside the villa, the car horn sounded. Han Yue Yi raised his eyes, he saw brunette (brown hair) man walking down from car, walking into inside the house as if he is the owner of house.

“Hey, it seems your mood is not bad!” That’s how he greeting him.

Han Yue Yi frowned, “How to say so?”

“Normally if you are in bad mood, you will straight forwardly act as if I am invisible.” Said Sai Ye. But now, at least you still replied me even with less word.

Han Yue Yi suddenly shrug his shoulders, “Hm.. Am I really that scary?”

“Scary?” Sai Ye tried to look from good friend’s view and also as his working partner. Black hair and black eyes, Han has kind of Oriental delicate facial feature, but yet he also has three-dimensional contours of the west, which is kind of scary, simply to say he has something that makes people difficult to get closer to him, “Still okay—if you are not in bad mood.”

Once he is getting mad in front of people, the consequences absolutely hard to predict.

“If there is a day you really getting mad, the best thing please inform me earlier.” Sai Ye paused. If that day really comes, he absolutely will go far far far away.

There is no notice in Sai Ye’s words, Han Yue Yi lift his feet and walk inside, he cares less what the behind person ragging about.

Suddenly, there is a white ball with black ink signature on the surface hidden under the pink flowers petal which make Han Yue Yi stopped his steps.

“Is there something? Yue Yi?”

“Nothing, only seeing a baseball ball.”

The sky is getting dark, heralding time is already evening, Feng Xiao Ling raised her wrist, she looked at her watch, and time is showed 6:15.

The Media and her colleague are gone home earlier, she was the one who was left behind alone. The reason because of him, because of this person who—

“Hiks… my ball… lost my ball! Hiks.. hiks…” This little boy is crying.

He cried so miserable, depriving her to join him crying.

“I am really sorry, causing you to stay.” The head of orphanage showed apology expression.

“No, No.” She waves her hands.

“Big sister is big liar, she obviously said want to help me to find my ball.” Little boy is still crying and blaming.

“I have searched for it, but I couldn’t find it, how about, Big sister buys you the new one?” Feng Xiao Ling tried to curry favor him.

“Don’t want, I don’t want, that ball is different with others.” On the ball surface is signed by his favorite baseball player!

“Normally Xiao Liang has kind stubborn character, so…”

“Don’t worry, I do understand, it because that ball is so important for Xiao Liang.” Feng Xiao Ling raised her body up, she runs out from orphanage courtyard, “I will try to look for it once more.”

“Big sister, you should help Xiao Liang to find his ball, right?” The others children said using teary eyes said toward Feng Xiao Ling.

“Xiao Liang really treasures that ball, because it is Xiao Liang treasure!”

“It true, Big sister, you should help Xiao Liang.”

The gentle children voices, with anxiety and restless, she seems to be the only person who could help the group of children. While Xiao Liang, his pair of rabbit eyes showed angry glance.

Pursing her lips, Feng Xiao Ling stands up and run toward the front door of the orphanage, “I go to look for it once more.”

Although she dreaded to see Han Yue Yi again, but in order to find the ball, the only way is coming back to the villa to search for it.

Ring the bell, there is no response. Feng Xiao Ling steadfastly to press the bell once again, it still no response.

My God, it is not her ability to climb up the wall. Once she flashing back the incident being caught by the owner this morning, she can’t help herself but shivering. But once she thought about Xiao Liang with redden eyes, Feng Xiao Ling only can accept her fate to climb up the wall once again.

The garden is so quiet, with the dark sky, it perfectly different from daytime which so beautiful, moreover it feels strange. Gulping her saliva went through her throat, suddenly Feng Xiao Ling humming a song to encourage herself: “Amen, there is vineyard in front, a tender, a verdant land is sprouting, the snail carrying heavy shell, step by step climb…

This is one of old song, singing and singing, she really afraid so she calms down her emotions gradually by singing. Silent garden, gently waft her singing.

Sweet soft voice, this is kind of very special song, even the articulation is unclear, even the beat is not perfect but it really… nice to hear…

Who! Who is singing?

Han Yue Yi who sitting inside villa paused, hurried put down his pen, running from his room toward the door.

The voice that he yearning for, looking for, no matter what it takes, he should get that voice, unexpectedly it is so close from him.

Getting closer…more and more getting closer, the voice is getting closer and clearer.


His hand slammed the door to open, he looked hard to his garden and found out a girl is searching something in his garden.

The sound of opening the door, shocking Feng Xiao Ling. She raised her head follow the sound, accidentally seeing a man who is scared her to death.

This kind of situation, it should be called—caught-red handed.

“Han…Mr. Han, really sorry, because I haven’t find the ball… so I think I need to search it once more…I, I had tried to press the bell, but there was no response, so I, climbed the wall.” More she said more her voice become softer till alike whispering, and her head become lower and lower.

He approached her, step by step, looking at that small black forehead. During the day, when she was speaking, he didn’t feel something special with her voice, he even didn’t notice of it, the person he looking for, is her.

But—-once this sounds become singing voice, strangely it becomes so attractive. It feels having magic, it as if has something that unstoppable to take people attraction.

“Finally… I found it.” A hint of smile on his lips, he exposed his gentle smile.

It is, I found it. Then, he wanted to use her voice, to feed his hungry soul.

“Do you like speak to others by head down?” He is in really good mood asked.

“No…No. usually I have also… head high when speaking with others.” She talked without rhyme or reason, what to do? She really wants to turned back and run!

The silence of atmosphere, suddenly there is warm temperature coming, Feng Xiao Ling become aware and uneasy.

“Do you understand to read music score (music sheet)?” As if Han Yue Yi flew from sky asked her.

She stared blankly then nodding, even though she not really understood with his question.

“It really good that you are understand it.” He said, then he pulled her hand.

Her body is seriously shivering. He… he pulled her to where? In her mind, it hard not to think the scene inside the MV, the demon mouth filled with fresh blood, then unstoppable laughing…

Feng Xiao Ling, her imagination run wild, her body is wet with cold sweat. Don’t… don’t say because of her selfishness and interlude, get into his private villa, so he silently wanting to ‘dispose’ her.

“Mr. Han, that… hurting or harming someone would violate the law.” She licked her lips, trying to remind other party of legal awareness, “Furthermore… if the circumstances are serious, you will go to jail… your current future is bright, so bright, so that there is no reason for you to abide the law.”

Han Yue Yi footsteps paused. This girl still blabbering so much nonsense, but strangely and outrageous, unexpectedly he hasn’t thrown her out through window.



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  1. Hmm, although i kind of sing when i want to lighten my mood, i do it in my own territory, who does that when you are trespassing? Its like you’re hoping to be caught. -_-

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