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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 51

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Chapter 51 The Fantastic Morning Market Fair

Searching for such long time, there is no girl that could move his feeling. Even the beautiful Fei Yan only match to admire and be friend only1]. He even thought he won’t never get married forever, and also never think to like anyone, moreover talking about love. Never come cross to his mind is…

Quietly Ye Che thought about it, while waiting for Long Mo Er.

Under the helplessly circumstances he married, still at the last beyond redemption2] he is deeply attracted by this bizarre girl. It might destiny! Fated3], finally two people are destined together.

“Alright, let’s go!” Long Mo Er said to Ye Che.

Ye Che looking at her, admiring the way she disguise herself wearing green dresses and skirt, looking at her, she is filled with lively energy. She is very active and not even losing her naive nature. She puts similar color of headband, making her even possessing natural grace on herself.

“You are very beautiful.” Ye Che praising her while his eyes showing smiling expression.

Lu Qun who also followed them, standing beside Long Mo Er, not slipping through anything, she able to see Ye Che’s twinkling eyes, she can’t help not to smile.

“Let’s go?” Long Mo Er feels little embarrassed.

Ye Che holding Long Mo Er hands and then said: “Let’s go!” Since yesterday, holding her hands seems to be habit for him, it just so naturally.

Long Mo Er is shy and lowers her head, her hand held by him.

Going out from the Ye’s residence front door, she sees there is no horse carriage. Long Mo Er curious then asked: “Today we are not using the horse carriage?”

“Hm… Because it still early in the morning, we can slowly having walk to there, conveniently seeing whether there is new things or not. If you are tired, I can summon the horse carriage.” Said Ye Che who is showing his consideration.

“Oh, no need. I am not tired.” Long Mo Er anxious answered.

She doesn’t want to use horse carriage, walking seems more fun! On that way she even can have window shopping.

Time is still so early, the market not really crowded. The traders and sellers are preparing to display their stuffs in their own booth/stands, while shouting “sell”. There are also people who leisurely and carefree walking in every corner and looking things.

The restaurant and wine shop are also wide open their door, greeting the customers.

“I never thought that there will be so crowded in this early morning.” Long Mo Er is excited.

Lu Qun who followed at back also feel same, it really something fresh.

“Today is the first day of Morning Market, everyone is coming to enjoy bustling scene, so there will be more people coming here.”

“Morning Market?” this is the first time Long Mo Er heard it, so she is not really understand.

“Morning market is the early morning market fair, it is the day which has been set before, the commoners are taking their stuffs which is not use anymore, taking out their foodstuffs, coming to this morning market in order to exchange with money or others stuffs that they need.” Ye Che gave detail explanation.

“It also part of business that we do, which is our money and things circulation.”

“Oh it is.” After listened to Ye Che explanation, Long Mo Er is understood little bit.

“I feel so grateful! For the first time I go out this early morning, I even can enjoy market fair, it really amazing! After I know you, there are lot of miracle and unbelievable things happen in my life.” Before Long Mo Er finished her words, she paused for moment, then said: “But, the feeling is not bad!”

After Ye Che heard the way she said, it just gave him a hint that, actually he is the person who experiencing many strange things in his life after meeting her! But, he is still happy to heard what she said.



1] 知 zhi 己 ji 而 er 已 ji : close friend, to know one self.

2] 无 wu 可 ke 救 jiu 药 yao : no antidote that possible to cure (idiom), beyond redemption

3] 命 ming 中 zhong 注 zhu 定 ding : fated (idiom) decreed by fate


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