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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 2

The second chapter also filled with many funny things. First part will tell about how Feng Xiao Ling felt after being caught by Han Yue Yi.

Well, compare to “others” who dare to offend Han Yue Yi, her punishment quite light but still very torturing.

Feng Xiao Ling exhausted mentally and physically.

Chapter 2

Part 1 (One)

Sing and sing from one to other songs, Feng Xiao Ling is singing until she felt as if her throat might cripple.

Even normally she likes to sing in KTV, but she never sing in this way, even if she were Iron-woman, she won’t able to withstand it.

But the things that she found out mystically is Han Yue Yi, he played as if nothing could matter him, he has played the piano for such some time already, but there is no slightest weary shown by him, he looked alike someone who enjoying delight meals, refreshing and enjoyable.

“Mr. Han…” One song has come to ended; Feng Xiao Ling cowardly opened her mouth.


“Can I take a rest for while?”

He looked at her, and then he nodded his head.

She feels sighted of relief, she felt little thirsty, “Pardon me, can I have a glass of water?” Well, since she has been singing for quite long time, she has wasted much her saliva.

Han Yue Yi raised his slender fingers, pointing at the water dispenser which located at the corner of the room.

No paper cups, it only a water dispenser and few drinking glasses. Feng Xiao Ling deliberately takes one, she poured some water in the cup and she opened her mouth wide then began to drink mouthful.

For the moment, inside the room no sound, silent, the only sound that could be heard only her sound of swallowing the mineral water.

After she finished her third glasses, she just realizing Han Yue Yi is sitting on sofa without anyone knows when he sat on it while his eyes directly looking toward her.

Feng Xiao Ling feeling awkward and nervous then her face turned rosy, her hand which holding the drinking glass weaken.

“Tell me, why you able to have such kind of voice?” He frowned and murmured, suddenly the room being silent. He used his right hand’s back to support his chin, leaning his body against the slanting end of the sofa.

“Huh?” she ineffable, “Is my singing voice really so bad, hard to hear?”

“Bad?” His low-tone laughing voice, he deliberately humming a song which familiar to Feng Xiao Ling.

“Do you know this song?”


“I also can sing that song. That time, when I was singing this song first time in KTV, Hui Hui stubbornly wanting to record it, then she even uploaded it in internet.” She tried to recall her memories, while she speaking, she straight-up her nose inhale the oxygen.

Is it? That’s why he unintentionally heard from the internet, this song.

“Sing it once again.” Said Han Yue Yi.

“Aiya?” She is blinking her eyes.

“Sing it once again, I want to hear it.”

Even though she not really understands of what he said, after all she has sung many songs, singing one more song won’t hurt anyway and she doesn’t care anymore. Feng Xiao Ling inhale her breath deeper, she opened her mouth then continue to sing this familiar song.

Gently stroking your cheek, my tears, when I raised my head, looked at you, it only your cold iced smile, give me a kiss, it is the first but also the last…”

(Song Lyric)

A gentle singing voice sounded and flew inside the room.

Han Yue Yi obsessed listen the song.

He—-this time the voice isn’t heard a like robot sound anymore, but it does like a lively human who sing it, in front of him, this song enough to entice him, this singing voice.

Unknowingly stood up, he walked up to her front and gently lifted up his slender finger.

His slim slender finger raised and touched her small neck carefully, her voice suddenly stopped.

“Keep on singing.” His breath sprayed on her forehead.

Come on!

How to keep on singing ah? Feng Xiao Ling back is chilling said : “Mr. Han, What are you…”

“You have a small neck.”

“Is… Is it?”

“Very small as if my one hand is more than enough encircling it.”

Perhaps it because he has too big hands! But Han Yue Yi next action makes Feng Xiao Ling head suddenly numb. His slender fingers suddenly wrapped at her neck, with no trace of gap, “See, it really wrap well.”

This kind of action, if in the movie scenes, normally kind of killing gesture in order to prevent people to divulge a secret.

Feng Xiao Ling face turned white pale. She shouldn’t offend him at the first place; furthermore she shouldn’t let him to do criminal action, right? At the most, her mistakes, she only got into his garden only twice.

At this moment, he does similar like devil in the (Hong Se Yu Wang / Red Desire), more certain to say, it exactly to call the similarity of the western demon which called the blood sucker devil, ‘Vampire’, who want to suck human blood till it dried.

In her mind, she could not help herself but to flash back all the scenes that she saw before in (Red Desire) MV, she remembered her interpretation of the devil, that devil which absolutely she scared so much.

“You… what do you want to do?” She so afraid once he put little strength on his hand, then her little life will say good bye to her.

“You say?” His cheek brushed gently against her face. This kind of small neck, as if he put little bit of strength, it will be broken easily, but inside it, there is a voice that he obsessed with.

“You… You please not to do stupid thing, there is law in this society, and moreover you are famous person which known by world, it worthless…ugh, to commit such mistake.” She really couldn’t sense or feel his ambiguous action toward her, all her attention focused on his hand which wrapped on her neck.

He… he won’t think to suck her blood, right!

“Keep on singing the song till it ends, I want to hear it.” He murmured, but his forehead prop to her forehead.

Similar smiling gesture, similar icy lonely glances, he—-just similar to the devil, a devil which walk out from inside the MV.


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