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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 2.2

Chapter 2

Part 2 (Two)

She wants to escape after facing this man; she finally understood the atmosphere of the MV, and then her whole body shivering because of fear.

Although she in her heart perfectly understood it was MV, although she understood he only acted as devil, but this just too real for her, furthermore the fear feeling, shivering her whole body and didn’t disappear.

In front of Feng Xiao Ling, she has biased Han Yue Yi as the devil already. The hand that wrapped her neck more and more tighter squeezing, she swears, next time she should make a habit, asking for permission from the owner before get into someone garden.

“I still want to hear it.”

“Mr. Han…”

“Sing it for me; only sing it solely for me.”


“Sing it….sing….”

His face is getting closer and closer, at the moment she felt as if the vampire in front of her wanted to monopolize the victim, exposed that kind of smile gesture, and then open the mouth, showing the fangs as if he wanted to suck dry the living person blood…


For a while she could even hear her own soft voice. Her hand wanted to grab something, care not about three seven are twenty one (the actual situation), she firmly grab on something then smashed it to man in front her, it feel as if she wanted to get rid the fear feeling by smashed it!


A moment, silent….

She could feel that hand which wrapped her neck loosen up.

Initially that pair of eyes in pipe dream and showed lonely ice sight which suddenly turned into shocked glance because disbelief, then, it showed kind of sight which enough to frost freeze someone to death.

“You—–Han Yue Yi is glaring straight forwardly to his front person, and then his body slowly sliding down to floor.

“I don’t mean it!” She hurried thrown the weapon she used to attack—- a white jade of small lamp be thrown to beside. Heaven knows, the reason of her impulsive action for moment, grabbing the white jade lamp and smashed into his head.

“Name, your name.” His eyes sight, as if the wild beast glaring and marking his prey.

Feng Xiao Ling stepped backward for few steps, she being afraid to the point she couldn’t say anything, the only thing she could do utmost, shaking her head.

“Don’t think to escape, I will…. able to catch you.” His hand locked her wrist, and then he closed his eyes, heavily falling on the floor.

As if her wrist being deathly locked, even weight of him able to downfall Feng Xiao Ling who also follow him to fall down on the floor.

She crawled with her hand while the other hand was on his nose, make sure whether he still breathing or not, once she certain he still breathing normally, she looked at his head and then she found out one big swollen bruise, no bleeding, she sighed of relief.

“Sorry, I am so sorry, I really didn’t mean it, I swear, I never take thing like this before and hit others, at the most, I did ever kill few of cockroaches.” At the end she sincerely apologizes. And then she starting to try and break apart Han Yue Yi fingers which locked to her wrist.

But unfortunately his hand hooks tightly into her wrist, simple to say it almost able to crush her bones.

Feng Xiao Ling is trying to use up the spirit of Sun Yat Sen (The father of country), trying hard to release her wrist from his fingers.

At the time when she finally completely free, she has already sweats lot, looking at her poor wrist with red silt on surface.

Stood up, she gave a glance to the body of man who lying on the floor, because she could not stand for her soft heart plus her guilty feeling, she bent down, her pair of hands inserted through his armpit then using all her power, she dragged him and place to sofa.

One petite girl with 158 cm heigh, while other party is man with height more than 180cm, it shown as if old cow towing broken car to move forward.

“Woahhhh, it really couldn’t be real, this thin and slim body can be such heavy ah?”

“That year when I was running for 800 meters, I didn’t feel this kind of tired.”

“Mr. Han, It because I need to place you on sofa then I “hug” you, I am so certain that not flirting on you.”

“His waist…if look little bit detailed, he has slim body with wide-broad of shoulders, does this is the legendary “triangle” of body shape?


At the time when Feng Xiao Ling has placed Han Yue Yi on the sofa, she was running out her breath while she has touched enough of his body. After she observed him, she got conclusion, this man body shape really—-very good.

Once again she looked at the man whom eyes closed; Feng Xiao Ling couldn’t help herself for trembling.

Meanwhile he hasn’t gained his conscious, she better escape! Otherwise, she would be…ugh, becoming dead-meat!

Feng Xiao Ling promised herself, she never want to encounter types of person like this man who could make her whole body nonstop shivering and trembling.

But fate always works in another way; very contradict to one’s wishes.

Perhaps, she should go to make an apology, after all she is the person who hit him until he was losing his consciousness. But… every time someone tries to turn back, she has so ostrich thoughtful, passes another few days la, at least wait for her gathered up her courage, during that time she might go….

“Xiao Ling, there are honored guests in meeting room, you bring two glasses of cold beverage inside!” Said Hua Jie who is a secretary, busying pulling at her.

“Me?” She puzzled. Usually this kind of job, pouring drink for guest is work of Hua Jie especially if honor guest.

“These two honorable guests suddenly appeared, so that…ugh, I need to inform and get our boss first.” Said Hua Jie, made up an excuse. The real reason why she is not able to withstand inside the meeting room was ‘The atmosphere’ which so gloomy, so that there no help for her to stay any longer there.

Feng Xiao Ling nodding her head, showing she understands, and then she walking into pastry, bring out two glasses of ice drink and walking inside the meeting room.


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