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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 2.2

Chapter 2

Part 2 (Two)

“Why do you need come by your own only to find that girl, if the reason you want to give her lesson, you totally can ask other to do so. Why you need to come and topple the company, as for you to do so, is it something so easy, right?” Inside the meeting room, Sai Ye said uncomfortable.

After all reality of Han was being hit until losing his consciousness by stranger, this thing, if leaked out, being afraid no one would believe on it. While he, Han had spent one full day only to find out the “criminal” who might one of this record company’s employee.

Sai Ye begin to pity on that person who name and surname unknown and praying for that person, because there is no person live after hurting Han, furthermore she is only an ordinary girl.

“I don’t have any interest in topple or whatever the company.” Han Yue Yi leisurely sat on sofa chair.

“So what is your purpose coming to here?”

“I come to get her!” In his deep tone, there is an implicit meaning.

“What?” Sai Ye shocked.

“She has the voice that I want. So that, I want to get her, no matter it takes.” He spoke as if everything would do fine for him, no matter the risk of it.

“Are you saying…do you mean that singing voice?” whatever he said, only both of them do understand the meaning of their conversation.

“That’s right.” Said Han Yue Yi.

“No wonder…” Sai Ye murmured. Or else based on Han character, he never won’t troublesome himself only to find someone especially a girl.

Knock knock! After two times of knocking door sound, the meeting room door is opened, someone with petite figure is coming and pouring two glasses of cold beverages.

Han Yue Yi eyes suddenly brighten up, his mouth raised up making arc.

The girl lifted her head up, at the time she raised her head she saw person in front of her, her small face slowly turned rosy because of nervous.

Heaven, how could it be Han Yue Yi?

Feng Xiao Ling senses nothing unless being numbed, her intuition told her to turn—leave!

“It’s coincides.” Said the other party, directly paused all her movement. Han Yue Yi stood up, straight forwardly walking to Feng Xiao Ling front, he smiles looked at her.

Come on!

This sentence should she the one who said it! Feng Xiao Ling promises herself, once she gets out from the door, she should pay good attention when watching Huang Li1], “Are you guys—-Hua Jie honorable guests?

“Is there any other people?” Found it! Finally I found her!

The debt-collector is coming and seeking to front door2], she afraid there’s only one reason for this situation, and now she perfectly understood the feeling of those people who played as murdered victim.

“Mr. Han…still…ugh…”

“Sai Ye!” Sai Ye is standing beside him after his name being called.

“And Mr Sai Ye, you guys…, Hello.” She stuttered and her face turned white.

“You are this company employee, right.” Said Han Yue Yi.

“………Uhm.” When she pouring the cold beverages, her hand couldn’t stop from trembling, “Mr. Han today your purpose coming here…. Is it to compose song for our singers?”

“I don’t have any interest on this matter.” He showed unpleasant expression while looking at her shivering hands. This girl, how could she being so afraid of him and showed this obviously?

“Do you have anything to say to me?”

“Ah, what to say?!” Her expression resemble to the little white rabbit which just got electric-shock.

“You say!” He narrowed his eyes.


She hardly gulps her saliva through her throat.

Aiya, his eyesight, she who has chicken heart still in shocked. Well, head out it still a knife, withdraw the head still a knife3], so better for her to sincerely apologize him.

“Mr. Han, regarding…ugh, regarding last time, that night incident, I did not mean it, I swear, I did took that lamp but gently touched it on you.”

“Gently touched it?” He frowned.

“What? Han, so she was the person who smashed you until faint?” Said Sai Ye who was stayed beside Han Yue Yi moreover he dared not to believe, this little white rabbit which also an ordinary girl who in front of him dared to smash Han until he losing his conscious.

Feng Xiao Ling keeps on gulping her saliva! Heaven knows, she really hopes to faint automatically now, “I did really…ugh, gently touched, moreover I really have good control of my strength, Didn’t… I didn’t hit until the lamp broken.”

“O?” His laughing voice rise one octave, and then he walked closer and closer to her, at the same time her heart beat faster and faster.

“Other things, I did also place you on sofa, making you to have…very comfortable lying position.” She tried for once again to attempt alleviating her crimes, she totally didn’t pay attention to Sai Ye Who stayed beside this time. He changed his expression from boring to laughing.


“So you of course…” She lifted her head up; still trying to fight for setting free from her crime, but because of suddenly extremely good-looking face showed so close in front of her, she shocked and her shaking hand…


The sound of the cold beverage spilled out quite loud in quiet meeting room for ears.

The light colored clothes covered with brownie stains of the beverage, not only the clothes, face, hair and even several places are damp.

OMG! This girl, doomed!

Sai Ye couldn’t help himself for pitying Feng Xiao Ling because her horror moment would start later on.

“Ah! Sorry…I am so sorry, I don’t intend to! Your face was too close with my face, I…I…I…” Feng Xiao Ling showed almost crying expression.


1] 黄Huang 历 Li : Almanac or calendar is an annual publication that includes information such as weather forecasts, farmers’ planting dates, tide tables, and tabular information often arranged according to the calendar. Astronomical data and various statistics are found in almanacs, such as the times of the rising and setting of the sun and moon, eclipses, hours of full tide, church festivals, and so on. (check on wiki)

2] 债Zhai 主 Zhu 找 Zhao 上Shang 门Men : The creditor is coming and seeking to front door (idiom)

3] 伸Shen 头 Tou 是Shi 一Yi 刀Dao,缩Suo 头Tou 也Ye 是Shi 一Yi 刀Dao : head out it still a knife, withdraw the head still a knife, this mean no matter what decision or movement is taken, the result just same. It also has similar meaning with whether live or die it same.


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