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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 2.3


Chapter 2

Part 3 (Three)

What to do? All his entire body covered by beverage stains, moreover he has such scary look, he looked as if he wanted to punch someone.

Last time sin hasn’t clearly counted, and now added another crime, so currently she has two crimes needed to responsible. Even though he wants to punch her till death, it still won’t enough.

Han Yue Yi didn’t show any expression when seeing at Feng Xiao Ling.

He didn’t do anything, from beginning to the end, the person who being afraid of him was her, the person who shivering also was her, and the person who was starting to cry also her.

“Shut up!” He said impatiently.

She tried hard.

“Not allow to drop any tears.” He dislikes seeing her crying appearance, simply to say ugly.

“O.” She hurried to hold back her tears and wipe those already out.

“I didn’t do anything toward you from the beginning, the clothes is already dirty then let it be dirty.” His ten fingers are spreading wiping his damp hair of his forehead.

Is it all?! Sai Ye who has been beside was dumbfounded. Han didn’t punch the girl who stood in his front half to death, or thrown her out from 26th floor from window, but… he just saying these calmly?

Joy and reckless action, it similar to lazy leisure black panther, with it gorgeous and grace appearance, still hidden it dangerous character and nature.

Feng Xiao Ling stared blankly to Han Yue Yi, based on how he spoke, he means—-he has forgiven her?

He—-indeed one good person! She shouldn’t because of MV then become so biased on judging him. Snuffling her nose, she tried to gather her courage said: “I, I help you to clean this stain!”

She spoke while looking for tissues; Han has been deliberately wipes his clothes with his hands.

“No need.” He swings his hand.

“If you not wipe it clean now, wait until the clothes dried, the stain would be difficult to clean up.” She said by grabbing his clothes.

“I said no need! If it can’t be clean after being wash then, just thrown it away.”

“But your clothes look as the expensive clothes, being thrown such waste.”

Two persons, one is pulling and other is pushing, it makes “plakplakplak” sound for few times, the dark color buttons finally detached.

The dark color of buttons is falling down on the floor. The initially clothes are covered his body, now it is exposing half of his body, exposing his collar bone and his chest.


Feng Xiao Ling mouth half opened, she starting felt shortness of her breath. His current appearance is more than enough to make women to do crime.

While Sai Ye who was on there, he was enjoying such scenery, it has reached the scene of completely stripping state. Strip… stripping clothes! Never thought there is a girl who dared to strip Han.

“I…I don’t intend of!” Hurried Feng Xiao Ling said. My God, if this keeps on continuing, she could nose bleeding. Even… she really afraid of him, but this doesn’t mean she could resist the “aesthetic” in front of her.

“I know.” He wiped glance of her.

“Mr. Han, Mr. Sai, Sorry to make you guys waited for so long.” Ou Ka Li pushed to open the meeting room door, only walking two steps, the view of his front, totally dumbfounded him.

His… what has his employee done to his honor guests? The in front scenery is similar to live raping scene. Han Yue Yi not only mess but his clothes have dropped down to floor, the fragrance spreading from his wide shoulders to air. While the culprit, pair of her hands are touching his naked chest, as if wild wolf preparing to attack his prey sheep.

“Feng Xiao Ling, what have you done?” Ou Ka Li hard to imagine gloom future he might have. His hopes for this Gold Master (Boss/someone who has status or power) for his company, his future hopes! The beauty scenery of work contract, suddenly it dimmed.

“Lao Da…” The culprit who has tears on her eyes turned, pathetically said: “What to do?”

What to do? Only heaven knows.

Ou Ka Li really have mood to straggle Feng Xiao Ling to death!

“Mr. Han, I really apologized to you about what happen, if you really need to have any compensation, please say.” At the same time inside the meeting room, silently Ou Ka Li praying that his in front of Gold Master won’t seething in anger1].

While the person who stood beside Ou Ka Li is Feng Xiao Ling, showing innocent look, staring dumbfounded with messy appearance while Han showed expressionless still with composure attitude.

“Xiao Ling, quickly apologize!” Ou Ka Li reminded her.

Her soul back to her body, she quickly bent down 90 degree, “Sorry…I am so sorry, Mr. Han, for what have happened just now…all was my fault, I hope you don’t, don’t , don’t, put into your heart.”

It clearly simple apologize statement, but all the words came out from her mouth was stammering.

“Are you asking forgiveness from me?” Han Yue Yi is staring straight forward to Feng Xiao Ling.

“…..right.” She is gritting her teeth but still shivering.

“Said it again.”

“Sorry…I am so sorry, Mr. Han, for what have happened just now…all was my fault, I hope you don’t, don’t , don’t, put into your heart.”

“Said it again.” His hand is folding front of his chest, while his vision line stopped on her trembling body.

She only could keep on continuing to follow the order, said: “For what have happened just now…all was my fault, I hope you don’t, don’t , don’t, put into your heart. I beg for your forgiveness.”

“Said it again.”

My God, how many times she needs to say? Feng Xiao Ling mouth stuttering, her pair of eyes keep on looking down to floor, and said: “Mr. Han, for what was….”

Not waiting her to finish her words, suddenly he come closer to her, directly seeing into her eyes, “Are you scared of me?”


1]  怒Nu 发 Fa 冲Zhong 冠Guan : hair stands up in anger and tips off one’s head. (idiom)


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