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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 52

Long Mo Er got first gift from Ye Che!

Can anyone guess what he gave her?
The black pearl bracelet?

ah~ Let’s found out what special things he gave her for the first time after admitted “She is my Wife, belong to me and I am her Husband” XD

case rouge

Chapter 52 The Rouge Makeup Case1]

At this time, a middle age woman who prettily make up suddenly appeared, obstructing their way. Standing in front of them and said: “Does this is the Third Young Master of Ye’s family?”

Ye Che and Long Mo Er are stopped, looking at the woman.

Looking Ye Che held Long Mo Er hand, the woman asked: “Who is she?”

Ye Che is not directly answered the woman, he looked at Long Mo Er, and then gives her deep sight. This sight just making Long Mo Er felt little bit uneasy; she worried how Ye Che would give the answer.

The Bi Xiao Xuan of Uncle Tong also ever asked this kind of question, so would Ye Che hesitate?

What was the meaning of his eyes sight?

She was so scared to hear what she did not want to hear, Long Mo Er tried to avoid Ye Che sight, she is thinking to pull her hand from his.

“She is my wife.”

Shocking? Excited? Or it is touching? Once Ye Che said, Long Mo Er did not even knew how to reacts about it, confusing with this kind of mood.

He said she is his wife.

Does this mean he is accepting her, admitting her?

Didn’t this also mean that he not that repel and hate her as the first time, on the day they married?

“So this is Third Young Madam! No wonder really match standing beside with Third Young Master! An ideal couple2], really perfect couple made by heaven3]!” Said that woman put her smile.

Long Mo Er was in state of complicated mood, regarding to what the woman praised on her, she not really listened. While Ye Che and Lu Qun seem not to miss even one word of the woman, moreover they were even waiting for the next lines of the woman.

Not as Ye Che thought, the woman just aiming to her the main purpose.

“Young Madam has very good skin! I sell this makeup rouge powder for such long time, but never seen any who has such beautiful skin as Young Madam! Just exactly two days ago I got this new makeup product, this product is made from the best ingredients, the color of this makeup rouge powder is match with Young Madam skin, the result must be best. How about Third Young Master buy it for third young madam!”

“Bring it out, let me to take a look.” Ye Che hurriedly said.

The woman is taking and choosing few colors from the shelf, she gave all to Ye Che so he could examine.

From the color and luster, it really a good stuff. Ye Che didn’t say anything, just asking the woman to wrap all the stuffs.

“Hehehe, Third Young Master is really considerate person!” The outspoken and straightforward Ye Che, making the woman hard not to lift up her mouth’s corner. It seems her first trade in the morning is easy deal, she even earn more.

After the stuff wrapped and hand over to Lu Qun, the woman said: “Since Third Young Master is so generous, how about purchase this Makeup Case and Box for young madam! Beside it can use the case as storage for makeup product, it also make the rouges convenient to use.”

“A Box?” Lu Qun opened her mouth, she is not really understands why the rouge need such things as Case and Box!

“What kind of Makeup Box? let me see it.” Said Ye Che.

It is so obvious that Ye Che has kind of interested in her Makeup Box, the woman is bringing out the gold color case, giving it to Ye Che.

“This Box named Shu Zhuang Yan Zhi He.”

Note :

1] 梳 Shu 妆 zhuang胭 yan脂 zhi盒 he : 梳妆 shu zhuang literally means Makeup while胭脂 yan zhi means Rouge (in french it means RED but in here the word is used for describe cosmetic product such as blush on) while 盒he means case/Box

2] 郎Lang 才Cai 女Nv 貌Mao : Talented man and beautiful women (idiom), an ideal couple

3] 天Tian生 sheng 一 yi 对 dui : couple who were made for each other, a perfect couple.


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