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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 2.4


Chapter 2

Part 4 (Four)

“…………….I am not.” Even she said that she didn’t scare of him but her gesture was showed the opposite.

“Is it true?” He lowered his head until he reached same level with hers.

Terrifying! Being glared by such eyesight, she felt as if a prey which being marking by the predator, or precisely wild beast preparing to swallow her alive. Without she realized, she gulping her saliva through her throat, Feng Xiao Ling could not help herself to stop flashing inside her brain those scenery of “Bloody Desire” MV which she had deep impression of the devil image: entire body covered with black robe, narrowed eyes with bursting light, compare to her front… perfectly similar.

Then, she could see slender fingers lifted, from above her head toward her ears…

“No!” Her entire body is trembling.

“Indeed afraid of me.” He withdraws his hand.

“Sorry…So sorry!” She apologized since her manner seems to be so impolite just now.

“Why afraid?” he asked.

“Because the MV, blood and killing people…” OMG, what she said now? Didn’t she need to beg forgiveness from him, apologizing? It seems she was straying from the topic?


“Red Desire…. Really palpitations, so…”

“Hm… you have seen that ah.” He lowered his vision line as if has thoughtfully for it. Did that MV such scary? He didn’t feel the MV such scary things, for him to say, that MV was so ordinary, because he never tried it before, that’s why he did it, tried once. But after that, when he found that MV has huge difference with his imagination and not interesting at all, he no longer want to shoot MV again.

“Sai Ye, did I really scary in that MV?” Han Yue Yi turned to look at his best friend.

“Some in times you might give chilling feel for people.” Sai Ye towered. Towards this girl attitude, Han grows interesting. He even could feel Han cares too much with this girl expression whether she dislikes or afraid of him.

“If you want someone stop to afraid of you, the best method is to keep that person on your side for 24 hours. As long as she get used being with you, naturally she won’t afraid of you.” Sai Ye casually said.

Han Yue Yi lifted his mouth corner hinting faint smile, “Hmm, it indeed good idea.”

He smiled! Feng Xiao Ling shocked seeing his face plaster with smile, she totally did not know her future decision is determining by his smile.

“CEO Ou, I can consider to have collaboration with your company.” Han Yue Yi turned his body looked at Ou Ka Li.

“What… What?! Mr. Han, are you willing to have collaboration with us?” Ou Ka Li seems to be influenced by Feng Xiao Li stuttered, but his stuttering not because fears, more because he feels so excited.

“Oh yes, I always compose song freely and none of the company or singer ever have objection.”

“Good! No problems and thanks to you!” The mountain road twists around each new peak1], a biscuit fall from heaven, and these kinds of thing really happen in real. Originally, his face darken as if being dirty by ash, covered by mud but after that the color changed to bright red because excitement.

“But in the work contract I want to add an article, in the process of composing the song, she should be my private secretary who staying 24 hours in my side!” Han Yue Yi raised his slender finger pointing at dumbfounded Feng Xiao Ling.

“Of course there won’t be any problem.” Ou Ka Li has been early filled with happy mood, so he cares no with whatever the conditions.

“Lao Da!” Feng Xiao Ling yelled.

At this time there such useless calling for Emperor, “If you think she is good, just use her as you please.” Ou Ka Li generously said.

“Ng.” Towards this kind of guarantee, He perfectly satisfied.

“I…. I don’t want!” She gathered her courage, trying her best to make protest. Even though…he perhaps one good person, even though… she doesn’t think to offend her company, but still she afraid of him! If she should stay 24 hours in his side, she doomed!

No one pay attention to her, Ou Ka Li has getting into the work contract contains, “Mr. Han, this time company hope to launch new album for this May, so I hope you can compose 12 songs, of course, if you possible to do so, about money and payment…”

“I don’t want!” once again she said by raising her voice one octave higher.

Perfect, this time all eyes are looking at her, giving her the attention she is seeking for, “Why not?” perhaps she shouldn’t say “any” not.


“Oh yes, what you don’t want?” Han Yue Yi leisurely asked her.

“…………” doomed! Under his vision line, she can’t utter any words out.


1]  峰Feng 回Hui 路Lu 转Zhuan : It is an idiom, the mountain road twists around each new peak literally means, an opportunity has come unexpectedly.


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