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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 3


angel-and-demon-in-one-personTo be honest it hard for me, imaging how devilish Han Yue Yi because from Feng Xiao Ling point of view, he just such scary person. Then from how the writer describe Han Yue Yi, he is someone handsome, with cold eyesight as if it could pierce into others heart, an arrogant, genius in composing song, moody, slender slim figure, white pale skin tone.

He has his own charm, hard to get close and no compassion, selfish, etc.
Ah~ all the devil and angel quality in him XD XD XD

Chapter 3

Part 1 (One)

It is huge and dim light in living room with a projector inside. The projector is playing Red Desire MV on the wide white screen.

A man is sitting leisurely in sofa, his vision line still looking at that white screen on his wall, as if he is pondering something.

“This MV, you have been watching for hundred and thousand times.” Sai Ye walking inside the living room and then turned on the light.

Han Yue Yi shut closed his eyes, all his body leaning on sofa, “I just want to know, what inside this MV which so scary for her.”

“So, have you found it?”

“Found nothing.”

Sai Ye walked inside the living room and stopped in front of wooden shelf; bring out one bottle of red wine and two wine glasses.

“Do you really care about the fear of Miss Feng about you, in reality?” He asked.

Han Yue Yi think and think, nodding his head admitting said: “Extremely care.”

“Why?” He really excited to keep on asking him, while one of his hand is giving a glass of wine to him.

Why? This matter he didn’t ever think of it before, as if asking the necessary of breathing for human, it just flow so naturally. Han Yue Yi received the glass wine and then takes little sip of wine.

“Do you really love her voice, that much?” Sai Ye asked.

“Mm….” He answered, hint fainted smile, “I like her voice but I prefer more her singing voice. I know it strange, but just love that voice, deeply fallen for it.”

“Other than her, I never heard you ever fallen for others singing voice, even for the world-class singer.”

“Sai Ye, perhaps other than this one singing voice, there won’t be another singing voice which could make me fallen this deep.”


“Obsessed, I can’t help break away. Very strange, there was a time when I was sleeping and inside my dream, I could hear my song being sung using this voice.” He lowered his head, talked to himself, “Want more, it feel never enough to hear. I want to monopolize the voice completely, making it exclusively be mine, letting her sing only for me.”

“One life only to fall one time for one kind of voice, is it possible?” Asked Sai Ye who frowning.

“Perhaps.” Han Yue Yi icy gaze leisurely glancing at the repeating MV scenes.

“Sai Ye, don’t you think inside this MV, everything just so normal?” For him, all the footage showed inside the MV, the scenes, everything so ordinary, so that he just couldn’t understand that foolish girl reason to afraid him just because this MV.

“Perhaps for you this is such normal, but for those ordinary people outside there, this might absolutely not normal.”

“Is it?”

“That’s all.” After all, The way of Han thought, not every ordinary people could understand.

Gorgeous music but at same time frost freezing song, whispering in low voice (murmuring) as magic spell that create the harmony of lyric and melody, filled the whole MV song, which incredible pulled people heart up. While the scenery that showed extinction and darkness plus as additional the music, hard to make one’s eyes move away.

Desolate, dark tone, but same time has decadent beauty feeling.

The music suddenly silent down again, after that, it is clear foot step sound.

Thump! Thump! Thump! (despair sound)!

The camera shoot elapsing time, then the footstep increasingly became clearer.

Then he wore kind of white garment, walking in camera shoot. Black colored hair, black colored eyes, black colored back, as if his white form is being taken strongly to compare.

That kind of piercing eyes contrast, able to provoke those eyes whoever seeing when the camera made zoom in.

It was a face without any expression, only silently gazing coldly to the camera lens, shocking, his lips fainted smile curve made arc, then laughter burst out.

But… was it really only a smile? Or is it….

The music flowing out, as the metal instrument sounded, penetrating into detail, hear from ear then pierce into heart.

Feng Xiao Ling hands shaking, without she realized she has already seized her clothes neck line.


Every time she sees the MV, unconsciously she would feel afraid, even she knew that it clearly only an MV, all inside it was, only was acting, fake….

This kind of music, this kind of scenery, this kind of sound…really makes her to grow such indescribable terrifying feeling.

As long as I could get you completely, if you only consent to give me 99point, while the last one point being kept, I would rather to ruin the 99 point, only want you looked at me, only want you to think of me, only want you to think and chant my name…


This kind of extreme lyric, how could there is a person who able to compose such lyric?

She could felt goose bump in her heart, faster and faster heart beat. While inside the screen, that pair of narrow eyes, as if has abstruse power to suck people soul.

Of course, once the screen turned, most of time it filled red colors in entire screen, he looked resemble to an ordinary devil, nonstop to crack down people, while the red blood line, unstoppable whirlwind into that white garment.

“Hey, why you watch this MV again, didn’t you dislike it? Her friend who live in same apartment room, Gao Hui Hui walking inside living room, asking her with weird tone.

“Nothing… nothing, suddenly I just want to re-watch it.” Once she thought tomorrow she will begin her day by staying with a man who resemble to this devil, she felt nothing except numb!

“As I heard in this MV, Han Yue Yi didn’t use any stunt, so all the movements were perfectly free done by him.” Said Gao Hui Hui.

“Was…was it? Feng Xiao Ling could feel her breath shorten, looking at those bloody things, her breath even near to stop. Was it still an angel she saw before?

This MV of him, no matter how she looked from any angle, it still—–devil! Making those who saw it would bear such dreadful feeling in heart.


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