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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 3.2


This part will tell little bit about Han Yue Yi past, about little Han Yue Yi conversation with his mom. So we will have clearer information about “devil” Han Yue Yi.

In this part, we also being introduced to Feng Xiao Ling best friends 🙂

Chapter 3

Part 2 (Two)

Elapsing, the picture repeating once again, the woman lips has been in the devil lower lips, her delicate feminine body as similar to snake, slender and supple waist, lithe body….

It could make those see the scenery blushing cheek, suddenly Feng Xiao Ling as if being contamination, her face has trace pinkish.

Even it has intense of lust touched but the killing and slaying did exist too.

Even though in the MV the woman was the one being loved by the devil, yet he still so cold, he even able slowly piercing his hand into the woman heart, and then—-ate it.

This scene represented that he———completely own her.

“Xiao Ling, I am hungry.” A voice of girl cut her imaginary, Zhao Ke Zhen no one knew when she entering the living room, she suddenly appeared in front of Feng Xiao Ling with hunger expression.

Not even to wait for Feng Xiao Ling to reply, Gao Hui Hui has stood up and walking in front of Zhao Ke Zhen, using her finger to poke her forehead, “Do you sleep from morning until now?”

“Ng, how could you know?”

Come on!

Her eyes could see her entire body is such “messy”, figure, “You, other than sleep and eat every day, what other things you can do?”

“Working.” Zhao Ke Zhen yawned leisurely.

As to be concerned, Gao Hui Hui still thought the most surprising thing; this girl still hasn’t fired by her company!

“Let me cook for Zhao Ke Zhen.” Feng Xiao Ling stood up.

This is three-room apartment, after graduating from university, she and her two best friends are living together in here. Once she thought about her two best friends, Feng Xiao Ling couldn’t help to lift her corner mouth and laugh.

Perhaps because she is an orphan, she never dares to make friends, or perhaps she afraid being rejected, so she always being alone, only herself, she silently entrenched her own space. Until one day, she met two girls who were her dormitory mates, because of lazy buying food at outside, both of them almost starving to death. During that time, she was formally trying to start made friend with them.

She still remembered, during that time when she gave them her bento, two of them ate as if the wolves down one’s food (devour ravenously).

Then after graduating from university, when she thought to live alone in small apartment, her best friends, without saying anything just moved in and decided to live together with her, on the name of: Protecting her.

At that time, finally she understood words that the head of orphanage once told her——-human, cannot live without friends!

That’s why she really grateful to God, allowing her to find and meet such wonderful best friend!

“Oh yeah, Xiao Ling, I heard news about Han Yue Yi came back to H city.” Eyes still looked at the playing MV, Gao Hui Hui then turned facing kitchen looked at her best friend.

Suddenly the hand that chopping the vegetable stopped, Feng Xiao Ling face exposed different expression which difficult to describe. Han Yue Yi has arrived early in H city, moreover the unfortunately for her is she needed to be his “private” secretary!

Obviously, her usually praying asking to be protected by God, seem wasn’t heard!

Isn’t normal? Abnormal character, abnormal response, perhaps….it’s right, he is one of abnormal person.

Crazy, introvert, distorted, all are him.

“Yue Yi? Do you know? You are too resemble to your father!” a pair of slender white hand gently stroking black hair of little boy, she spoke as if she whispering-her voice so low above that boy head.

Dream, He has been long time not dreamt anything? Why could he dream those all things again?

“Resemble to father?” That boy lifted his head, looking at his mother weak-delicate figure but gentle.

“It’s not bad… but not good too.” Mother has thought for long time, then slowly said, “As human, there is time we can’t stubborn and persistent on something, but just let it go on something, perhaps it would be kind of happiness.

“Persistent?” That boy seemed not to understanding. At that time, this word still so unfamiliar for him.

“As example, you like Di Bi very much, like to play with him, right?” Di Bi that his mother said was a black Doberman dog which pet by his family.

“Ng.” The little boy nodded his head.

“Then, how if Di Bi playing with others? What will you do?”

“Why should he likes to play with other people, doesn’t he is our family’s dog?”

“This is kind of comparison, if Di Bi not really likes playing with you, but like others more, what will you do?”

“I will lock him inside my room, locking him in the room where there’s only me who could open the door, on this way, he will only play with me.” That’s how the little boy answered his mother.

His mother because of his answered, she stared blankly for moment.

Genetic—really is something mystical things sometimes, he——–really “his” son, that’s why he could give such answered.

“But, on such way, Little Di Bi perhaps won’t be happy.” His mother kept continuing.

“I don’t care, things that I like, as long as I can own and monopolize, it will do fine!”

It true, that’s how he answers, then, his mother face showed kind of “sad” expression.

He didn’t understand, he didn’t know. Perhaps he gave his mother wrong answered.

But, so what!

His eyes slowly opened, Han Yue Yi woke up and sat on his bed, his hand touched his messy hair.

It has been long time, why he should dream that dream again? He dreamt his mother, dreamt about her miserable and sad expressions.

“Mother, you ever told me, I do look resemble father, right?” He lowered his head, said with his husky low voice to himself. From outside, the moon light get into his room through the window, his icy expression becomes more obvious, “So that, will I be ended like father? If I do really resemble to father, I think I won’t have any regret, as long as I could really obtain things I like…”

It true, he is types of the selfish man, so as long as he could get and obtain whatever he likes, no matter what it is… he wants to monopolize it.

Feng Xiao Ling is able to understand the feeling of employees who got terror. Embrace the thought of persistent mood, once again she come to the white colored villa.

Pressing the bell? This door bells seem be broken.

Climbing the wall? Today she is wearing skirt, afraid it won’t do.

At the time she is so dilemmatic, a car is coming near from far away.

“Eh, you come.” Sai Ye gets out from car, He greeting Feng Xiao Ling.

“How are you, Mr. Sai Ye.” She politely replied him.

“Oh that’s right, this villa door bell seems to be broken, Han hates people coming to interrupt him, so if you come here, just directly open the door by this key.” He said, uses the key to open the villa door then let her in.


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