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C-Novel Introduction : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人)

Novel title    : 老公是腹黑大人
Author          : 犬犬
Female lead : Ou Yang Miao Miao
Male Lead    : Kang Yu (Ai Xin Jue Luo aka prince)


“You can think Man as dog, but can you make dog to be man?”

“If in the future love rival is a dog, how can I live?”

“You have a terrible ugly hand writing, you better go home and practice, if in the future you need to sign into “my spouse” Column (Marriage certificate), I would be embarrassed.”

“Stupid, didn’t you see that I was trying to bribe my future mother in law? Such big bed you are sleeping like this, later in the future I need to buy a bigger bed so that I would be able have space to sleep!”

“Listen, You got my permission to love me. But, it should be until the hairs grow white (until death do us part) or else you don’t have any option to choose!”

In addition of above, Ou Yang Yan Yan— The twin sister of the female lead has observed Kang Yu : Big sister, Kang Yu seems to have good eyes color alike healthy yellowish clear urine, but when looked at your eyes it alike clear saliva dirt with mud eyes.

Although the way of describing are shocking, but it really so true. hence, the gorgeous female lead Ou Yang Miao Miao is abducted….

This novel might typical rom-com genre filled with many funny things.

Female lead is Ou Yang Miao Miao who is dog lover, class leader, very good in academic.

Male lead is Kang Yu who hates dog so much (because particular reason) and the poorest thing, his love rival actually is a dog.

This novel is Happy Ending. of course should HE since Azurro dislike OE or sad ending.

7 thoughts on “C-Novel Introduction : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人)

  1. sounds good!
    haha…. to think the main guy character is vying for her attention and his rival is a dog!!
    He seems to have a poisonous tongue…. says he loves her in a roundabout and rather mean way…. definitely supporting this translation project!

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