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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 3.4

Chapter 3

Part 4 (Four)

Heaven! All these clothes, all are branded and very expensive, one clothes even worth to make her vomit blood, moreover if these much. Her mouth works faster without go through her brain, said: “So if I could clean all clothes as clean as the new ones, it doesn’t need to be thrown right?”

Can’t she possible is born with maid-nature?

At this moment, other than doing her work as maid, Feng Xiao Ling also experiences living under the same roof with wolf.

For example, when the time you are eating the biscuit with smell, there will be a person who keeps on glaring into you, believe it, no matter what happen, you should swallow the biscuit directly.

Her hand still holding a biscuit, Feng Xiao Ling didn’t know when Han Yue Yi walked in front her, but he just at her front suddenly.


Shouldn’t he stay inside study room, composing a song? How could he come to living room?

“Han…Mr. Han…” She stuttered calling his name.

His dark eyes directly staring at her delicate white porcelain hand which holding biscuit, while his expression hard to guess.

Don’t… don’t say, ugh, don’t tell me that he not allowed people to eat inside his home? Feng Xiao Ling shoulders shrunken, she just felt the other party eyesight as if burning her to death.

“This biscuit…” That awesome lips are gently opened a cold voice overflow from that lip, “Is this the biscuit which you gave me yesterday, a same flavor?”

Hag?! Her pair of eyes is blinking, at the moment no reaction from her.

Han Yue Yi frowning, he asked one more time: “Is this the biscuit which you gave me yesterday, that flavor?”

“Yes…Yes ah.”

Come on! If he just wanted to ask such question, please don’t put that kind of hot eyesight, glaring directly to her hand which still holding biscuit, leading her to think as if she had done taboo things.

“Do you really like this kind flavor of biscuit?” He frowning his brows and asked her.

Feng Xiao Ling nodding her head and answered, “This biscuit really good, beside it has cute shape, the flavor also taste good.”

“Is it?” his face hint a faint of smile gesture.

“Actually, the most important, it price really cheap! Every time I buy many…ugh, as snack.” In the middle she speaks, she didn’t intend to spit out her tongue.

In his vision line, not only looking at her lips, but even her small movement, he could pay attention in detail, he also thinks she is so cute.

“Mr. Han!” Her voice called out his soul back, “If you are hungry, here I still have few biscuits, you can eat to fill your stomach for a while.”

“Really?” he bent down and slightly come closer to her.

She could smell masculine odor in her nose, Feng Xiao Ling could feel her distance with him is getting closer and closer and his handsome face, “Han…”

Her words haven’t out from mouth, but her finger which is sensitive being touched by warm thingy.

His teeth deliberately bite the biscuit which held by her hand, as if testing delicious food.

“Ah!” She shouted because surprised, hands loosen, but the biscuit perfectly entering his mouth.

“Indeed… so sweet!” He said.

My heaven, does he know that his action really such ambiguous? Still as they said those living outside country, their manner such…audacious?!

“Here still has… few… you can…take all.” Feng Xiao Ling face turned red and she became stuttered.

“Are all for me?” He looked at her rosy face, he thought she might unwillingly to give him.

She showed awkward and frenetic gestures, nodding her head quickly.

“Do you treat everyone this well?”

“Hag?” She perplexed.

“Don’t treat me well, because the “well” I want, it should only be given to be, solely.” And I hate to share with others.

“I…I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Not bother, as long as you remember, it fine.” Turned his back, Han Yue Yi is walking and going up stairs. Because he didn’t understand himself and reason why should he tell her such unnecessary thing?

Without realized, he likes more others than her singing voice, there still something in her that he wants to monopolize….


7 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 3.4

  1. I don’t like him. He’s an arrogant slob and doesn’t treat her, or anyone else, with respect. She’s also too weak and doesn’t have a spine. Are we going to see some character development?

  2. Oh…… He is falling for her! But appears she isn’t fall in love with him yet…..
    Thanks for the wonderful chapter!

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