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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人)



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Updated 2017

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A Ring that Price Equal to Tibetan Mastiffs

(The Ring)

Kang Yu and I not only studied at same junior high school, same class but we were also sharing at same table, moreover we also the legendary puppies love waves generation, Well let said we were on that sort of circumstances. We were dating for nine years, finally on 14 February 2004, Kang Yu proposed marriage to me.

Kang Yu is not Shanghainese, while my mother is typical middle-aged Shanghainese auntie who has a different mindset of seeing the difference in cultures, so my mother had strongly opposing he and I dating each others.

What to do then? Fait accompli? Elope? Forgot about it, I am not type of person who would do such foolish thing, the most I could do was “delaying” action in order to solve all problems, I hope during the time my mother would open her mind and heart.

For this matter, Kang Yu really had deep thought of it although he said there was nothing, but I knew he is type of man who cared his face utmost.

During that time Kang Yu was a trainee pilot, He was serving at one of the most leading airline for German Airline LTU company, for a pilot with Chinese-nationality, this company extremely very hard and strict, almost impossible being tenured.

Although he has been promising to give me happiness, but still my mother was waiting for his improvement.

Perhaps Kang Yu wanted to express and show his strong will to fulfill his promised completely, or he might just types of man who just wanted to protect his face, after dragging for almost one year which was February 14, 2005. He bought me a gold ring with one carat diamond which later he used to propose me again for the second time.

When I saw this one carat diamond gold ring, I could feel my brain numbed.

Or I did it because it was a Cartier brand!

“How… How much money?” I not dared to take it, there was rumbling sound in my mind, even I felt my eyes as if pierced by the shine of the diamond gold ring which could make me blind.

“It cheaper than in Shanghai, I asked my senior bought it from Switzerland, seventeen millions.”

“What?” I went crazy and almost slapped down all the food in the table.

My reaction just making Kang Yu frowning, “Do you dislike it?”

I shook my head, at that time how could I dare to say I dislike it, it just… just…

“Where was the money come from?” He still in training period, even though the salary quite high, however he still need to buy bigger house, as additional to cover the daily expenses, so how could he get seventeen millions.


“What!” This time I was crazily screaming out loud.

“You keep quiet!”

“You are moron! Borrowed money only to buy ring, and even the expensive ones, have you crashed your brain with the plane?”


“Return, faster returns it into cash! Now, immediately!” Crazily I held tightly into Kang Yu’s collar shirt.

“I will pay it back!”

“P***(cursing word), how to pay it, using your body work as Host1]!” Even though he has the look to be Host, because he is so handsome since he was young.

As it predicted Kang Yu not endured to hear what she said, his face turned darken, he showed extremely killing aura, “Just said you “Want” or “Not Want”!”

Using my analogy he was exploding to the level of Tibetan Mastiff.

“I know you want to get my mom favors, but there is really no need for it.”

“ Want or Not Want!” Kang Yu looked as if the Tibetan Mastiff that was showing it’s fang.


Persistent for about three minutes, finally I took it, because I perfectly understood him very well, although material thingy could not really represent everything but for my mother, it could serve as medicine.

But still my heart was feeling unease.

“This ring could buy some dogs…” I am dog lover since I was young.


“It could buy Tibetan Mastiffs!”

Kang Yu veins was beating and jumping.

I was unaware, seeing the flashy bling2 of the ring, continue nagging, “If not buying Tibetan Mastiff, but still able to buy at least eight Alaskan Malmutes.”

Kang Yu spoke with chilly voice, “You want dogs or you want me!”

I was immersed, calculating how many doggies I could buy with seventeen millions and Reflexively I said: “Dog…”

Kang Yu freaking angry, smashed the table.

I was shocked, then just realized I had made mistake, and I had done serious mistake which caused his anger flaming, burning to his head.

“No…I didn’t mean…aiya, you don’t leave ah!”

Kang Yu smashed to open the door, but quickly he coming back, because here his office room.

I just was about to say sorry to him but he was faster one step than me, “Go home, write hundred times that I am more important than dog, so then I will forgive you!”


“Or else, I will go and kidnap your Cai Xi, nonstop torturing it, and I will be torturing it in front of you!”

Cai Xi is my dog which I pet for eleven years, a type of German shepherd dog, My beloved lovely dog.”

“……..” so cold! What this mean, an appropriate step to solve problems2]?

but no matter how to say, this ring really worth and able to buy Tibetan Mastiffs and eight Alaskan malmutes, the ring finally able to make my mother changed her view and attitude towards Kang Yu.

On February 14, 2006, both of us officially have been dating for eleven years and Kang Yu finally became official pilot and the next day, He and I finally became husband and wife, legally.

One week later, the wedding ceremony decided on November, it said that  year was double spring, and also a decade rare good year to get married.

I born in dog year, I like dog and that year was dog year.

In dog year, I am who born under Dog zodiac, got married.

But… but…

Until today I felt little afraid to have an impulsive action that was… someday I would take the ring to pawn for cash and then I bought dog.

Still… still…

I even more afraid if Kang Yu really torturing Cai Xi.

Well, every time I see the ring, I hint myself :

‘It is one Tibetan Mastiff, it is eight Alaskan Malmutes.’

‘It is one Tibetan Mastiff, it is eight Alaskan Malmutes.’

‘It is one Tibetan Mastiff, it is eight Alaskan Malmutes.’

‘It is one Tibetan Mastiff, it is eight Alaskan Malmutes.’

Aiya… I knew this man very well.

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1] 牛niu 郎 lang : cowherd boy, but in here means male prostitute or Host
Do only read at azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot]com. Stop to read from bootleg websites.

2] 对 dui 症 Zheng下 Xia药 Yao : to prescribe the right medicine for an illness (Idiom)
Do only read at azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot]com. Stop to read from bootleg websites.


8 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人)

  1. Wow… She actually values dogs more than her husband!?
    That is bad 😦
    He is going to get so mad at her! I wonder will it end well?
    At the end, will she learn to love her husband more?
    Thanks for the prologue! 🙂

    1. Freaking mad, seventeen million diamond ring, 哈哈哈哈哈
      Of course she loves her husband, if not why she needs to wait until 9-11 years.
      Dogs just one other thing….

    1. Hi nzpieface!
      please enlighten me with what did you mean by asking me searching the terminology on the internet before translating the name into something like that?
      are you pointing at “………….” which I put in my translation or is there anything else?

      1. My bad, I didn’t think Black belly was the actual term….I should’ve spent more time reading that baidu page.


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