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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 53

Chapter 53 First Gift

“Shu Zhuang Yan Zhi He?” Ye Che put it on his hand, examine it carefully. Above the case, there is golden printed flower, the work indeed perfectly beautiful and well made. After he opened the case, he could see inside the case there are many small cases with equal size.

“Why it has so many small size cases?” he doesn’t have idea one big case has so many small cases inside it, what the function to do so.

At this moment, Long Mo Er also attracted to the cases, back to her sense. She so curious with the case when it was in Ye Che’s hand, she examined it carefully. “What kind of thing this is?”

“It called Shu Zhuang Yan Zi He, because the relation between rouge powder and dressing. It wasn’t easy for me to purchase that case from the coastal business people1] and I bought it with high price. Inside the case there are so many different size cases, big and small ones which used to put many different kind of cosmetic products and also different kind rouge color. You can see this case is different from others case, it could contain all kinds of rouge at one place, moreover it easy to carry. On ordinary days, by carrying this makeup case, Young Madam can easily to have her makeup.” The woman explained.

“So that the function! What kind of genius could think this way! It’s interesting.” Said Long Mo Er who seems to understand and thinking the case as something interesting to play with.

“Seeing how Young Madam likes it, why not Third Young Master buys it for Young Madam! Don’t miss this one or there won’t be the second times.”

“Alright, wrap it!” The woman seems not wasting her effort to explain because Ye Che didn’t make her disappointed.

“No, I don’t want the case! I might feel little bit curious of these things, normally I don’t really like to put makeup so don’t need to waste money.”

Long Mo Er has thought about it, this case indeed something rare to find, something fun. But she also understood the case price won’t be cheap, if she should spend so much money only to buy it, she really unwilling. Moreover, normally she doesn’t like to put makeup or any others similar stuffs onto her face, there is no use to buy the case! Best thing is not letting Ye Che to spend for unnecessary things.

“Young Madam ah! This isn’t about whether you like or dislike, it is two different matters. It more about you own it or not own it. These two matters are not same. You are so young and very beautiful having the case will boost Third Young Master reputation1]!” The woman could not let the hot cooked duck2] gone because of Long Mo Er’s word, so she keeps on talking, persuaded her .

“You price it! We want to buy it.” Said Ye Che after the woman stopped talking, then he turned his back, facing to Long Mo Er and said : “This Shu Zhuang Yan Zhi He is my first gift for you, so please don’t refuse it. Just think as my regard for you.”

The woman heard few words of Ye Che to Long Mo Er, she stopped talking and faster to wrap the case.

Gift? Is this case first gift that he presented for me?

He he! Long Mo Er is hugging the case and exposing her silly smile.

He might give her second gift, third gift? Long Mo Er looked at Ye Che’s face, she feels so happy.

Is this kind of feeling that big sister and Brother Leng experiencing while they are together? By silently looking at him, she could feel this happy atmosphere, quietly walking beside him feels more than enough. She seems to be understand her big sister feeling, this kind of happiness.

To perceive what she thinking, Ye Che looked at her : “ What? Does my face have something that worth you to be this happy?”

She feels as if she is a thief whom get caught, her face turn to be beet red, slowly said: “Nothing!”

“Is it all?” Ye Che jokes: “I thought more you see me, more I look handsome! Walking together with me makes you feel happy!”

“Nothing like that~!” guessed right, Long Mo Er face even redder than before.

“Ha ha!” Ye Che is so happy then he laughed loudly.

All people who are near there, listening to Ye Che happily laugh, automatically looking at them.

She could sense people looking at them, Long Mo Er panicky said to Ye Che: “Faster, don’t play anymore because we still need to go to store.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Ye Che happily said.

“Let’s we go to the front store, if you are tired or hungry, just let me know.”

“Ng.” Long Mo Er answered sweetly.

1] 光guang彩 cai : honorable, reputable

2] 煮zhu 热re 的de 鸭ya 子zi : Literally means boiling or hot cooked duck. But in here, it has similar meaning as strike while the iron is hot (take opportunity before losing the chance).


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