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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 4.1

Chapter 4

Part 1 (One)

Inside the recording room, Han Yue Yi just finished composing new song then he handed it to Feng Xiao Ling, “Have a look this song, then you sing it for me.”

“Oh.” She received the music sheet, she sees the title of the song—-(Sheng Yin/Holy Sound).

All the song that he composed, most of the lyric was written by Mr. Sai Ye, no exceptional for this one.

The song lyric is about the girl who likes being alone——–

Young girl falling in love with an angel, but the angel unable to love the young girl, only herself, because an angel love is for many people, and the angel just cannot love her, solely. The angel just too overly gentle, his gentleness just makes people and the young could feel for his warm, so it goes through for years and to decades, young girl becoming old, so before she closed her eyes, finally she able to see the angel that she loved very much for her entire life, angel coming to pick her up to heaven.

There no regret of the young girl, she falling in love with an angel, it is destined to have ended this way, even though she only gained a very small part of his million loves, still she willing to love, willing to use up all her entire life only to love the angel.

(Sheng Yin), it is the song name, holy life, gentle tunes, as if it really a song from heaven.

Inside that huge recording room, it only flowing Feng Xiao Ling’s voice. While Han Yue Yin, silently listen to the singing voice. Right after she has done with singing, the room still in silent state.

Two people stayed inside the recording room, no one break the silent atmosphere.

Eyes seems moist, as if there is something getting inside pupil, then suddenly she could feel there is warm fingers touched her face.

“Why are you crying?” Unexpectedly Han Yue Yi looked at his front person who tears unstoppable dropping down as if it is crystal clear beads from her eyes.

“This…too tragic, the young lady is obviously loved that angel but when the time of her is coming, at the edge of her time to close her eyes, she finally able to see that angel.” Then suddenly Feng Xiao Ling cried even fierce.

Stupid, it only because of a song, she crying like this, shedding tears. Stood up, Han Yue Yi walking closer to Feng Xiao Ling front, “I hate to see you cry, so ugly.”

“Of course…I…I am looked ugly because…not possess any beautiful….face just… yours.” She snuffled her nose.

“Am I beautiful?” strangely, from his mouth burst out these two words, he even not feeling disgusted when asking.

“Ng, Hui Hui and… Ke Zhen, both of them said you are good-looking.” She tried hard to stop her tears, and then she wipes out her tears.

“Who are they?” He seems to be concerned and asked.

“They are my best friend, very good very good that kind, Hui Hui can protect people, while Ke Zhen even she loves to eat and sleep, but if I meet some problems, she is the one who come first to help. Simply to say, both of them really good to me, extremely good kinds, for me they are the most important people in my life.” Once she talked about her best friend, she is stopped crying, strangely she showed kind of happy expression.

He wet his lips while looked at her, her joyous, letting him to show his unpleasant glance, “O, do they really that important?”

“Ng.” she nodding her head lower as she replied.

It not systolic blood pressure but his heart feeling uncomfortable, this kind of pain different with illness feeling, but it more similar to strong pain cause of experience. What happen, why he could have this kind of uncomfortable feeling?

Han Yue Yin expression is changed to frost freezing, his vision line, straight forwardly looking at his front girl’s little face which still has trace of tears alike crystal beads.

He hates to hear she talked about hers importance people, he hates to see her happy expression when she spoke about others people, moreover he hate her emotions stirring because of other people.

Feng Xiao Ling afraid being looked, “Mr. Han, you…”

“Even though you’re crying face absolutely ugly, but even tears, it still belong to me.” He murmured.


Her face turned red. He… didn’t he realize whatever he say such ambiguous for her? This kind of thing is more than enough to mislead others interpretations.

She still trying to open her mouth, he has already bending his waist down, his handsome face is so close to hers as if being zoom in.

Wait.. wait… what he trying to do?

Feng Xiao Ling discrepancy to think, at the moment, his lips has already sticking in her face, sucking all her tears on her face.

Face getting hotter, her body begins to tremble. Afraid? Yes, but the reason not completely because of fear. Shorten breath, leg and arm are losing strength, her body seems to be malfunction, not working as usual.

What happen to her? So strange! In front of him, she is blushing easily.

Normally, people said, blushing, because liking other party.

Does she like Han Yue Yi?

No…no way! Her prince, no matter who will be in the future, he won’t be someone as Han Yue Yi! She and he, obviously two persons of different world, right?

“Don’t…don’t like this…” She wanted to escape but her waist being hook by him, her body even stick closer to his.

His licking changed to sucking, his tongue brushed her cheek.

The squishy feeling, arose her body to shiver. Too provoke… this kind of feeling she is unfamiliar! She wants to escape.

“I…I still have things to do, pardon me, I going out!” don’t know how she gained strength, she finally manage to push him from her, and then she runs out from recording room.

Is a man? Being touched, the feeling with woman indeed different, her body still clearly remembered the feeling when her waist being touched by that strong arms, it kind of stiff.

“Xiao Ling, why are your face blushed?” Asked Hua Jie who walked from her front direction, patted her shoulders.

“Ah! I… the weather is too hot.” Feng Xiao Ling panic, hurried seeks for reason.

It seems that Hua Jie belief this excuse, “How about the progress of Mr. Han’s song?”

“He has already finished some of the songs.”

“It’s good, oh yes, today HAVVY birthday, distributing cakes, you hurry take one piece.”

“…………Okay.” Perhaps after she ate cake, it would help her to forget whatever was happen in recording room, just now. Feng Xiao Ling hurried running.

During the time when Han Yue Yi went out from recording room, at the time he searching for Feng Xiao Ling, what he saw was a happy face person, being surrounded by group of people, with everyone eating cake, such happy.

This girl, whenever she be with others, her lips smile exposure such happy expression? Heart-hurt, he felt his heart-ache again. Han Yue Yin pursed his lips tightly, he clenched fist into his palm.


4 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 4.1

  1. Best chapter so far, and I loved the story behind the song. Hope there will be more details about his songs in future chapters. I think those songs are kind of like his feelings that he can’t express, being such a cold person.

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