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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 4.2

hioChapter 4

Part 2 (Two)


Heavily he dropped his fist into the side of wall, everyone draws attention to him.

So terrifying, now all over his body as if overcast killing atmosphere, no one dares to come close to him.

All of sudden; the place is turned to be quiet and very silent. Then someone with very soft voice and carefully asked: “Mr. Han, Are you alright?”

He withdrew his hand, stretched out his tongue and licked his hand side. “Nothing.”

What kind cast of magic spell which that foolish dummy girl has, why he could feel such insecure?

Feng Xiao Ling felt as if today she has experienced being returned alive after big catastrophe.

In the company, Han Yue Yi crazily mad, showing his temper, even he didn’t hit anyone, but as long as the person not an idiot, people could see his gloomy face, he has bad mood.

While she almost chocking because of a piece of cake in her throat, after putting the cake inside her mouth, if there was no Hua Jie who gave her a glass of water, perhaps she might choke alive.

In conclusion to say, she and…Han Yue Yi are likely “eight number not suitable together”1].

That sexy white grain color of muscle, steadfast and deep facial contours, high straight nose, his whole face shown full three dimensional westerner + oriental looks. This type of man, enough to makes women overwhelmed crazy of him, once he narrows his pair of eyes, it would speed up all the heart beats.

And at the time when his lips gently brushed the cheek, it would more…

Feng Xiao Ling mind could not help but emerge to re-called all scenes happen inside recording room before, Han Yue Yi touched her face by kissed on her cheek, that scene stay strong in her memory.

Oh No!

Need to forget about it, forget it! She tried hard and desperately flings her head. Perhaps, that is kind of etiquette of people who just back from abroad.

But—-does etiquette should brush tongue onto cheek?

“Xiao Ling! Xiao Ling”

“Ah!” Her soul seems back to her body.

“What are you thinking, it there anything so serious?” Asked Sai Ye.

“No…nothing.” She is shaking her head but her face blushing.

“During this time, Han didn’t make thing difficult for you, did he?”

“Still…alright.” If not because he broke her mobile phone when they were in recording room.

Sai Ye paused for a moment, he glance then asked: “Han, this person is types of stubborn, many times before, he like to do everything freely with his own preferences or you might say, he still completely own that wild-beast nature, the ethics, morality, for him it just something not less than fart and dog shit,”

“Mr. Sai Ye, you seem to so understand Mr. Han.”

“I have known him since we were in junior high school.” That’s why regarding to Han characters and nature, he knew very well.

To be honest, Sai Ye never thought, his best friend unexpectedly grew such interesting towards this types of girl. Well, even though she looks cute, but compare to those women who surrounding Han, she still lacking too much.

Face—not really count as beauty.

Body posture—- on his view, it simply A cup.

To say be truth, she completely has looked alike Senior High School student who hasn’t grew up.

Can it possible—Han likes this type of girl? Once Sai Ye tried to think it, he has cold sweat, flinging his head, he quickly tries to forget his thought because it just so ashamed to be think of.

Or… because of her voice? Still questioned it, is it enough to make Han fascinating to the level of unfathomable?!

“You face looked to be so red?” Sai Ye looked at Feng Xiao Ling then said, “Or you sick?”

“Ah… no…not like that.”

If it not because sick, does it because hot weather? But the weather is fine. Sai Ye paid more attention, looked at her then he suddenly realized her face getting redder and redder.

He tried to think and recalled just now conversation, nothing could really serious about it which even made someone blushing, or else…

“Did Han do something to you?” He made guessing.

He guessed right!

Looking her wide-opened mouth, her stuffed expression, he knew he guessed right!

“What did Han do to you?”

“No…thing…nothing.” She shook her head, didn’t want to admit.

“Really?” He didn’t believe.

“Really, others than he licked my cheek, he really did nothing!” once she said, Feng Xiao Ling immediately thinking to get hammer from anywhere and hit her head. She confessed, regretted as she came to understand.

Perhaps, she is not born as liar?

Wait, why suddenly asking, don’t say….

Sai Ye took a deep breath then asked carefully: “Han licked you cheek?”

Feng Xiao Ling could feel her whole body red as if boiling shrimp.

Bingo, guessed right!

It seems, Han really has interest with this girl, or else he won’t never do such thing, “Xiao Ling, in case, that, just think as Han did it as “special” etiquette.” Sai Ye saw her twinkling eyes. After all, he afraid once he told her the truth, it would scare her to death moreover she such chicken-heart girl.

For moment, she palpitation, special—-etiquette?

“Well, you don’t need to think much, because sometimes too much think perhaps not really good things, relaxed.” Sai Ye patting Feng Xiao Ling’s shoulders.

Do not know why, but suddenly she feels much better after hearing Sai Ye.

“What will we have for today lunch?” He tried to change the topic.

“The main dish will be tofu with beef.” Said Feng Xiao Ling.

“Oh, this dish not bad, I like it so much.”

“Really?” She happily asking, “I do also like this dish very much, and also Hui Hui and Ke Zhen, both of them like….”

“Are they your friend?”

“Hm, very very good friend of mine!”


1] 八Ba 字Zi 不Bu 合He : 八字 usually reveal others people fortune and luck based on birth day, birth time, etc.


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