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Introduce C-novel : The Dance of Winds (风舞)

My new reading of Chinese novel, The Dance of Winds (风舞).

Title        : 风舞 The Dance of Winds

Author    : 安宇 An Yu

Status      : Completed


The synopsis:

He is not similar to God, he is heartless not alike God, doesn’t have soul, doesn’t have any emotion even when his body bleeding with fresh blood, the cold person like him won’t ever feel pity and sympathy for all the women in the world or loving people, so why should come down to the earth?

But the very unique things about sculpture or drawing which put in highest place, The God received admiration from the devout generation one to others and world’s attention. Doesn’t it very good? Why should come to earth? Why should come and suffer in human world? Why? Her tears, her smiles, countless shaking head….



6 thoughts on “Introduce C-novel : The Dance of Winds (风舞)

  1. Is this happy ending?im looking for smart and strong(if possible fu hei lady) female leads. Do you have any recomendations? ( i love Bai fuling of Yu ren and Bai ping ting of gufang pu zi shang)

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