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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 4.3

Chapter 4

Part 3 (Three)

A man and a girl are talking happily inside the villa, until another second later, Sai Ye finally leaving the kitchen, leaving Feng Xiao Ling alone who is humming while continuing cooking for lunch.

A pair of eyes looked sharply, directly straight forward piercing into Sai Ye, it shocked him for moment.

“Han, why are you in here?” Sai Ye curious then asked, he also could feel something wrong with his best friend.

This kind of Asura (malevolent spirit in Indian mythology) general expression, absolutely not normally Han, not to mention his demonic aura that radiating from his body, as if he wanted to wreck someone.

“Are you happy talking with her?” His voice deep and low, it gave a sense of fear that pierce into bones.

“Do you mean Xiao Ling?” Sai Ye asked.

Han Yue Yi is not kidding; he still looked sharply into the person who stands in front him.

“Yes.” Sai Ye towering his brows, “Actually we really have good chat, I realized she is really a cute girl.”

“You think she is cute?” his face darken and gloomy.

He never expected other man might find her cuteness, her beauty, her shy, even her sadness, only him who allowed seeing and knowing!

“Ng, indeed she is very cute.” Sai Ye nodding his head, “That’s why I had a good chat with her.”


Stretch his arm and hit the wall! Han Yue Yi put strength pressing to the wall near Sai Ye side, “Why she didn’t afraid on you, why she could show happy expression when she be with you?” actually, yesterday when she with those people she also shown that happy expression. Only when she is in front him, she will show vice versa reaction, she afraid of him.

It has been sometimes never seen Han insecurity expression! Sai Ye frowned, “You eat my vinegar (are you jealous with me)?”

Jealous? Is he jealous? Han Yue Yi stiffened.

“Or else, do you really fall in love with the girl, that’s why you feel unhappy when seeing her spoke with others, I afraid only this matter makes you feel such insecurity?”

“Insecurity?” How could he become insecure because of that dummy girl? He just dislikes very much to see her has skinship and smile in front of others.

Sai Ye spread wide his hand, “Feel reassured, even I feel she is cute, but, I won’t never fall in love with her.” Even, if he really falls for her, he afraid his many lives won’t enough to give a man in front of him to kill.

His best friend released his hand that pulled cloth collar, Sai Ye could breathe relieved; his feet walking to go up stairs to second floor.

Han Yue Yi eyes watched attentively the back of person who is still cooking in kitchen, petite body posture, but no matter what, his eyes can’t leave-away. He wants to get all her attention only for him, wanting her smiles only for him.

Could it be possible?

No! for him there is no such thing as impossible! He lifted his leg and walked, step by step he getting closer to her, even to monopolize her back shadow.

“Ah, Mr.Han!” Feng Xiao Ling turned her back and she sees Han Yue Yi had been behind her without she realized.

“Called me Yue Yi.” He put his slender finger on her neck and lifted her strand of hair.


“Called me Yue Yi.” He repeated once again.

“But Mr. Han…”

“Yue Yi.” He lowered his head and that sexy lips in front of her slowly opened.

Cannot, she is going to be nervous again!

“……….Yue…..Yi….” Feng Xiao Ling face is blushing when called his name. Even she didn’t know the reason why he asked her to call his name.

From her mouth he able to hear his name being called, it even brought him such strange ecstasy feeling. While his hands embrace her body, it is soft, tenders; the softness even makes him to think embedded her into his body.

“I still cooking, you embrace me like this…”

Why she is so cute? And since when she changed to be this cute? Obviously she still in the same appearance from the first time met, but now she looked so cute which he didn’t want to leave her alone! Han Yue Yi looked at Feng Xiao Ling, slowly tighten up his hand which embraced her.

The feeling to monopolize her heart getting stronger! He wants her to treat him best, only treating him, solely.

Wanting all of her “special-treatment” only for him.

It true, as what Sai Ye said, he falling in love with her, furthermore, desperately loves her!

That’s why he won’t give her to anyone else.

“Ling…” murmured voice, inside the kitchen gently spread soft voice, his finger gently stroke her lips half, “Will you love me?”

Hag, hag, hag?

She… she isn’t misheard!

Feng Xiao Ling feels, her brain is spinning and has blurred vision, would faint into Han Yue Yi’s embrace. He—-could he not hug her with such strength?

“But, even it not possible, it useless.” He directly spoke, his lips naturally pressed on her lips.

Her entire body was locked in his embrace, she could not move, only that she stood stiffen, while he deliberately kissed as if sucking her lips.

Her nose could smell his masculine fragrant, her body helplessly shivering, while he still kissed her more greedy and greedy. His tongue inserted into her lips, forcing her mouth to open, it begin impudent brushing her.

Moist tongue with passion, bewildered heart quivering the soul, provoked her emotions.


3 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 4.3

  1. oh……
    finally the confession! he is too possessive….got a feeling this trait of his is going to be problematic….
    thanks for the update!

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