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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 54

Long Mo Er kept her words that she would help Ye Che to solve the business matters.

So, when she really serious listened to every conversation that made by Ye Che with his subordinate, she so quiet makes Ye Che surprised.

What kind of woman Long Mo Er is? Ye Che asked himself.

Disclaimer : This chapter has been translated by Azurro & English proof read by Apearlyview

Chapter 54 The Quietness of Long Mo Er is Serious

After hours have passed Long Mo Er has yet to say anything. Bringing Lu Qun with her to stand beside YeChe, she is seriously listening to Ye Che who is still talking business.

In this moment she hasn’t forgotten what she had said before, she wanted to help Ye Che solve the business problems. If the business problems are not solved then all the members of the Ye’s would be worried!

The previous mistake and misunderstanding which happened last time, she won’t make the same mistake twice. She wants to show the smart side of her. Not just because she has Ye Che in her life now that she will become stupid and silly.

After she visited some stores with Ye Che, Long Mo Er knew more or less the real situation of the business and after a while she has discovered the problem the Ye’s are facing—- there’s a spy1] inside the Ye’s household!

The spy might be someone who has position and power in the Ye’s because the person is continuously feeding information to the “Zhang Ji”. Not only feeding the “Zhang Ji” inside information about the Ye’s business, but is also taking all the potential customers away from the Ye’s.

In this way, all the Ye’s business situations are monitored by the “Zhang Ji”. It is very certain and undeniable that a lot of the Ye’s customers and business are being taken by the “Zhang Ji”.

This type of business dealing, when she was a child her mother even told her this kind of story. But she never thought after growing up she will experience this kind of thing.

Her mother’s story ending always said that the bad person would get bad karma as punishment. She believed by experiencing these kinds of things, the result would be more or less the same. The spy would be seized and the business theYe’s family owned for more than ten of years will be more prosperous.

What kind of method should be done in order to seize the spy? She worries to think about this.

“What are you thinking about?” It is not easy for Ye Che to speak with Long Mo Er after talking about business. When he turns back he sees Long Mo Er in a “Fugue State2]”.

While visiting some stores together she is quiet and seriously listening to every instruction he makes. He feels touched that she is letting him to see her serious side.

But why does she look so lost in thought? Is she feeling tired? Ye Che is blaming himself for being so careless.

“I am thinking about the matter the Ye’s business is facing.” Long Mo Er responded seriously.

“Oh? So what are your thoughts about it?” So it is not because she tired, Ye Che feels excited and wants to know more about her thoughts.

When she said she wanted to help, he was still hesitant about her seriousness.

Long Mo Er looks at the boss and the shop assistant who were sitting behind the table in front of her. Everyone was waiting for her opinion, while she is hesitated little bit.

Avoiding their eyes Long Mo Er turned and looked at Ye Che and says, “Could you let all of them wait outside?”

Ye Che stands up, laughs and says, “You guys can leave, there is nothing to discuss here. Let’s walk and talk at the same time.”

Long Mo Er receives the signal, she follows Ye Che and stands up following him from behind.

After they walked outside the store, they see a horse carriage waiting for them. Long Mo Er asks, “Don’t you have other businesses to take care of? Where are we going?”

“Get in the horse carriage first. We are going to Dong Jiao Si Xin Hu. I will bring you to meet my friends.”Ye Che replies while helping her get into the horse carriage.

“What kind of friends?”

“After we arrive then you will know.” Ye Che’s expression is mysterious.


1] 内nei鬼gui: 内nei is mean inside while鬼gui mean ghost but in here when words combined it mean traitor or spy.

2] 神shen游 you 状zhuang态tai :神游 is means a mental journey while状态 is state, mode or situation. I translate four characters as “fugue state” means Long Mo Er is thinking something as if her soul wondering to someplace.


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