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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 4.4

Chapter 4

Part 4 (Four)

Is it called kissed? Unable to resist, unable to reject, but directly to accept…

Accepting this kind of strong kissed and being monopolized.

Confused, because of his kissing.

Does he really want she to love him? But why this should be told by him? He that type of man, there will be so many women come to love him, why should an ordinary little employee like her come to love him?

So that, she must be mistaken!

Perhaps, kissing also etiquette from abroad, even kissing using tongue. Feng Xiao Ling is silently thinking.

But as long as she looked at Han Yue Yi face, she can’t help herself speed up her heart beating, and then she tried at all cost to escape from him!

“Have you heard? This time the song that Han Yue Yi composed, it decided to give Dong Ai Min to sing it.”

“I see her ah, eighty percent (most likely) even in dream she would never thought to have opportunity to sing a song composed by Han Yue Yi.”

“Is it that song, the Sheng Yin?”

“It is, I have seen the music sheet of that song and guarantee it will be famous.”

“Company still wants to make the MV for this song, even dares to spend much money for asking Qi Yue director to shoot it.”

“This Dong Ai Min really gets Dog luck.”

Since yesterday, all the entire company’s employees were discussing about the newest news. After all, that singer from the company is someone very lucky because able to sing a song that composed by Han Yue Yi, as guarantee whoever sing that song will be famous.

While the status of Han Yue Yi in company, obviously on the level of God manifestation.

Because the MV is going to shoot selected roles, so all the staffs who involved process of the song are gathering in company casting location, Feng Xiao Ling is no exception.

Taking deep breath, She helplessly walking into the casting location.

Casting the roles, the main role in the MV is the man who will play as angel, that’s why all the casting who come mostly male, moreover they are handsome men with beautiful image.

Naturally, most of the female staffs of the company are gathering to the casting location and of course to enjoy seeing those beauties.

“Woah, see, this man seems to be not bad!”

“That one is so cute, still university student.”

“Xiao ling, you also come here ah? What do you think that one, who is more handsome?” Said one of the female staff to Feng Xiao Ling.

“That one looks more handsome!” Feng Xiao Ling looked at the two men which said by her female staff,

Carefully to make estimation in her heart, “I think still…”

Then the next things, a hand cover up in front of her eyes, and also interrupted her upcoming spoken words.

“Who, faster get your hands out, don’t joking anymore.” She shouted, she tried to break apart the hand in front her.

The next thing, very familiar atmosphere spreading on her cheek side, helplessly her body stiffen.

This atmosphere, she feels so familiarize, moreover, his sounded extremely familiar.

“So who do you think more handsome?” whispered sound in her ears. The hands that blocking her eyesight removed, she able to see beautiful face alike a piece of white jade carved very precise.

“You…you…I…” she stammered.

“Does your tongue being eaten by the cat?” Han Yue Yi Said with jealous tone.

Her face blushing, she acted with confusion to leave him.

“I thought I ever heard you ever told me that I am so good looking, right?” He spoke with gloomy tone, his face expression looked alike devil who wanted to lure human into hell.

Her face suddenly turned from red into white pale. She really wants to escape! The current him, it seems wanting to take out her bone and smashed it.

Without thinking, Feng Xiao Ling lifted her feet, turned her back, she ran about 20meters toward the door behind him.


One hand easily catch on her clothes, pulled back her, the whole person.

Before sending out the troops it quickly dead! It seems this how the situation is.

“Does the question hard to answer? Or you wanted to say you never said such things?”

“I ever said, I… really ever said before, I did ever say that you are so good looking.” She is nodding her head, She hopes he would stop humiliating her by grabbing her collar.

“How about those two men, do you think they are also good looking?” He lifted his corner lips which showed devilish smile.

In this situation, even the idiot will understand how to give the answer! Feng Xiao Ling immediately shook her head.

“So, why you are so “focus” looking at them?” He lowered his head very low till his nose tip touched her nose tip.

Her forehead, suddenly cold bead sweat fall down, his expression is scared her so much, “I…I just purely admiring.”

He looked at her, as if he is able to see through her whether she lies or not.

Her body began to fall cold sweat again.

“In the future you are only allowed admiring me, only me.” Han Yue Yi eyes sharply looked at her.

“Ah? Why?” She surprised.

“Because I am extremely care.”


“Ng, I extremely am care.” His slender fingers stroke her cheeks and then move into hair strand, “so in the future you shouldn’t act like just now, or else I…” what will he do? If he could not get all her attention, he is willing to ruin it by his own hands.

Things that he wants, it should only be his! He doesn’t want her focus and attentions put to other men.

While now, all her attention is focused only to his hands, long slender finger sticking in her strand hair, cupped her head, so she couldn’t turn her head avoiding looked at him. No, she does not want to see him, looking at him, a person who gives her fear.

He eyes askance her body trembling, “Afraid of me?”

“Yes…” She gave straight replied, after she saw his cold eyes, she added: “Ugh, no, I just…”

“I don’t care whether you still afraid of me or not, it better for you to adapt from now on.” Even she really afraid him to death, he won’t give any chance for her to escape from him.

Leaned to her ear with his hoarse voice said: “Ling, you can’t escape.” No matter how you think just now of the way to escape from him or later in the future, she won’t be able to escape and leave from his side.

“Ah!” She could feel her ear hot, still not understand the situation, Han Yue Yi has loosen up her hands, turned his body and walked alone into Sai Ye front, both of the men are nodding each others as their communication code, “These two men, I don’t want to see them.”

“What? We still haven’t discussed and give them chance to act.” Sai Ye doesn’t understand.

“Because I just don’t want to give them an opportunity.” To take away things belong to him.

“Hag?” is it necessary to “Kill last one” of these two men?

While at other side, Feng Xiao Ling murmured: “I never thought the person like Mr. Han could be such care with his appearance.”

Perhaps as good-looking man, the more beautiful appearance, the more they feel of the sense of competition, ah~ animal kingdom-there are many like that.

“Xiao Ling, it… completely not because the outer appearance.”

“Yes, it is completely different matter.”

From the beginning till the end, two colleague women in their bottom heart were sighing for Feng Xiao Ling insensitive.

Anyone could sense, all the movement and action of Han Yue Yi, only could be explained as—-Jealous!


2 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 4.4

  1. he sure is jealous!! a tad too much! people who are possessive tend to be insecure as well….
    i wonder why he is so possessive?
    thanks for the update!

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