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Introduction C-novel : Good Morning, My Darling (早安,亲爱的)

Title             : 早安,亲爱的 Good Morning, My Darling

Author         : 古灵 Gu Ling

Genre           : Romance

Status           : Completed


Since she found out there is “secret admirer” who likes hiding in the corner edge of painting, sometimes secretly take a look of her, she finally grew great of curiosity of him: well, let’s make all clear before start!

She was not attracted by his good-looking features, but she was carelessly being attracted by his deep loneliness kind of eyesight. It was starting since few days ago as today when she was doing nothing and secretly running into his side, silently peeking on what kind of painted he was painting? He did not predicted——-his painting actually painted young man who looking at young girl which similar to comic drawing, the exaggerating was, the heroine of the drawing was having big breast, very slim waist, and wearing very cool dresses! Well, it not only she who was curious of him but he also grew curiosity toward her! Alright! since everything turned like this, she tried to build friendship with him, even in her heart she has already determined, a man who has skill and able to drawing absolutely “good person”, “an ordinary person”, ugh~~ others than his body shape which not really that good, her and his love relationship perhaps will go smoothly: but she never thought that, actually he is not even “good” or very “ordinary” as she thought….


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