Manga : Love So Life => Confession

How long I have waited for Matsunaga confession to Shiharu, Ah~ so long until week ago finally the chap came out.

Matsunaga and Shihaharu (pict not own by me)
Matsunaga and Shiharu
(pict not own by me)



bd18f78f2fea367b1ea3fddac5a0e9a6Then… when things go to this point….
To be continued, Geezzzzzzz, Arghhhhhhh

So how long should I wait for next chapters? (T.T)


6 thoughts on “Manga : Love So Life => Confession

    1. Yeah. Me too.
      My purpose when I studied Japanese back then because I was so in love with Anime and Manga. But in here, are no “proper” courses or place to learn Japanese. My understanding just stop to Hiragana and katagana. 😦

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