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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 5.1

Chapter 5

Part 1 (one)

“It feels something off, for last few days everything seems as wasting.” The Qi Yue Director who is responsible for shooting the MV has in the edge of fire up.

“Among of the people, does there is no one who can take the angel role?” Ou Ka Li disbelief asked.

“If you really want to shoot the MV and make people to have deep impression, I can tell you, currently, there is no one qualified.” Said Qi Yue Director.

“There will be really troublesome.”

“What difficult to do so, it only a MV’s co-role, there is no need to put too much trouble on it.”

Said the singer of Sheng Yin, Dong Ai Min who dressed so enchanting, walking inside meeting room.

“Indeed Co-actor, but it is very important co-actor.” Qi Yue director shoot glanced to Dong Ai Min, “Others thing, Miss Dong, it you really understand the important of this MV, since now, It better for you to change all your wardrobe and makeup style, the MV which I shoot is type of innocent young girl, not the enchanting dance ladies.”

“You———-” Dong Ai Min glanced surprising, even she pissed off but she couldn’t do anything because other party is well-known director. After all she only newbie singer and the most important thing to do is climbing up to get connection.

While the only stepping stone that she admitted—-Han Yue Yi.

The genius composer, wealthy, good-looking man, as if he is the child who spoil by heaven, which have attraction to female, letting to have life free from worries since everything is prepared already. But as the rumor spreads, he has bad-temper, still she believe by her Ladies charm, she could capitulate him.

“Mr. Han, It has been long time I have thought to have collaboration with you, unexpectedly, I really have this good opportunity.” She walking by swaying her hips to Han Yue Yi front, Dong Ai Min put smiling face.

Even the people, who don’t have anything to do, care less to bother with her.

Dong Ai Min tried to hit nail, not gave up then said: “Mr. Han, this song you made really beautiful, I will put effort to sing it well. Of course, I hope on the process being under your care and instruction.” After she said, her enchanting body tried to getting closer toward that lazy figure.

Inside his heart, Sai Ye starting to pity on Dong Ai Min, because he could foresee what will happen to her next.

As expected, Han Yue Yi raised his brow, pungent the strong smell of fragrance, and also the scent of makeup powder, it extremely bad smell which resulting him to move!

At the beginning he is dazing, suddenly he saw a woman come closer, and then he asked Sai Ye: “Who is she?”

Dong Ai Min body stiffen, “Mr. Han, we just met few days ago.”

“I don’t remember.” He said without guilty, “A woman like you are indeed too many, so how could you expect me to remember each of every woman faces.”

Her expression more stiffen, compare with Qi Yue Director’s word, Han Yue Yi indeed has more “poisonous tongue” thousand times.

“She is the singer who sang Sheng Yin.” Said Sai Ye who is beside him.

“Oh.” Han Yue Yi expressionless said.

Dong Ai Min force to put smile on her face which looked weird, “Mr. Han, if you think hard to remember of me, how about if there’s spare time, we hang out together so on this way, perhaps you can familiar with me.” These words are barely hinting toward him.

His brow raised showing even more bother, “Sai Ye.”


“Get her out!”


“Too annoying.” He hates the most this types of annoying woman.

As expectedly, 30 minutes later, Dong Ai Min is “please to be out” from meeting room. As initially, Ou Ka Li planned to make news between his singer, Dong Ai Min and Han Yue Yi as if they are having something, but he silent after saw the scenes. Well, if there have news about singer gets Han Yue Yi’s heart, it would give good impact.

But, seeing from what had happen, he better not to think further about his plan.

At some time, meeting room door is pushed open by slim figure, two thin arms holding heavy files into the meeting room.

“Xiao Ling, this files you…” Ou Ka Li hasn’t finished but he had already seen Han Yue Yi faster movement to help his employee to bring the files from one hand to others hand.

“Who asked you to bring so many trashes?”

Hag? Trash? Is there really a person who thinks information and files regarding MV role as trash?

“Or, couldn’t you ask other to help out?” Han Yue Yi continued.

“During this time, everyone is busy.” Feng Xiao Ling replied.

“I have time.”

She blinking her eyes, she suspicious with his meaning and intending, “I know you have time, but….”

“Later on if you want to move things, you can find me.” After he said, Han Yue Yi brought the files to the table inside meeting room and asking Ou Ka Li who beside him: “Where to put?”

“Put… Put above table is fine.” Ou Ka Li cleared his throat.

After all the files being put above table, Han Yue Yi pulled Feng Xiao Ling to sit beside him, “I…I should go out la.” She panicked.

“As long as you sit beside me, it enough.” His strong presence force her to sit beside him, “looked yourself, your hair is messy.”

“Ah? Really?” Feng Xiao Ling touched her hair, it seems…really mess.

“Later on I will comb it at outside.”

“No need to be such inconvenient.” He turned his head, looked at Hua Jie and said: “Give me a comb.”

“Oh, al…alright.” Weirdly Hua Jie took a comb.

The next thing Han Yue Yi doing is, he made all the people inside the meeting room dumbfounded.

Han Yue Yi… the most well known male composer, to one surprised… he shockingly is combing an ordinary employee’s hair.

While that ordinary small employee, unable to differentiate goods from bad, yelled: “Hurt… don’t comb with such much strength! Aiya… too tight…”

5 minutes later, it done. Feng Xiao Ling just realized everyone is looking at her…precisely to say, all of them are looking at her and Han Yue Yi.


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