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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 5.2

Chapter 5

Part 2 (Two)

“I…I am so sorry, I quickly leaving.” She hastened wanting to escape.

But only by his one shot glanced, her footsteps obediently freeze to stop.

“Ke, Ke (coughing voice), Xiao Ling, I think it better for you to sit back.” Said Ou Ka Li. The scene just now, giving little bit shock for Ou Ka Li.

Even the idiots could see, Feng Xiao Ling has a position in Han Yue Yi’s heart.

Since the Big Boss opened his mouth already, naturally Feng Xiao Ling didn’t have any objection.

“Here are these days interviewed result done by everyone, of course, all have attached photos, if there really can not choose any candidates to take the angel’s role, perhaps we need to consider to find someone from showbiz such as well-known and have good reputation actor to take the role.” Ou Ka Li said to those who were joining the meeting while distributing the files on table.

“This one cannot, too bright.”

“This one also cannot, has old aura.”

“No, this type of person is not suitable to take angel role, no matter how to see, as if Mafia Big Boss.”

From those who flipping the data, all of them are confused.

Feng Xiao Ling looked at Han Yue Yi who sat beside her, his pair of hands enveloped his chest, his body leaned on the chair, and he showed not interesting expression to flip the files.

“Han, you don’t look these files?” Sai Ye asked.

“Not interested.” He leisurely said.

This kind of arrogant word is only Han Yue Yi who able to use natural tone to say it.

Thick brows, three dimensional features, there are words that said about beautiful features of person, when the five features are separated perhaps not that beauty but he, no matter to see the five features separately or completely, he has very good looking face.

From her sitting position, just exactly happen that she could see clearly his side—types of chin, slender slim neck, his adam’s apple occasionally slides, hard not to have any imagination, looking at him.

No good, really no good! Does she pervert? Unexpectedly this man could give so many imaginary? Feng Xiao Ling hurried to move her vision from Han Yue Yi to others way.

Sexy lips, high straight nose, looked at top, which is…

Long eyelashes! She shouted in her heart. The natural curl lashes, very beautiful especially when look from her side, his blanked gazing, it lessen his fierce look, this kind of him, reminded her the feeling of her first time saw his photo on internet through computer.

Dignity, an elegant looked as if…

“Why from such many people, there is no one could take the angel’s role?”

“After all, angel is something so abstract concept, while the angel in this song is described as warm, gentle which different from worldly interpretation ones, naturally it really hard to choose.”

In the middle of discussion.

“I don’t think it hard; I think Mr. Han fits to take the angel role.” Feng Xiao Ling said what she has thought, until all people looked at her, finally she realized, she wasn’t say to herself but she said it out-loud.

An angel? Han Yue Yi? My Heaven! Does it regarded as the funniest joke in this century? So that everyone without any exception really put it into heart, thought it carefully.

“I am sorry!” Feng Xiao Ling so anxious as if hurried in digging holes for hidden herself. Heaven, what she had said ah? “Just now, whatever I said was about my point of view, I hope… could… think as not heard anything.” She panicky waves her hands.

“An angel?” it drawn an interest of someone sitting beside her, Han Yue Yi raised his corner of eyes near temple, “Still this is the first time to hear someone said I fit to play angel role.”

Everyone is holding their breath; all of them directly looked at Han Yue Yi.

“It seems you are forget, I have said that you should call me Yue Yi.” He said.

Yue Yi? Impossible! When everybody looked at him, his glanced brushing towards Feng Xiao Ling.

“…..oh…Yue Yi.” Said Feng Xiao Ling as if her tongue tied.

“Do you really think that I fit to play this angel role?” He turned facing her.

“Ng, very…very suitable!” If he able to act nicer.

Liars, he obviously is suitable only to act as devil, his acting in Red Desire even more vividly. All people are agreed in their heart.

He closed his eyes, have deep thought for moment, “If I act as an angel, will you still afraid of me?”


“Who will afraid of the angel?”

Feng Xiao Ling shook her head, she always thought an angel is representing warm and kindness.

“Is it right? It seems you are not afraid with an angel, hm, normally girls won’t afraid of angel.” He talked to himself, “Well, I will take the role as an angel.”

Won’t do ah! This decision is too hasty.

“Mr. Han, you…you better think of it again.”

“It true ah, after all… you are so busy person.”

“Moreover the angel character in this MV, with your character is not same so afraid it won’t able to portray the angel.”

For moment, everyone spoke out their mind.

He completely didn’t care whatever they said, Han Yue Yi only looked at Feng Xiao Ling, “So it decided I would act as angel, while you, promised not to be afraid of me again in the future.”

What? Who and who are decided?

She blinked her eyes, confusing.

She—–not decided anything.

“I still could not believe, you are agreed to play the angel’s role.” Inside the villa, Sai Ye is walking to get red wine while said: “I thought after the Red Desire MV, you are not interested with MV anymore.”

“Indeed no interested.” Han Yue Yi slender finger is on the top of piano, he is playing music, while other hand is flipping the music sheet.

“Do you think after you take the role as angel, that Feng Xiao Ling won’t be afraid with you anymore?”


Sai Ye expression changed, he murmured: “Han, finally I ascertain that you are really fallen for the girl.”

“That’s why I disallowed her to afraid me again.” Because he unpleasant to see her scared expression every time seeing him.

“But I still curious, why you fallen for such type of girl?” Sai Ye asked.

“I do also feel strange. Perhaps she and others are different, it so obvious she was scared me to death but there was time she tried to gather her chicken-guts and tried to get closer with me.”

No matter whether she was helping other to find baseball and recklessly got into his villa, or because he caught her for singing.

“Perhaps, because she has very nice singing voice.”


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