Manga : Blue Winged (藍翅)


Title         : Blue Winged (藍翅)
Author    : 徐璐
Status     : On going
Origin     : China

Shang Ming Lan is an adopt child of Shang’s family. She is adopted by Nan Xi, who lost her daughter two years ago and bring Ming Lan as substitute daughter called Ming Lan. When Ming Lan came into Shang’s household, Both of Ming Qing (elder son) and Ming Jing (second son) were not welcoming her. For them, their youngest sister, Ming Lan had died for long time and hate her so much.

Even the family disagree with “new family member”, they could not do anything because Nan Xi loves Ming Lan so much as replacement for her death daughter.

Ming Lang also not like her new family because her new father, Shang Cheng Zhi detested her on her first time stepped into Shang’s door. Elder son, Shang Qing is someone so hypocritical and fake while the second son more expressive and showed his dislike clearly towards Ming Lan.


4 thoughts on “Manga : Blue Winged (藍翅)

    1. I just hope that family treat her better even I know their mom loves her as substitute. I sense Ming Qing perhaps like her and Ming Jing will go soften after the incident 🙂
      Well, just wait for the next chapters XD

    1. No. There are groups of translator doing it.
      You can check in mangafox (for English) or U17 (for raw in Chinese). If I not mistaken there also the Spanish and Italian translation (just forget where I saw it)

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