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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 5.3

Chapter 5

Last Part

“Her voice?”

“Obviously very ordinary with nothing bizarre in her throat, but once she is singing, her voice able to pierce and get into other’s heart, very strange.” His fingers are stroking the piano keys.

“That’s why I wanted to monopolized her. I want to get her attention, I want her eyes only see my presence, I want her heart only for me, won’t let other to share even the slightest.”

“But love is about two parties, how if she doesn’t love you?”

“In that way, I will use all efforts to keep her by my side, so she won’t be leaving me even one step, so that only me, the person who can see her, own her completely.” He wanted to kiss her, he wanted she respite next to him, he wanted all her happiness and pain only shared with him. Only wanted her completely, whatever it risks!

“This…is too crazy.” Sai Ye spoke softly, this kind of obsessive love, how to expect that chicken-guts little girl to bear?

“Am I that type crazy man?” Han Yue Yi narrow his eyes little bit, looking at the black and white keys of piano, “Perhaps I really am that crazy man, because I am born with this craziness.”

It true, he is indeed that crazy man. Sai Ye stupidly looked at Han Yue Yi, he said to himself, he has known Han for many years, his nature, he understands what kind of man he is, he is someone who once made decision about what he likes, because of his mental craziness he able to make moves, without thinking too much and fight for it.

“So—- if she loves other man?” He is uncomfortable asking him.

Han Yue Yi closed his eyes, he tapped the pen which in held his hand.

“I will ruin her.” This means even she gave him 99 points of love, but left one point that not belong to him, he chooses to ruin it completely.

He wants, the exclusively love only for himself!

An angel… should not like him, right?

Wearing the white artificial wings, using blonde wig, blue eyes, that holy smile it more than enough to redeemed people mind.

An angel is the image which created by the westerner.

He originally Asian, but how could he fit perfectly as the angel?

Feng Xiao Ling is staring mesmerizing at the man who standing in the spotlight which has been captured into lens, his three dimensional features, with little makeup such as blonde wig and pair of blue eyes (using contact lens), it fits him perfect. He only stood there silently, but his body as if radiating own light, attracting everyone attention.

“Hm, I admitted, Han Yue Yi indeed has perfect body posture, he even perfectly fit to represent an angel’s image, but his expression, no matter how to see, he alike not obtaining the gentle of an angel.” Ou Ka Li said to Feng Xiao Ling who standing near.

“I am so sorry.” She lower her head filled with guilty. All because of her, so everything turned to become like this, if she messed up with the MV, for the company this would be biggest lost.

“Now no matter how many times you keep on saying sorry so useless.”

“I am so sorry, very sorry…” Her head as if would fall into ground, “If… If the MV really messed, I…I willing to resign…”

“But looked from another view, this MV perhaps will give positive impact, but after all this is the second time of Han Yue Yi’s MV, if taking this as speculation, this must be more than enough to attract people’s attention.”

“Lao Da!” She yelled, really businessman, he even able to see and predict the business from every aspects.

Before shooting, Qi Yue directly told Han Yue Yi: “I have seen your Red Desire MV, even you acted very good as the devil, but still I should remind you, this time you are acting as an angel, it completely really different role from your previous acting.”

“So you just want to say these things?” Han Yue Yi is not interested with anything Qi Yue said.

“If you are not able to portray or act to the expectation, even you are Han Yue Yi, I still will change you with others.” Said Qi Yue.

“Wait and see until you have that opportunity then, it still not late to say it.” His eyes showed kind of self-confident.

Qi Yue indeed stared blank for moment, this type of man, will he be able to play an angel role?

At the moment when Han Yue Yi gets into the “shooting mode”, he suddenly changed himself to be the angel that Qi Yue should admit he just worried too much for unnecessary things.

When the camera shoot him, at the time he stood in front of that young lady, his face filled with that warm smiling-feeling, when he gently stroking that girl’s hair, lowered his head and kissed her strands of hair, it so warm and gentle, but also revealed hint of lust and so impressive.

Not mistaken! It is indeed lust.

It obviously stated there won’t be any lust in angel’s face inside the script, but Han Yue Yi played this angel role with different lust expression.

Even there is no one shouting for cut, that because everyone as if being sucked into his acting.

It seems that angel with lust would kiss the young lady’s hair, very long and unwilling to let go. It gives the feeling of throbbing in heart, even the angel doesn’t know what is throbbing. Still his body, his expression and all are showing the throbbing gestures.

Compare to the script, this acting is more attractive and even make people starting to fancy.

Too real as an angel! Feng Xiao Ling could not even blinking and stopping to stare that live performances, she is praising in her heart. Han Yue Yi is able to act the warm and gentle of the angel which totally different from his devil acting in Red Desire MV.

But why even he is obviously looked so dignity, very gentle… even could add lust acting which able to make people shivering cause of excitement.

Full screen play, he is completely dominating, no matter his touch, his smile, even his kiss, all really attract people’s eyes.

Even if he only swings his fingers, people could feel it more than charm.

In her mind, she does not have any objection to replace Dong Ai Min’s role as that young lady.

Heart, it speeding up, she even felt as if his eyes able to look her through the lens.

This must because he acted the angel role too serious, more she thought more that she could think too much. Feng Xiao Ling tried to look away, avoiding watching a pair of young man and girl who are in spotlight, acting.

Don’t want to see, as long as she doesn’t see it, her heart would not jump as fast as before, would be normal.

Suddenly, a little commotion happen, the young man who was stroking the girl hair suddenly stood up, ignored the process of shooting, he walking straightly out from the camera lens range.

“Mr…. Han…Mr. Han!” Everyone was dumbstruck!

While the actress who still in camera frame, the main actress, Dong Ai Min who was still astonishing with the charm of angel before, suddenly shocked with cold expression of the angel who walking out from the camera lens range.

The current Han Yue Yi who isn’t in middle of camera shoot, his expression is changed which really could be praised by people as genius in acting.

Feng Xiao Ling could sense someone’s shadow at her back, then obviously displeasure voice said, “Why are you avoiding look at me?”

“Hag?’ She stupidly lifted her head, showing an innocent look as if she didn’t know anything.

“Why are you not looking at me?” Han Yue Yi asked.

“You… realized it?” She felt guilty then swallowing her saliva.

“So what do you think the reason why I still want to shoot this MV?” His charming eyes looked at her.

She really wanted to ask the reason, but under his vision, she felt pressured so better she swallowing back.

“I am not allowing you to avoid seeing me.” He caressed her cheeks with serious facial expression.

Her body, without she understands, starting to have cold sweat, “Ah? Why?”

“It is because I really am care so much.”


“Ng, extremely care.” His slender fingers are touching her face and then moving to her hair, “So later on you are not allowed to act like just now, or else…” What will happen? If he couldn’t get her attention completely, he would prefer to ruin by his own hands.

While her focus all is concentrating in his fingers, that slender fingers which touching her hair and as if grab her entire head, on this way, she couldn’t turn her head but only can look into him. Doesn’t want, she does not want to look him in this kind of weird posture, he even frightening her more.

This fear she felt extremely different with she used to be, seems there is something more.

What kind of fear she felt? Afraid of love….will she falls in love with him?

In her dreams, she wish to find an ordinary man with simple job, having simple romantic relationship and then she married and having kids.

The ugly turn to be beautiful only appeared in fairy tale, while she has been passing all fairy tale age already!

His eyes looking at her trembling body, “Are you still afraid of me?’

“Yes….” She gave an honest replied, once she saw changing in his eyes, turned to be cold, she continued, “ hm… no, I just…”

“Han Yue Yi, do you understand, just now you were still in the middle shooting?” suddenly Director Qi Yue is screaming to his front.

“So what?” He coldly asked.

“What is so what? You are in process of acting as angel then just leaving the young girl, running to this bean sprout little girl, only want to have this nonsense conversation?”

“I am not bean sprout little girl ah, I am this record company’s employee, Feng Xiao Ling.” She pissed off.

Qi Yue has kind of impulsive action which able to cause him to spit blood, so why should he cares about this bean sprout little girl’s name and whether she is employee or not?

“Because of her, she wasn’t look at me.” Han Yue Yi stated his reason.

Of course, for Qi Yue this reason is too absurd, “only because she didn’t look at you, so you just leaving all of us and running to chase her?”

Han Yue Yi eyes showed clear that he “indeed it true” this words.

If there is a hole available, Qi Yue swore to jump in, “So what do you want to do?” he asked him.

Han Yue Yi pointing at empty place beside the Director, “Could you put a chair there?”

“I can.” Qi Yue nodding his head, even he doesn’t know what this fellow planning.

“Very well, put a chair at there, and then let her to sit there.” His slender finger lifted up, Han Yue Yi pointed at a girl who stood dumbfounded in front of him.

“She?” Qi Yue asked.

“Me?” Feng Xiao Ling surprised, pointed at her as if she will going at same stage with Juliet but not seeing Romeo instead meeting Shrek.

She, perhaps still dreaming!

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  1. Lol, I like how over the top this is… But if it were real life, I would be so annoyed with how unprofessional Han Yue Yi is being!

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