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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 1.1

Chapter 1 Wang Ye1] Come on Stage

Part 1 (one)

My name is Ou Yang Miao Miao, a Shanghainese, my family financial situation is very good2], other than mother and father, I still have twin younger sister called—–Ou Yang Yan Yan, Father is businessman, while Mother is forensic investigator, it still count as very ordinary household.

11 September 1995, Monday, that year I was 14 years old, because I have studied earlier one year so I was in eighth grade (Junior High School second year), in that day, I met him.

I still remembered clearly on the day I met him, the weather misty, cloudy and moderate rain, all the day was no sun, dusky, and that day also the Memorial Day for Mao Ze Dong3], so that our daily morning exercise was cancelled. We were staying at class listened to the radio broadcast which no other than broadcasting about the great Chairman Mao Ze Dong’s life, the specific, I really forgot because…I fell asleep.

He was during that time appeared.

His name called Kang Yu, he originally came from the Northeast China, he also has awesome X name which so incredible—-Ai Xin Jue Luo, in Han language interpret as Gold, regarding of this legendary story about this surname which is omnipresent4], it rare to find people who has this kind of surname. If he were living during the Qing dynasty, he might someone to be the descendant of Prince Zai Feng, who was an orthodox5] prince.

But for us who were born in early of nineties students, Ai Xin Jue Luo… this surname was not really clear, because during that time the novel about Qing Dynasty or the dramas weren’t much like today. Moreover during our time, we were like to watch Black Cat Detective6] or The Flower Child Lunlun7], Doraemon or any other types of these cartoons, animated series. About the Qing Dynasty dramas, even there were people like it but not as many as today.

When the teacher was writing his name on blackboard, afterwards sounded as if the voices of troops coming and then I woke up.

Ai Xin Jue Luo?

My first response was, Oh My, how could this brat has longer name than mine, who has two character surname, the important things, when there was examination he would take longer time only to write his name.

Just my thought, I wiped the saliva on the edge of my corner mouth, while looking at the front stage where a boy was standing straight.

Uh… no need to wipe the saliva, wiping one more time was no use because it started to drool again.

The masculine boy, the words so openly appeared, perhaps I shouldn’t use masculine boy this word, but I should say it, because he has that characters which more suitable, five features of facial feature, wheat color skin tone, especially his pair of eyes, it bright and piercing and types showing the pride to arrogant aura, makes him looked offensively conspicuous. A person who born in 1980, compare to my classmate he older by one year and compare to me he is older two years.

Who’s letting me entered the school so early by one year, or because of the changing school matters, still studied in Junior High second year by the age of 16, or perhaps because of his origin from Northeast, with height almost 175, coming to Shanghai, this southern city boys which were still in Junior High and haven’t well grown, appeared as if a group of noisy doggies even they more alike puppies but still especially out-loud.

My saliva was dripping down, earlier I had forgotten to wipe, perhaps because of my strong vision, he found out, his eyes turned to look directly into my eyes.

During that moment, strangely my brain seems to recall thousand and hundred doggies barking voices, as if singing with melody of—-where spring is? Where is the spring? Spring is in the mountain of jade forest, here is safflower, here is green grass, and also little yellow oriole singing voice, li la la li la la li, tick li la li la la li……

(Song Lyric)

I didn’t understand what that would be representing, until my adult life, finally I came to understand what was it represent?

That was represent——–I, blooming in love (Falling in love).

Standing face to face, both of us seem not have any intension to blink eyes, while my brain still played that song where is spring? Countless time, but the last part of li la la li la la li la la replaced by wang wang wang (barking voice)….

I felt want to hit my head with hammer, while my heart kept on crying: Stop it, still singing.

He probably surprised with my action, hitting my own head, his brows wrinkled, I guessed he might think this girl perhaps have mental problems.

In situation where I was crazily hitting my head, I completely didn’t hear what teacher said, teacher has done with introducing him, and then looked at me, “Class leader…”

I still hitting my head, hoping all the melodies vanish from my brain, didn’t want to hear any.

“Class leader…”

I still didn’t hear anything.

“Ou Yang, what are you doing, teacher is calling you, Ou Yang….” A class-mate who sat in front and at same row with me, knocked my table.


My classmate rolled eyes, “Teacher is calling you.”


1] 王 Wang爷 Ye : Your Royal Highness.

2] 家Jia 境 Jing小Xiao 康Kang : 家Jia 境 Jing means the family circumstance, whiles小Xiao 康Kang while means comparatively good living standard and prosperity.

3] 毛Mao 主 Zhu席 Xi : Chairman Mao, Mao Ze Dong who was the Chinese Communist Leader.

4] 铺 Pu 天 Tian 盖 Gai地 Ti : Hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom)

5] 正 Zheng统 Tong : Zheng Tong emperor who ruled China from 1435 to 1449, his ruled style was Right governance and Obedient to Heaven which lead to orthodox (Right, True, and straight)

6] 黑Hei 猫 Mao警 Jing : Black Cat Detective is Chinese animation television series produced by the Shanghai animation film studio, airing from 1984-1987.

7] 花Hua仙 Xian 子Zi : The Chinese name for Japanese animation series. Hana no ko lun lun is the original title in Japanese and the English is called as The flower Child Lunlun. It was airing on 1979.


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 1.1

  1. Oh….the first encounter…However it dosen’t seems like he has a favorable impression of her…
    I wonder how he will fall in love with her?
    thank you!

  2. Hi, to the person whom this may concern, azurro4cielo. I have edited some of your chapters and wonder if it is alright with you if I posted it at my wordpress? I just wanted to let more people read this amazingly hilarious novel you’ve translated.

    1. Hi Xobunnyxo 🙂
      It good to know that you like my translation project.

      About my translation works…
      Please take look for the “Copy and Disclaimer”. It have stated not to copy unless have PERMISSION but you have done some chapters before noticed me.

      I should say sorry and PLEASE stop to post my translation work in your wordpress even with the edited version.

      1. Sorry about that! I have since deleted them. But I wonder if you will be re-editing ur posts in the future? Because I have so many questions about some parts that didn’t quite make sense to me…;(

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