Tw Drama : Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金)


Another daily drama from SETTV. I have following this drama daily for sometimes and I think it almost come to the end.

Drama title         : Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金)
My Precious four daughtersAiring                   : Monday – Friday
Status                   : On Going
Origin                   : Taiwan

Synopsis (wiki):

The Li family have four precious daughters. Each is different in their own way. Eldest An Qing is the perfect daughter to everyone, excelling academically and successful. She lives in the US with her young son and husband, but when she returns to Taiwan she hides from her family that she has been recently divorced. Second daughter Yi Wan, is obedient to her parents and kind to others. Simple-minded and a bit of a klutz, but she never worries her parents. She works as a kindergarten teacher. Third daughter Qing Qing is a workaholic, who at times is over confident of herself. She is the personal secretary to the CEO of a trading company. Her unbalance work/personal life makes her mother worry that she will never have time to date or find a steady boyfriend. Then there is fourth and youngest daughter Xiao Xi. She is a University student who is spoiled by dad and lives a carefree life. The four Li sisters pursue life and love differently from each other.

Why I like this drama:

To be honest Li mama just really similar to my own mom in some aspects such as her nagging and worries about her children. But, the biggest attraction of this drama is the story plot about family such as how parent relationship with their children, love-relationship, problem-solving, and of course those adorable characters of Li daughters (four of them are so unique)

About Love of Li’s four daughters
An Qing is big sister who divorce and returned from US to Taiwan and trying to pursue new life with her son, Jerry Xiao Xing Xing. Not long after she back to Taiwan, she met Qi Le, a man who is in love with her for more than eight years and still waiting for her. First obstacle is disagreement of Qi Le’s mom because she never expected to have Daughter in law who had divorce before and plus with child, simply to say Qi mama dislike buy one gets one XD
Due to Qi Le persistent and An Qing work hard, finally green light showed by Qi mama but the unfaithful EX-husband of An Qing came back and tried to snatch An Qing from Qi Le by alliance with his son, Jerry (of course with soften approach)

Yi Wan is the second daughter of Li’s family who married with Lawyer, Xiao Fei who has Mafia family background. His parent is Ex-mafia which turned path to be simple business owner. From all the Li’s daughter, Yi Wan is the most innocent and kind. So far she is the one happiest compare to others, perhaps because of her simple minded character.

Qing Qing is the third daughter of Li’s family who fall in love with her own Boss who has already married. From all the sisters, Qing Qing is the toughest one but also the foolish one. She gets trap herself in others marriage life which makes her turn to be Xiao San (Third wheel).

Xiao Xi is the youngest daughter of Li’s family, cheerful, carefree, love to eat, playful and also the one who always gets in problems. The biggest trouble she made, being pregnant before marriage which is BIG NO for Li mama. She fell in love with Yu Hang, her childhood friend also neighbor also her lecture in Uni after broke with her rotten EX-boyfriend.


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