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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 55

Disclaimer : This chapter has been translated by Azurro & English proof read by Apearlyview

Chapter 55 Long Mo Er makes a move

“Alright, inside the horse carriage there are no strangers. Whatever your thoughts, say it!”

Once Ye Che says this, Long Mo Er’s expression turns serious and says, “Since early this morning I have followed you and listened to your business conversation, more or less, I understand a little bit about the problem of the Ye’s family is facing.”

“After listening, could you pinpoint the problem?” Ye Che is a bit doubtful on what Long Mo Er means by her understanding the problem.

There is a spy inside the Ye’s business, am I right?” Long Mo Er asks with certainty.

Long Mo Er’s words have shocked Ye Che and he looks at her with surprise. He never imagined that she could have understood the situation so clearly. It has only been a few hours, but he never thought she could have discovered the problem only by listening. Last time when he brought her out, she said nothing!

“I was being quiet and mysterious because there were so many people. I was afraid once I said anything the problem would get even more complicated, moreover if the spy was one of them, then the spy will take precautions!” Long Mo Er knew by Ye Che’s expression that her guess was right. It explained clearly why she acted mysteriously when she was in the store.

“Miss, what is the meaning of neigui?” Lu Qun didn’t understand the word her Miss used so she can’t restrain herself from asking.

“You shut up! I haven’t finished! Don’t cut me off.”

“Oh!” Lu Qun docilely stopped talking.

“Since we know there is a spy, but we don’t know if the spy has a partner or not, all the business conversations of the Ye’s business will become a problem. We should be careful to handle this matter without exposing anything.” Ye Che has not stopped her nor has he given any response to her, so Long Mo Er continues, “it is better to just let big brother, big sister-in-law, Ye Ding and you know about the situation while keeping the others in the dark as a preventive measure in case of future problems.”

“You can give out fake information to lure the spy out in the open (Leading the Master into vase1].)” When Long Mo Er realizes there is nothing she wants to add, she has only thought this far, she gives Ye Che a laugh. “I have finished, there’s nothing more I want say, other than this I don’t have any more ideas. He he!”

Long Mo Er has hit the nail on the head (a saying that means she has come to the right conclusion), everything she has said surprised Ye Che and he doesn’t know how to respond to her.

She has come up with ideas that he has never even thought of. She makes him look like an idiot! In such a short time, she is able to listen beside him and come to a very detailed conclusion.

Actually, what kind of girl is she?

There’s an old saying: untalented woman’s virtue2]! How about her? What type of girl is she?

Is it because she has never shown it before or is it that he has not really known her well? Thinking she might be someone who is careless but is now showing her intelligence! So bizarre!

Perhaps Long Mo Er’s family teaching is good! Coming from a literary family3], indeed she is not a simple person.

It seems his past judgment of her was wrong, he should get to know her better.

Lu Qun who is sitting on the side looking at Ye che and Long Mo Er, she could sense both are lost in their own thoughts. They even look similar. Is what others say true about “similarity of facial features are shown by married couples”?

It is really the first time for Lu Qun to hear her Miss speak in such a clear and orderly way.She and her Miss were together since morning following Third Young Master but she didn’t discover anything. Perhaps this is the difference between her and her Miss!

In a very short time, Third Young Master has changed his opinion of her Miss which she never imagined before. Once her Miss is serious, there won’t be the slightest thing missing.

Falling in love with someone, can it really change someone to be different?

Note :

1]*引君入瓮 :I am not sure how to translate these four characters, if the words being translated one by one it will be:  leading the Master/Lord/King into vase/ceramic jar. But it also can mean Luring the person into the trap.

2] 女nv子zi无wu才cai便bian是shi德de : a woman’s virtue is to have no talent (idiom)

3]书shu香xiang门men第di : family with a literary reputation (idiom)


2 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 55

  1. I’m hoping for some sweet moments for our OTP. Thanks for the translations and proofreading. It reads really well:)

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