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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 6

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Being love exclusively by you is 60% finished and there only left 3 or 4 chapters including the epilogue. I will try my best to do up date daily 😀


Chapter 6

Part 1 (One)

Unexpectedly, it really turned into a reality. A small table, a small chair, Feng Xiao Ling is sitting next to Director as if she were Junior Assistant.

This position, really have good view, every filming corners can easily spotted and clearly seen, of course, everyone also could see her very clearly.

And for the next days, everyone in this company, all of them are agreed she has very important position for Han.

This agreement come based on, of course because of Han Yue Yi.

“Xiao Ling, as rumor spread, you are so close with Han Yue Yi?” The receptionist of company is asking her.

Close? Still okay la. “He and I only…very… ordinary…”

“I want to have his signature, please help me to get it!” A board for signature was giving into Xiao Ling’s hand.

“Xiao Ling.” The secretary, Hua Jie is coming.

“What can I help you, Hua Jie?”

“Because we need this to be publicized, we want to ask Mr. Han to advertise it, so we would like to invite him to shoot for posters, you go and inform him.”

“hag? I go?”

“Other than you, who will go ah! If you succeed, I will tell big boss to increase your yearly bonus.”

This… not really about the increasement of yearly bonus, really not about it! Unfortunately, before she could say to Hua Jie, the person has gone already.

“Feng Xiao Ling!” The Director was in hurry walking toward her.

“Director, how are you.” She is greeting the Director with respect.

“What is… fine ah? That brat, Han Yue Yi said that he tired, but he only shoots few of scenes! You hurried go to lounge room, asking him to return for shooting!”

“Am I able to do?”

“If you are not able to do, so there is no one in this company who able to ask him!”After Qi Yue said, he dragged Feng Xiao Ling into lounge room.

Inside the lounge room, Han Yue Yi closes his eyes and leisurely lying at sofa.

Should she call him up? How about if he angry? But if not waking him up, the Director would be the one exploding!

Feng Xiao Ling is thinking hard because no matter what she does, both sides just give her difficulty. Suddenly without she realizing, she has walked to the front of that person who lying in sofa.

Looking at his sleep face, similar to the beauty painting, she just hard to resist and waking him up.

She bent her waist down, she used the softest voice: “Han…”

Suddenly, a pair of hand stretched out, hugging her waist and bring down her entire body to sofa. She has not managed her feeling, suddenly her thighs already changed to be his head pillow.

“Call my name.” He said softly.

At this moment, luckily he still close his eyes or else he will she how messy her expression.

“Yue Yi.” Her voice is softer couple time than ant.

“Your body is so soft.” He tighten his embrace, “Others women’s body, do they also this soft?”

“You must have hugged many women’s already.” She wet her lips. So—–please do not use this kind of question and tone to have conversation with her.

“Never.” He said.


“I never hug any other woman, there were only women who were sticking to me, others than shooting MV, I never have any initiative to hug other women.” He smelled fresh fragrance that spread out from her body.

“How impossible it is!” She freaking surprised.

That beautiful eyelashes and eyes opened, their eyes meet each other.

“You are the first one, first girl that I feel so special.” Han Yue Yi Said.

Is she….special? Her eyes are gazing nowhere.

“Ohya…almost forget, this signature board.” Suddenly she brought out the signature board from her back, she panicky giving that board into his hand, “The front receptionist, Fang Fang wanted your signature.”

“Oh.” He straight up his posture, he took out his pen and freely making one signature in that board.

“Oh ya… there still something that Hua Jie said, she said this time, the publicity, She wished you to shoot photo for the poster.” She keep on searching others topic, or else, she would feel helpless.

“Well, the next thing, what do you want to tell me?” He showed boring expression, waiting for next sentences from her.

“Others——you should shoot the MV!” She closed her eyes, she tries her best to finish all what she wants to say.

“If I do as your wish, will you be mine?”


She completely didn’t understand what he meant.

“Whatever you asked, all of them, I could do it for you, furthermore, I able to do it perfectly, but on this way, will you be mine?” He really is innocently asking her one naïve question.

“I….I don’t know.” perhaps to be precise, she didn’t know how to answer him or give him a correct answer.

“Why you don’t know? Don’t you think it as very simple question? Similar to one plus one equal to two or two times two equal to four.”

Oh come on! This is not how it works!

“Answer me, let me know your answer!” he still spoke with low voice in her ear.

Feng Xiao Ling is shrinking her shoulder, extremely nervous.

Does she afraid him? Without he realized his brows frown. Other people can afraid of him but only she who not allowed to afraid of him!

“Are you nervous?” He took her into the middle of sofa.

Nervous? Of course she is nervous.

“Or do you still fear of me?” His slender finger is pointing into his own chest.

Fear, perhaps she felt little bit.

“Or your body still want to trembling once more?” he used little bit strength to hold her waist, he wanting to cuddle her entire body, “Or my acting as Angel still could not make you stopping from frightening of me? Why you should afraid of me once, twice and continuously afraid of me?”

Very hurt! She felt as if her bone would be broke.

“Let me know, what should I do, so you will stop afraid of me? You said that I really am suitable to act as an angel so I took the role, you asked me to sign then I signed already for you.”

Breath…she barely hard to take breath. He hugged her tightly, as if locked into her waist.

“When I was in the middle acting for the angel role, you were avoiding look at me, weren’t you?”

No….not… that, her reason to avoid, looking at him because….

“I never had seen any scene of angel that able to show passion and love, so that… my heart beating crazily which made me felt so embarrassed.” She said honestly.

Finally that hand which held her tightly loosen up, the suffocating feeling also disappeared.


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  1. Just found the story and it’s addictive, finished all in one reading. Thanks and look forward to the new chapter.

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