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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 6.2

Chapter 6

Part 2 (Two)

“The angel role that I played really embarrassed you?” He put alluring smile and looking at her.

“Ng.” Her face blushing pinkish and not dare to look at him so she lowered her head, gave an answer.

“Heart beating so fast?”


“Compare to this?”

“More or less, faster….little bit.”

Only with this words she said, all the insecurity he had before, all are gone completely. Cute expression and also the enchanting voice of her, he wants completely to posses her.

“Ling, make the beat faster! Letting your heart beat faster than before, on this way, I feel happier.”


Because of Han Yue Yi cooperates, the shooting for MV goes smoothly without any obstacle.

On the day when they are shooting the MV, few of female employees, whether the marriage or the singles, all of them will try their best to come at the shooting location.

“Very lucky ah!”

“This is the first time I feel so lucky working as employee in this company.”

“While I really wishing to be that female actress who is embraced by Han Yue Yi!”

All those statement are so common to be heard lately.

“Xiao Ling, if there is no Han Yue Yi, perhaps I would never know how it felt to make an actress become famous.” Said Ou Ka Li to Feng Xiao Ling, “To support Dong Ai Min as actress I have believed that she has all the material needed, from her figure, posture, her appearance, her look, her talent in music and of course she has quite good voice. But with all this things she hasn’t become famous star, perhaps in order to becoming super star, she really needs luck.”

“Lao Da?”

“Well, Han Yue Yi is a person who came to bring that luck into my company!” Ou Ka Li keeps on continuing, “Right after he came into our company, all the company turned to be so lively, everyone is working so hard lately, wishing it would bring changes to the company and also doing more on behalf of company.”

Is it true? Feng Xiao Ling is looking at the entire corners, looking at all her colleagues.

Initially, most of them are doing day to day task, she hardly to see they to have this kind of smile. But now, their face, they have brilliant smiles and also filled with bright hopes.

Everyone is work hard to finish this new MV.

“To be honest, I really feel grateful toward him.” Ou Ka Li said by looking at himself.

It true, looking from other point of view, Han Yue Yi indeed is her company lucky star.

So that….she should not think him as someone scary anymore! Feng Xiao Ling determined inside her heart. She——–will thank him properly, thank him because he has helped her company.

Well, to say so easy, to do is another thing, so she still doesn’t know how start.

“Ke Zhen!” it was Sunday afternoon, she barging into her best friend’s room, waking up her friend who was still sleeping and dug her out from the warm blanket, “I have matter to ask you!”

“Xiao Ling, I haven’t felt hungry now, wait until I get enough sleep, you can come back again to ask me about the menu list, alright?” Zhao Ke Zhen yawning, she is getting the blanket to cover her head again, her eyes close and she continuing her sleep.

“I don’t intend to ask you about menu!”

“Oh? So what is it?” She tried to open her eyes.

“I want to thank someone, but I don’t know what I should do.”

“Thank someone, just buy what he likes and then give it to him.”

“But I don’t know what he like?” think carefully, she finally realized she does not know anything about him, what he likes and dislike.

“Well, buy him what he not hates it.”

“I…I also do not know what he dislikes.’ She wretched.

Zhao Ke Zhen rolled her eyes, “Are you sure that you are intending to thank that person?”

“Absolutely, yes! Initially…I just barely biased him because of one MV, that he is scary person, but actually I know that I misjudge him, actually he is one good person, so that… so that….” She really wants to thank him, at the same time she wants to apologize toward Han, later on she won’t afraid of him anymore.

“Since you think like that, well you just give him whatever you thing good stuffs, if he really good person as you said, even you only give him simple “thank you” words, he will receive it, I think he will gladly accept it.”

“Ke Zhen!” Zhao Ke Zhen laughed, letting Feng Xiao Ling enlighten little bit.



“Now I am going to sleep again, don’t come to disturb me.”


“I will not afraid of you anymore.”

“You are really one good person, if there are no you, our company perhaps similar to what Lao Da said, for this whole time will be only the second low rank record company.”

“…………” Good person, is she referring at him?

“From now onwards, I will work hard to cooperate with you, no matter what kind of music, I will give my best to try singing it, no matter how many times, I will sing until you feel satisfied with the song, until there is nothing need to change.”

“……….” Is it? Nothing is as good as this, her singing voice, only he, the person who able to hear and admire.

“All are mentioned above, ended!” Feng Xiao Ling took deep breath and finished her words, silently she observing the other party reaction.

Han Yue Yi lifted his finger and poke to her bangs, “So,  you are coming this late to my villa only to say these words?”

“Ah, there still something!” suddenly she turned her body and brought out something from her backpacker bag, she opened the zip, from inside she brought out big medicine box, “Ah, recently the weather turn to be cold, I see your house has not prepared any medicine, so I went out to buy some medicine, normally consumed.”


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  1. Have been following your blog for a while now. Thank you so much for translating all these enjoyable c-novels. Really admire your hard work even though you are not a native chinese speaker but can still translate.

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