April 2015 : Korean Product Purchased

I was losing control when buying my Korean skincare and make up products. Before, I kept telling myself only to buy little and did not know could I end up by purchased so many.

Let me list down what I purchased:

  1. Laneige light balancing emulsion (one my recommendation for moisturizer)
  2. Etude House moistfull collagen cream
  3. Etude House skin malgeum smoother (toner)
  4. Etude House every months cleansing foam no 12 red wine (4pcs). I like the smell and also the texture.
  5. Etude House BB cream blooming fit shade w13
  6. Secret Key snow white cream (white jar)
  7. Etude House petit bubble body lotion (3 bottles)
  8. Etude House petit bubble body cream
  9. Etude House wonderpore 500ml
  10. Skin food white egg pores serum

Well, I really do not know when all these stuffs can be finished by me so, I would like to sell some the products.

Only for Indonesian because if ship to overseas, the cost perhaps greater than the product price.
If you are interested, please contact me via Email. Price exclude shipping cost to all areas in Indonesia except Medan ^-^

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